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  1. I'm wondering how the CDC recommendations will effect travel between our countries if and when the US opens their borders. Will they add restrictions on the types of vaccines the Canadians have received? I think Canada has just stated that people must be fully vaccinated without breaking it down.
  2. I did share some pictures of these state rooms on the other website about facts on HAL. It's not a bad size.
  3. HAL has always charged for the full week regardless when you send in your first bag. If you don't need to send out right away, the per bag option might suit you better.
  4. If there are any issues with the second cruise ending later, your return flight that you booked with your first cruise would not be linked to it. I think it would make more sense to book your first flight with the first cruise and your return flight with the second cruise.
  5. Check out halfacts.com and look at the Pinnacle ships. There will be a list of cabin numbers with pictures. Look for the FOV on deck 1.
  6. Holland America's 2 newest ships and the one coming soon have family Ocean view cabins. As well as sleeping for 5 they have 2 bathrooms. I'd say worth checking out.
  7. When someone mentions travel insurance, my first thought is medical insurance. I understand that cancellation insurance isn't as critical to have unless you're spending a lot on your cruise. But you should have the medical coverage, especially once you are of a certain age.
  8. My question regarding sleeping in an RV at a Wal-Mart parking lot was a bit tongue in cheek. However, after reading all the responses I'm glad to report that up here in the great white north, you'd feel perfectly safe to do that with your whole family at the local Wal-Mart. Personally can't imagine having those feelings of insecurity that some of you are sharing. ps. I have booked a hotel and will watch for price drops. Thank you.
  9. Could you rent a RV and park at a Walmart store for one night? 😀 We're looking for one night mid February. Prices are brutal.
  10. Just book one of the children in each of the 2 cabins with you daughter and son.
  11. Yes, gone are the days of true investigative journalism.
  12. All balcony staterooms on Holland America ships, regardless of category, have 2 chairs. So no worries which one you book.
  13. So it does look like no bringing on bottles of wine etc without paying a corkage fee. Regardless if drinking them in your stateroom or at a dining venue.
  14. Please come back and let us know how this works out for you. You'd expect that with all that room, it shouldn't be a problem.
  15. If I need something done by my PCC and I'm not sure he will get back to me, I take screen shots of any details that show the offer and pricing I can get online. Then I email it to him. This way it is confirmed as being an available offer and it also has the date associated with the screenshot. If it is past the offer date, they can go to a supervisor who can then add the offer to your booking. Always good to leave a paper trail.
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