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  1. After having our MardiGras cruise cancelled twice, we gave up on 2020 and 2021 and rebooked for January of 2022. One can only hope they survive until then. We had an RCL cruise also cancelled for January 2021. We are requesting a refund on that one, and will be interested in seeing what and when we actually receive any refund, and whether or not it is a full refund. I have no confidence in the government getting cruising operational, regardless of the procedures and precautions the cruise lines put in place. I am convinced that since the vast majority of cruising is do
  2. I think it has to do with the Canadians decision to keep their ports closed through the 2021 Alaska season. So unless the US Govt foregoes the requirement for a Canadian stop on foreign flags, there goes the season.
  3. Perhaps encouraging to see, but I sincerely doubt it will have an impact on decision makers. Despite peoples comments to the contrary the CDC is as much a political animal as any other bureaucracy. While they have a job to do, expecting that it is immune to political ideology is foolish. Science has always been full of political fearmongering. From global cooling of the late 1950's to global warming to now climate change, history is full of what turned out to be incorrect science determining public policy. Medical emergencies have been no different. Just look at the inconsistent gu
  4. I think at this point it is still far to early to draw any conclusions about when cruising will resume, and more importantly where. While everyone seems focused on the CDC and their no sail order, and whether or not they will extend it again, I am more interested in shore side emergency management decisions in port cities, which will determine whether or not ports open, and or to what extent. I am more concerned about ports refusing to open, or dramatically limiting throughput, due to their inability to manage shore issues. What I have read regarding the science does not jell port opening
  5. We did three cruises out of NOLA, two on the Dream and one on the Elation. Have been to NOLA a number of times, business and pleasure and always had a great time there. Probably our favorite city to visit. Unquestionably our favorite city to eat in.
  6. Not ready to give up. Have two booked presently, first one January 2021, second January 2022. Looking at other options in addition.
  7. Under current conditions, the facts are no plan that would be submitted would be acceptable, or enable sailing. Why would anyone submit a plan that would not result in a positive outcome? Answer no one, which is why none of the lines have submitted anything to this point. I believe it would be far more constructive if the CDC were to actually sit down with the industry, and jointly develop an acceptable plan, but so far the CDC has been unwilling to take that approach.
  8. According to their information this morning they are going to concentrate on north American drive to ports. I assume to avoid the need to fly, as people seem to be more concerned about flying than cruising. I believe John Heald did a survey a while back and the majority indicated a desire to drive to the port for their next port. They did say this morning that San Juan would remain a port of call, however, but no longer a home port until at least 2022. Personally, we have been to San Juan a number of times, both as a port of call and as a debarking port from a journey cruise. But w
  9. Broward County, the same county that tried blaming the USCG for closing off port access to returning cruise ships, just mandated masks to be worn in homes. Needless to say, they can't cite any science supporting that arbitrary decision. Yet these are the same county officials that will be determining whether or not Port Everglades will be open to cruise ships, with mostly likely the same lack of science to support their decisions. No matter what the CDC says or the cruise line procedures are, these locals will have a go/no go authority. And are apparently free to be as arbitrary in their decis
  10. Could not disagree more. Take a look at what Broward County just did in requiring masks in homes. Port shoreside pandemic mitigation is not a cruise line responsibility. Until these port cities are capable of meeting federal pandemic guidelines, expect ports to remain closed, and pressure to be on the CDC to continue extending no sail orders. Ports that want the vacationers dollars have a responsibility to have plans in place to mitigate. Many don't, and worse don't want to. Philadelphia, no longer a cruise departure port, just recently said they won't allow home fans at NFL games this ye
  11. I suggest greater bureaucratic control over foreign flagged ships, especially in areas of personnel management and compensation. I am waiting for greater concessions as a condition for engagement on protocols. I am also amazed that there is no discussion regarding the manufacturing flaws in some of the test kits being used which are contributing huge numbers of false positive results. Article posted just this morning regarding that, and the policy implications the numbers are having.
  12. What do you mean by "rough case against the industry"? American government agencies at all levels, from local port authorities through federal agencies have shown aggressive approaches to the cruise industry for years. In some cases bureaucrats mimicing political figures with an axe to grind because of ocean cruise ships being foreign flagged. In other instances it was the other way around, but the bottom line is that there has been long standing resentment over the lack of bureaucratic authority over the industry, despite the amount of control currently in place. A perfect example
  13. We have put off until the end of January 2021, and are not sure about that. Originally had been booked on the 1/30/21 Mardi Gras, but that got cancelled. So switched to RCCL HOS also out of Port Canaveral, for a day earlier. Fingers crossed. Rebooked the Mardi Gras for January 2022. Hopefully done by then.
  14. We were cancelled for our January 2021 booking, but opted to rebook for January 2022. Plan to put the $600.00 on board credit to liquid use. Going to try RCCL HOS for 2021.
  15. I am just happy to see them pulling out of Port Everglades. Personally, I will never spend another dollar in Ft. Lauderdale.
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