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  1. Add in the crazy, and expensive, pricing for ships tours and one must begin to question "why O?" We have an early winter O cruise booked and recently added, direct with the airline, across the Pond flights. MUCH less expensive. Currently trying to figure out tours at ports stops. VERY confusing and appears to be expensive. I don't understand this apparent dislike of their passengers. Ostensibly, this makes them more more as the confuse and take advantage of booked guests.
  2. This appears to be Princess SOP since restart. Very poor management and no leadership any kind.
  3. Antarctic south of the Antarctic Circle on Fram... They have plenty of boots in all sizes, as well as jackets which were yours to keep.
  4. Princess should have dumped him at the first port. This bozo violated just about every tenant of his cruise contract by accosting his neighbor. Another reason to never cruise Princess again.
  5. Rome to Miami - 23 days leaving 11 November.
  6. Looked at the website options for tours. Just picking one country on our 14-stop trans-Atlantic, the confusion remains. Looks like Oceania is "forcing" us to rely on non-ship tours - which is okay by us. Just don't understand why they make something simple so difficult.
  7. Good comment. Some additional observations: - Its apparent that Princess is desperately trying to recoup monies lost while ships were not carrying passengers during the pandemic. The quality of the product is considerably less than it was on our previous Princess cruise: westbound Transatlantic on Regal in September 2019. Note here that internet did not work for 6 days of that crossing. - The loss of internet (Princess MedallionNet) was NOT caused by lack of access to satellites. During both periods other ships/cruise lines did not suffer similar outages. One of the best internet accesses we have had at sea was in Antarctic waters. For some reason turning internet access off appears to be a policy decision at Princess. - One could sense the uneasiness of the contract crew, those hired to clean, wait and cook. This is singularly leadership. Whether leadership at Princess HQs of just this ship is unknown. - Princess is currently not interested in passenger satisfaction, at least not on Sky. They do not appear to be making any effort to correct problems or respond to issues. Rather, Princess is internally focused on what is good for their leadership and not on providing a good experience for customers. - Fortunately, Princess cancelled a 2023 full Panama Canal transit cruise while we were traveling. Still want to do a canal transit but not with Princess. Next cruises this year are with Celebrity (Reflection) and Oceania (Marina). We have sailed with Princess enough that these issues are visible, prevalent and critical. Its all advertising hype today with no concern for customers. Not the way to rebuild the brand following the COVID hiatus. This attitude comes from the top.
  8. Long time cruiser here. Experienced primarily with Azamara, Princess (no longer) and Celebrity but have also sailed Hurtigruten and similar. I find the pricing confusing as can be. Is that primarily for Oceania's benefit? Confuse the heck out of potential "guests" so they buy more than desired/needed? Booked in PH1 for a trans-atlantic this coming Fall and looking at tour options in ports of call. Three price levels... Appears Oceania really wants people to NOT go with their tours and arrange tours with independent contractors, which is okay with us as we are experienced in making our own arrangements and find that many times its better than relying on the ship's tours. I just don't get it...
  9. Upcoming June cruise with Celebrity and Celebrity arranged flights to/fm Europe! Not really sure anyone is awake at "Flights by Celebrity." Latest, of maybe 4 emails stating that flights are being worked with carriers, provides routing between European cities (FCO to MUC) and US cities (EWR and MCO)... Nothing across the Pond. Not really sure how any professional travel organization could release such a dumb email to a customer. Very difficult, unless Celebrity has a 24th Century Transporter, to get from MUC to EWR without a flight... They do offer a four-hour connection at EWR... Of course, the emails all state "We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to work with the airline carriers in accommodating your flights." And, of course, no contact information provided... I can wait - to a point. Maybe someone at Celebrity will actually look at the reservation... Hope is eternal. Not the first time this has happened; Several years ago to travel from TPA to YQB Celebrity routed us through DFW, then to ORD before connecting at EWR for the last leg YQB. Craziest thing was that the flight between DFW and ORD departed before the scheduled arrival of the flight from TPA. Celebrity finally acknowledged that was unworkable and routed us direct to EWR where we had to overnight at an airport motel. Nuts! Lesson: be very careful working with cruise line air services. Many agents have never left the farm and don't have clue on how air travel functions.
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