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  1. I'm hoping this is Queen Anne passing Messina earlier
  2. When I stayed here, I went to Luzbrough House pub for dinner. The Luzborough House Pub in Romsey (greeneking.co.uk)
  3. I know she was in Liverpool but that was enough. Now I just need my invite to the ceremony.
  4. I'll be there had already booked the day off.
  5. I'm trying it for the first time in April/May.
  6. We had snow here on Tuesday, the last of the ice has finally gone today. It was minus 6 on Wednesday night so we've had a taste of winter. Not a lot else to report here just plodding on and trying to make it to February 🙃
  7. No invitation for me but on the bright side I can't go anyway as I'm on Queen Victoria.
  8. I'm boarding QV on the 28th April so now I'm hoping I might get to see Queen Anne as well, that would be a nice bonus.
  9. As a New Year treat I opened a bottle of Chateau de Gangway as won on board QV in September. A Merlot and quite nice.
  10. We've had a couple of storms here, thankfully no damage locally, but there was a tornado about 50 miles away which didn't last long but caused a lot of damage. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.
  11. I'm also on this trip. I have booked for the tulip festival from Rotterdam. There is usually a shuttle to Blankenburg where you can get a train to Brugge trains are every hour.
  12. That looks like a very cold Brooklyn
  13. Having seen the news about some ships no longer going via the Red Sea, I thought there might be some changes to world cruises. No new yet as far as I know.
  14. Sounds like an "upgrade" but this is not always as good as it sounds. There will be more movement in deck 8 than 5, and it could be noisy, worth checking a deck plan to see what's above.
  15. Yes that's it. I was a year out.
  16. It is and I was there on QV, I think in 2019.
  17. A shuttle bus ride from the dock so no ship in view. I think the flags will give a VERY big clue.
  18. Nothing in London but you can check where the concerts are here https://johnrutter.com/events
  19. If you don't want lunch you can use the credit to get a discount on dinner, or in Kings Court/Lido
  20. Yes there was enough on the ground for people to have fun. I just went for a nice walk and enjoyed the views.
  21. We had snow on Saturday night, looked lovely on Sunday and had mostly gone by 8am on Monday. Perfect.
  22. I've not had much luck with these photos. If it's not acceptable, they will just take one at check-in.
  23. I've been looking at trips for 2025 (I have 2024 sorted already) and finally found "the one". QM2 leaving on 1st March 2025. I'm looking at QA to the Med but want to wait until I've been on her next year before booking.
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