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  1. I can remember seeing her anchored in Hampton Roads many years ago - maybe late 70s or early 80s? I had a great uncle who worked a Newport News Shipbuilding and helped build her. I have the print given to all the shipyard workers hanging over my mantel. I’m sad she can’t be restored, but seems like it’s time for her to find another use.
  2. Meanwhile, they’re still taking final payments and selling new bookings for January cruises knowing they won’t be sailing. I opted to cancel a January 9th sailing when final payment was due a few days ago. Didn’t want to shell out that much money then wait for a refund for months or longer when the sailing got cancelled. Dealt with that on a Carnival booking that was cancelled last April and finally had to dispute the charge after waiting 5 months for a refund they kept telling me was still “processing.” i can’t wait to cruise again when the time comes, but find it questionable bus
  3. I’m still waiting after over 90 days. Carnival cancelled My April sailing on March 30th and I requested a full refund. TA has called many times as have I. I’ve been told every story in the book. One said they lost my refund request even though I have a voice mail from them a week after cancellation confirming. Another said 90 days. Another said it was processed when it wasn’t. Another said they are no longer allowed to discuss refunds. And another said indefinite wait. They sent an email mid May that my shore excursion would be refunded and it never has - much less the cruise fare or upgrade I
  4. Update - my TA talked to Carnival again last Friday. They now claim they never received my refund request...even though Carnival called my TA on 4/7 to notify them I had requested a refund. I have the voice mail from Carnival my TA forwarded to me. I got an email Saturday 5/16 that my shore excursion refund would be processed and to not call them for status. But got the impression my refund countdown was starting😡 all over again after all this time already waiting. I’ve already waited 7 weeks after Carnival cancelled me and I requested refund. At some point, I will have to dispute the char
  5. Sail date of 4/27. Carnival cancelled the cruise 3/30 and I requested refund on 3/31. Carnival called my TA on 4/7 to notify that I’d requested a refund. I’ve gotten nothing back. Not even the prepaid shore excursion. I’m really trying to be patient. But am also getting frustrated that Carnival won’t give any communication at all on this. Even a simple mass email to folks with refunds pending saying they are working on it. Instead my TA has been told when calling Carnival they aren’t even allowed to answer questions on a refund status.
  6. I’m hoping not to cancel my April cruise, but the issue may be my employer no letting me return to work afterwards which will force me to cancel. They are still deciding and formulating a policy. . It will be my first vacation in 14 months and first cruise since 2018.... No way do I want to postpone it.
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