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  1. So I’ll jump in even though this is an old thread. :p Bourbon doesn’t have to be from Kentucky. It has to be at least 51% corn and aged in charred oak barrels in the United States. Doesn’t matter the state. Most bourbons use much more 75-80% corn then round out the mix with barely, rye, and sometimes wheat. (Makers mark is a “wheated” bourbon.) Jack Daniels could technically call itself a bourbon. It’s around 80% corn and does have some barley in the mash, too. Where Tennessee whiskeys differ is that they are filtered through charcoal as part of the process adding a slightly different flavor from what most people think of as bourbon. Bourbons themselves have a huge range of mash bills and flavors.... everyone likes something different. Some have more rye, others more corn forward. Lots of fun to sample and see what you like! My only NCL experience was the Bulleit was the only included bourbon. Yuck. I just paid the difference to be able to get Bookers or Knob Creek occasionally.
  2. It was there April of 2017. Cabo San Lucas, México?
  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I sail her next week for a 7 day to Cuba that isn’t open bar.... so am thinking things will be quite different. Sounds like you would definitely enjoy a bigger ship and longer cruise atmosphere. I can’t wait to board!
  4. Can’t wait to read the rest of your review. You guys sound like fun! I’m a one-upon-a-time music major so I can relate to the struggles! Hope the cruise ended up a amazing!
  5. Crazy when Knob Creek runs $10 or so anywhere on land! Ncl definitely lacks decent bourbon in the UBP.... the only included one on my last cruise was Bulleit. Tried it and opted to pay the difference for Bookers or Knob Creek the rest of the cruise! For people who just want fruity cocktails UBP is great.
  6. So here’s my perspective after 20 Carnival cruises and one NCL. Longer Carnival sailings aren’t the redneck drunk fest some here make them out to be. Fun and nightlife? Yes. Crazy drunkenness and bad behavior? Very rare. My main reasons for switching lines was that Carnival never discounts for solo cruises and has no solo cabins like the studios. I’ve done Cheers on multiple Carnival cruises and UBP on the Epic earlier this year. In Carnival’s favor: drinks up to $50 each are included(very few cost over $15) Bottled water and sodas included Specialty coffees included Fun yet unpretentious clientele In Norwegian’s favor: No Limit on number of drinks per day (limit of 15 on Carnival) No slips to sign with each drink Overall slightly better service and food Better high -end alcohol selection .... although at a premium price. Things like Knob Creek or Bookers Bourbon or Nicer tequilas aren’t available at all on Carnival. On Ncl they were priced at $18-$20 a drink so you had to pay the difference with th UBP. At home those go for around $10 drink so there’s an excessive markup with ncl. Overall my one ncl cruise had an elderly crowd but might have been that one sailing. Carnival tends more towards 30s to 50s. Entertainment on NCL was definitely way better than Carnival if that’s something you are interested in. You’ll have a good time with either line... for right I’m staying with NCL since the solo pricing with UBP is way better than Carnival with Cheers. Enjoy your cruise either way!
  7. This is a great guide for those of us new to NCL. Anyone have advice on solo reservations? When I sailed the Epic I had no problem making specialty reservations for one online. I have an upcoming sailing on the Sun that won’t allow me to reserve anything less than for 2. Called NCL and was told solos can only book onboard now?
  8. I’m definitely pale... and blond. :) I get by on a little tourist Spanish but am by no means fluent. I’ve always felt very comfortable in the Latin American countries I’ve visited. I just always try to check out a new destination ahead of time when traveling alone.
  9. Cuba cruisers - would appreciate advice on Havana, tours, and safety as a solo female. I’m arriving on the NCL Sun in September. I’ve cruised solo plenty of times but Havana is new to me. The cruise line tours seem crazy expensive. What would be your thoughts on safety of booking a private tour by myself? I would love to do a classic car tour and experience the music, architecture, and art in Havana and also try some rums. I’ve been reading a lot about solo females in Havana attracting unwanted attention (although I’m an ordinary 40 something and typically blend into a crowd.) just don’t want to end up alone somewhere I shouldn’t be. Thoughts, recommendations, and advice appreciated!
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