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  1. Potato quality shot from Alameda. Good to see the ships coming back.
  2. NCL themselves have referred to the DSC as both of those things in their promotional materials.
  3. I recall seeing them open on embarkation day. Do you not have to get off the ship on a US b2b? Pretty sure you do, for some period anyway.
  4. How could they possibly know when you log in to their website??
  5. It's worth pointing out that workplace regulations don't really compare fairly to cruise ships, or anything else really. In California, for example, §3205 prohibits employers from requiring a negative covid test to return to work. (C) Once a COVID-19 case has met the requirements of subsection (c)(10)(A) or (B), as applicable, a negative COVID-19 test shall not be required for an employee to return to work. The other subsections there define the exclusion periods you mentioned. I'm not entirely sure on the rationale behind this particular regulation. Anyway, just a tid-bit of mostly useless info.
  6. I was simply pointing out that some (most?) cards are hand-written to include the manufacturer, lot number, location, name, date, dob. A hand-written card or lack of a sticker is not an indication of a fake... that's all I was trying to get across.
  7. Not all. Many (most?) cards are handwritten, including the vax manufacturer and lot numbers.
  8. What are the new protocols being discussed here? Hard to search with so much info out there.
  9. Oh, I don't know. Based on that covid test cattle call, I'm still out.
  10. So you just make stuff up and imply authority on the topic then accuse others of censure when called to account? Got it.
  11. Pricing data is very important. Storage is cheap.
  12. A response to your suggested sign might look something like this: What does HVAC mean? What is an HVAC system? Of course the cabins are all in a line. This sign looks exactly like all the other odd little technical signs I see all over the ship. I don't know what those mean, and I certainly don't know what this one means. Guess I'll ignore it like all the rest.
  13. Very insightful, thank you. I was trying to understand your comment in this threads context. I'm "IT oriented" myself, so I get what you're saying. I've never had a CD make much of a difference. although I can't say I've never noticed them. Good ones seem to be everywhere and are personable, spontaneous, and entertaining. I can see how reading what amounts to scripted ads and marketing materials all the time in an attempt to polish the turd that is the MC experience would be awful for the guest and the CD. Thanks.
  14. Could you elaborate on what you mean by this? Genuine question.
  15. There is no technical reason why Medallion nodes could not be installed in shoreside shops and venues. Consider all the shoreside shops Carnival either owns or partners with.
  16. No. Still logging in with my username/password as it has been for years.
  17. I don't see how in one breath you can disagree with the use of "grand statements" then make one of your own in the next by saying "your cruise isn't going to be interrupted by quarantine."
  18. Both. Historically, there is a morning run down Tracy Arm / Endicott Arm, and an afternoon run down the Arm. We have done both. Arm morning, Juneau afternoon or Juneau morning, Arm afternoon. For your itinerary, it appears you will do the latter.
  19. No, it has not. Only passed the Senate. Sent to the house. https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/senate-bill/593/text?q={"search"%3A["alaska+tourism+recovery+act"]}&r=1&s=1
  20. (g) Duration.—The authority provided under this section shall terminate on the earlier of— (1) the date on which covered cruise ships are no longer prohibited by the Government of Canada, any political subdivision of Canada, or any port or province of Canada, from entering, berthing, or docking in Canadian waters of the Pacific Coast due to the COVID–19 pandemic; or (2) March 31, 2022.
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