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  1. Appreciate your perspective. The original post was directed at the professionalism of the master by someone who has little to no experience, except as a cruise passenger. That is unconscionable and similar to criticizing the pilot of a commercial aircraft for not being able to land his/her aircraft prior to boarding. Are there people who should not be masters? Of course. Same as there are people who should not be pilots, school teachers, policemen, etc. To suggest that a master is incompetent based on innuendo and hearsay is just wrong.
  2. The real issue is the critical comment demeaning the character and professionalism of the master/captain. This type of insinuation should not be permitted on CC. These people are professionals. They know what they are doing. They don't need obtuse comments by those who have little to no experience in ship handling. Speak from 30 years service in the US Navy.
  3. Quite the opposite experience. Flight Ease and similar cruise booking activities use bundled fares and flights to get the best prices. Routing is another story. Flying across the Pond using business class using Flight Ease provides significant savings, especially on US carriers. Have found little to no savings for US domestic travel.
  4. Why would one even raise such a negative question? Has no bearing on whether a cruise ship can enter New Zealand waters. Corporate and the master on board are well aware of any/all restrictions and plan accordingly.
  5. Of course its "fair," Its a business and they can do what they want...and you can walk if you don't like it.
  6. Flight ease and all cruise line flight consolidators must abide by airline and cruise line connection criteria. For example, if a ship is schedule to moor at 0700 the first "approved" flight from a nearby airport may not be until 1100 to provide consideration for late arrivals and connection challenges. Booking flight direct can bypass this limitation and access flights at say 1045. As seniors we find traveling across the pond(s) best in business class. Using a cruise line consolidator saves $$$. That said, we have used so-called "low cost" airlines like TAP (Air Portugal) which flies modern 330neo aircraft and which also offered great rates when booking 10 months out. Airlines notoriously change flights and times. We once needed to travel to Canada from Florida and the airline managed to change our routing to one where we were scheduled to depart and connecting city prior to schedule arrival of the original flight. Head to RON overnight to make the arrival schedule work.
  7. People don't much talk about the Amazon when discussing "bucket lists." We found it to be fascinating and place it right up there with Antarctica landings, China, Africa Safaris and all the wonderful places this world has to offer. We have managed to visit all 7 continents and also lived in foreign lands. During our Amazon cruise the ship stopped at Devil's Island which was also fascinating. It will be very warm, so be aware. Excursions to fish for piranha, visit local villages and folklife not to be missed.
  8. If they actually give it all. Many such endeavors take out a good percentage for their compensation.
  9. Agree and good comment. Of course, you do realize that Liberty gets a huge "tip" every year in the form of an annual bonus whether or not RCI does well, or not.
  10. The increasing demand for canceling gratuities is a direct response to RCI's over charging and poor management. People are responding in the only way they have, by reducing the costs through reducing gratuities. Maybe, ut I doubt it, RCI "leadership" will realize their errors and returning to providing a good product by not cheapening it for passengers.
  11. Agree. Navy chow was so much better than what is being currently offered by RCI. Actually, with retirement income (30 years in uniform) Im worth more alive than dead. 🫤 Spouse tries to keep me that way. And, I actually lose 3-5 lbs each cruise by eating better and less with little too snacking. I only eat in the MDR when "forced" by social custom and others. Otherwise its special restaurant or the buffet where I can select by sight.
  12. Celebrity tried the "Main dinning room" removal with replacement by specialty restaurants. Didn't work. The real issue is Royal's cutting back on food. MDRs used to be a nice place to dine some dozen or more years ago. Even pre-covid it was becoming too noisy with poor food and few options. And, Yes,forcing you to pay big for a decent dinner in a special restaurant. Greed!
  13. "Kilowatts" is a measurement of electrical current, not mass or weight.
  14. This is criminal. For a major company to have such poor visibility with the buying public is nuts, at best. Using my spouse's old Windows computer I was able to book flights. Well, at least I think they are booked as I got both a Booking # and an airline confirmation #. That said the website promised to send email conformation - of course that has not happened. I also could not print a confirmation as the screen just went into a "do loop." No assistance either. How do these people intend to take care of us on the high seas if they cannot take care of us electronically ashore? Really frustrated and even mad!
  15. NOT a good idea. Scheduled - yes. However, flight aware showing anywhere between on time (even early) and 1200 noonish. Give one hour to clear immigration and Its one hour to Civitavecchia. We always arrive a day early and have stayed overnight at the Hilton hotels at the Rome Airport. Preschedule a car to the port - many companies provide transportation and are reliable. Bon Chance!
  16. Appreciate everyone's assistance. So far, no joy! Even tried the website "chat" function and that didn't work.
  17. Yes. Have been trying for days to access flight bookings and nada. Website puts me in a "do loop" or sends me to a page that cannot be accessed. Simply trying to look at flight options appears to be something HAL is not interested in passengers having access to. It is horrible, especially for a cruise line/business that prides itself on customer service. Even the website "chat" function is not active. What gives HAL?
  18. Have been trying to reset my HAL password for 4 days. No joy. Not critical - yet, but have an upcoming trans-Atlantic and need to arrange one-way airfare. "Forgot" password link ends in gibberish. Called and spoke with a HAL representative and told she would fix it and provide me with a functioning link. Nope - never happened. Not sure why. From my perspective this is simply HAL lying to me to get me off the phone. Password reset should be one of the easiest things an IT shop can do. Anyone else have similar experienced with HAL's website?
  19. Flight Ease is a consolidator bring ing together and offering options from multiple airlines. These cruise line consolidators can provide a excellent options on both round trip and one-way airfares. We use them frequently especially on one-way flights to Europe to accommodate the reverse leg of a trans-Atlantic cruise. Their best deals are in the premium categories (Business and Premium Economy classes). A good place to start looking at airfare is google.com/flights. That said, flights are usually not available for research/booking until 330 days out. We have flown to/fm Europe out of Miami, Orlando and Tampa. Orlando and Miami offer good options for flights and airlines offering non-stop routing with major European cities. We have also flown TAP (Air Portugal) which has direct flights from Miami (and NYC and Boston) via Lisbon to major European cities and good business class pricing.
  20. Royal is thinking for charging anyone wearing green on St Paddy's day $10!
  21. A third-rate action for a fourth-rate cruise line. True bottom dwellers. And we use ti like Royal. No more.
  22. Today traveling in Egypt is as safe as traveling in Europe or North America. Because of the time/distance I would opt for a private tour by a reputable tour agency. Actual drive time Alexandria-to-Giza is just over 2 hours going around Cairo. Definitely worth it. And, yes, if claustrophobic I would advice against the inside climb of the Great Pyramid. For those who can that is another unforgettable trek. And suggest staying away from the camels...
  23. We receive hard copy solicitations but not emails. Some of it large glossy brochures for cruise lines we would never consider sailing. It is not easy to get off their mailing lists. Must be less expensive to creat and mail a brochure than to delete an address...
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