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  1. Apologies if there is already a thread on this but just wondered if anybody can advise how to check the value of any FCC that have been issued to you. I have received some over the last few months by email but not sure if these voucher numbers are stored on the RCI site at all and can easily be checked on their site?
  2. In the UK, Costco will not allow entry to anyone without a mask on (except young children). This includes those with medical reasons for not wearing masks - they are not allowed entry at all.
  3. My wife and I were booked on the TA from Galveston in a few months time and it’s still listed on my RC upcoming cruise page. We have not received any email notification about the cruise but obviously we know it’s cancelled. When I checked the “make payment now” tab and it’s still there and if I was that way inclined, I could give them some cash (which obviously I will not). Note in the UK we have to make the final payment 57 days before the cruise starts.
  4. Well after today presentation from our (Dear) leader here in Scotland, certainly need some cheering up as she tells us she is looking from next week to closing all food takeaways and even click and collect from various stores. Thankfully we have enough alcohol in our house to last until mid summer so we should be fine. However, to continue my previous post and some crazy answers, see some others from various quiz shows in the UK (mainly Tipping Point). Q - Manuel Valls is Prime Minster of which European country? A - Africa Q - St Patrick banished snakes from which European country? A - Spain Q - In science, which electrical unit is named after the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta A - Amp Q - The Churchill Factor is a novel about which former Prime Minister? A - Margaret Thatcher Q - Which tool is used for knocking in nails? A - A chisel Q - In 1841, who introduced the first package holiday? A - British Airways Q - The name of the Queen single is Bohemian…? A - Devil Q - What day is Christmas day traditionally celebrated in the UK? A - Wednesday Q - How long did the Six-Day War between Egypt and Israel last?" A - 14 days. Q - What was Gandhi's first name?" A - Goosey Q - What happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963?" A - I don't know, I wasn't watching it then. Q - What was Hitler's first name?" A - "Heil."
  5. We are very fond and familiar with the show “A place in the sun”. It’s a bit of escapism just now, making us quite jealous of better times but we know these times will be back with us soon. We also watch “Tipping Point” on telly whilst preparing our evening meal, and we usually get great entertainment with some of the answers given. Unbelievable how some of these people get on tv at all. Here are some examples of answers given this week - Q - What English County has a black flag with a white cross?A - WalesQ - Fletcher Christian led a mutiny on which ship?A - The Titanic. Q - In a standard deck of cards, there are two black suites. Spades is one, what is the other?A - Aces Q - The fandango originated in which European country?A - ArgentinaQ- how many tracks does a monorail have?A - I know this one because we were in Disneyland last BUZZZZZ year, its two...Ben - out of time.He spent so long waffling about his holiday he missed the buzzer and was wrong as well.
  6. That’s an expensive fine for sure. I do a lot of road trips in the USA/Canada and over the years I have done more than 200,000 miles without any incident and only stopped once by the police. This was in rural Alabama and I must admit the speed limit had been reached and perhaps exceeded ever so slightly. I was driving a rented Camaro so I think I had a good excuse. Anyway, the policeman came up to my door and told me I was breaking the speed limit. I replied and he immediately he noted my strong Scottish accent telling me that his father was born in Scotland. For some reason, I did not get any ticket, only good wishes and some advise on a place to eat in the town I was staying that night (Huntsville). I guess I have just been lucky 😉
  7. I just discovered this thread - great reading indeed. Personally, I took early retirement in March last year and the plan was to do many cruises and even more road trips but obviously this did not go to plan. Thankfully we did get a trip in before all this kicked off doing a Cruise out of Galveston last January followed by a Texas and Louisiana road trip. So I had to find something to keep me busy. We got a black lab puppy in May so many walks with him and so that keeps me semi fit. However, we decided to make use of some space in my back garden and we built a pub. It’s been used a good few times for watching the football here (Glasgow Rangers being our team) so it’s now officially classed as as a “Sports bar”. Due to the restrictions here, not much opportunity for our friends to come and join us having a few beers and even perhaps some “painkillers” (enjoyed a few of these in the Virgin Islands on last cruise) so it’s normally just the good lady and me cheering on the Gers. Fingers crossed for our first cruise back in October (TA from Southampton) and my trip over in May to do some section hikes on the Appalachian Trail.
  8. I trust you are not including the Sunday Sport in your list of “pretty good” media? I still remember the headline they had some years back “ World War II bomber found on the moon”.
  9. Just a follow up to this. I did not hear anything back within the promised 72 hours so called them up. I spoke to a pleasant gent who told me my request to L & S was declined due to different amount of nights - 14 on the new one, 12 on the one I wanted to change from. (my original TA was from Cape Liberty to Southampton on the Anthem). I accepted this and went on to book the Allure for April 22 instead. I just looked up my bookings on their website today and guess what - they have actually done the L & S as I had originally requested. I now have two TA’s booked for April 22 - one on the Allure leaving on the 24th and one on the Vision leaving on the 29th 😀
  10. I have absolutely no issue with having to get a card showing you have had a Covid vaccine. Currently (certainly in the UK) some dodgy folks are offering fake cards for sale - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9038377/TikTok-user-advertises-fake-Covid-vaccine-ID-cards-sale-just-5-shock-video-post.html It’s actually quite common to have to carry a proof of vaccine card. When I was working in Africa few years ago, if I did not have my Yellow Fever card, I was not getting into the country. Pretty certain the Royal and numerous airlines and possibly countries will not be allowing anyone in if they do not have proof of vaccination and rightly so in my humble point of view.
  11. 2022 is indeed pessimistic. Once the vaccine has been distributed we can expect things to change quite rapidly in the following few months. I am 57 with no underlying health issues and I expect the vaccine (UK) by the end of March at the latest. This should be the case in many countries. We have TA cruises booked for March and April and they certainly will not go ahead but our one in October should. I also expect the USA to open up for foreign citizens flying in approx March/April. My wife and I have a 2 month road trip booked for Canada/USA arriving 26th May - I certainly expect to be able to do that one. One thing is certain - no proof of vaccine, no cruising with RC.
  12. Is this the one you are on? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/dec/09/singapore-cruise-to-nowhere-ends-after-passenger-tests-positive-for-covid-19
  13. Thanks for this. I just used the online form to try and L&S my Anthem TA cruise from April 21 to the April 22 one from Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona.
  14. Really? Have seen any news from the UK recently? The only thing that will put us in the right direction is when the vaccine is actually approved to be used and a large percentage of the population have already received it.
  15. My wife and I are also booked for that cruise but we fully expect that not to happen. We are also booked on the TA one from New York to Southampton in April, but like last one, I will be most surprised if this happens. I expect the first one we can actually board is the TA from Southampton to Miami end of next year.
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