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  1. I currently have a snuba excursion booked through RCI during my cruise next week. I was curious since the forecast is predicting thunderstorms if that might shorten or cancel the excursion. Any input is appreciated, thanks!
  2. If you are on the same sailing as I am, check out the roll call. Liberty September 29. There have been a few recommendations for each of the ports. Personally I went with native choice tours for Costa Maya.
  3. You will need a tourist visa. Depending on your travel plans and length of stay will determine which visa you apply for. For example, a B1/B2 visa will allow you to stay for 6 months. The State Department website has more information.
  4. Can someone bring cash just for the casino to avoid this? I wanted to dabble and have already checked in with my credit card linked to the account.
  5. I would FOR SURE spring for the balcony. Alaska is incredible. It was my first cruise a few years ago and I will be going back in May. There is just nothing like waking up, looking out your window and seeing the most beautiful landscape! It was also nice to be able to enjoy seeing glacier bay from you own balcony instead of finding a good place on the ship.
  6. I think part of that will depend on what extras she is planning to purchase. I had a second person on my booking when I purchased the drink package on sale. I had to pay for both people. When I cancelled the second guest I was refunded for the second package within a few days. Otherwise I don't think it really matters as the port fees and taxes will be refunded but usually she will need to pay the single supplement.
  7. When I cruised Alaska on the Eurodam I had an aft balcony cabin and I HIGHLY recommend it. Got to see so many beautiful landscapes.
  8. I don't know about the dining but with the drink package the gratuity is added. That would account for the increase in price at checkout.
  9. The lumberjack show is corny but fun. I enjoyed it. It isn't very long so after we walked around the town and did some shopping. I am thinking about kayaking this time when I go in May 2020. Either that or the jeep a canoe trip I saw advertised.
  10. Are corkscrews available in the staterooms or do I need to find bottles without corks?
  11. I am also booked on the Eurodam in May 2020. Went on the same itinerary in 2017. I loved the Billboard on Board and Americas Test Kitchen. I never felt board even on the sea days. At the port in Juneau, I highly recommend the Red Dog Saloon! There was a wait when we went so give yourself plenty of time to enjoy it!
  12. I thought it was well worth the trip! I didn't book anything in advance. Once off the ship we found a shuttle that went to both. We went to fortress of the bear first then the raptor center. We walked back from the raptor center since it wasn't far and we wanted to take in some of the scenery. Will be on another Alaskan cruise next year and am planning to head back and see how the place has changed in the last couple years.
  13. When you call, do you only get the regular selling price or are they able to give you the discount price on the website?
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