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  1. We're open to trying Celebrity but have found Royal to have better loyalty benefits for us. Also the Edge pricing is OUTRAGEOUS.
  2. Ala Moana Center is just a big mall...hit up Duke's on Waikiki!!!
  3. This is why we refuse to do ANY specialty restaurants onboard. I could go to a local steak, Italian, or sushi place anytime I wanted so why pay for it when we're on vacation? We've had great food in the main dining room...even on a 10+ night cruise! Why pay for food when it's free?
  4. 4/5 of our future cruises (51 nights) are Interior Guarantees! We're both D+ and just happy to be onboard getting a killer deal 😁. Plus we sleep SUPER well with Interiors.
  5. Unfortunately, I totally agree about Nachi even after hearing the rave reviews. We've been twice, and the service has been pretty slow. The last time we were in Cozumel we went to Mr. Sanchos. Service was night and day lightning speed, and we had a blast!
  6. We've got the opportunity to snag a killer deal on one of the new Australia sailings. We're from the USA and have done tons of Caribbean and a few Transatlantic cruises but never anything down under. The one we're looking at is on Voyager from Sydney and visits Noumea, Mystery Island, Port Vila, Suva, and Lautoka, all places we aren't familiar with. Normally on our Caribbean cruises we choose inside cabins for the price. Is it worth getting a balcony for this cruise? How is the scenery while docked and cruising between ports?
  7. Oh boy, here we go again... We were on Brilliance in February and the Concierge came around and got everyone's stateroom numbers in the CL during the happy hour to "check them in."
  8. Loving the review. We were on the Rhapsody Brazil to Barcelona TA back in 2016, and it was the smoothest cruise we've ever had! We DID get beat up last year on Jewel the first few days from San Juan to Rome, but the rest was great!
  9. Go at about 6am and leave it there all day!
  10. I checked quickly and everything looks decent...except those awful Indy cruises from Fort Lauderdale (minus the Cozumel out and back). I'll head to Miami on Explorer any day for a Labadee and Coco over anything with Jamaica! Adventure from Galveston was a surprise to me also. Those Vision 10+11s kick it up a notch too! I like them!
  11. Favorite DLs USED to be Adventure and Navigator. We loved the indoor and outdoor seating, but now Navigator is relocating the DL for the refurb and Adventure has blocked off all of the outdoor seating. BIG disappointment!
  12. Thanks for the info. I can get a killer deal on it so I might end up going. Calling the TA tomorrow.
  13. Anyone know what the deal is on the March 10 Navigator post-refurb cruise? Apparantly it's being chartered for an adults-only cruise by "ECS Inc" who I can't find any information on. I can see a very good rate though one or two travel websites, but not all are showing it. As an aside, does anyone (Bob?) know if you accumulate Crown and Anchor points on charters? Thanks!
  14. When browsing prices, I tried booking an Interior guarantee for $500 per person. It let me process the request for 2 passengers. When I selected 1 passenger instead, the Interior Guarantee category was unavailable, and it forces me to book a higher price. Is this a Royal IT issue again? Would a way around this be to book 2 passengers and leave the second name open or for someone who will not show up? If this is the case, I would end up paying the $1000 per total and be refunded taxes, correct? This would be a way to work around the above issue while still earning double points, right?
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