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  1. Supply and demand. With only 4 Studio cabins on POA, they can demand a higher price. However, as you noted, you can book a larger inside cabin for less. I've seen this on other NCL ships, too. So who knows? There are many mysteries lurking within the NCL pricing algorithm. One advantage of booking that inside cabin is that it's eligible for the upgrade bidding program; Studios are excluded from that option.
  2. I'd rather do a southern Caribbean journey - in the alternate universe I'd be starting to pack now for my December 13 NCL Epic cruise out of San Juan. Sigh. I've got western and eastern Caribbean both on the calendar for early 2022. I'll get Epic on the calendar somehow - it's the original Studio concept! (okay, I had a mid-ship deck 11 balcony for this December and even a Studio in 2022 will cost more, but oh well)
  3. Edge-class seems to be a love-it-or-hate-it design, based on what I've read in the Celebrity forum here. The Magic Carpet attracts a fair bit of attention, not all positive. Same goes for the Infinite Veranda concept. But what the heck, I'm not much of a traditionalist and am looking forward to experiencing Edge's edginess. Celebrity does need to fix their pricing for solos. Not everyone will want to pay for an Infinite Veranda - some want interior cabins, others want proper balconies, and all of them are now being overcharged due to the new all-inclusive concept. I don't think tha
  4. My husband and the cats all shed! Well heck, if we're going to want real balconies, maybe an older ship (and thus less expensive) is the way to go. Or Quantum-class? The prices on Odyssey for early 2022 are pretty good. They've got a 6-day Western Caribbean (Cozumel, Grand Cayman, CocoCay) in late April for about $1200 in the Studio Balcony category. Very tempting.
  5. Based on the deck plans, Celebrity kept the same layout but changed 8 Panoramic Oceanview rooms into Single Infinite Verandas. The Panoramic Oceanview and Infinite Veranda are identical including the floor-to-ceiling window, except that the IV's window opens and the POV's does not. It looks like you'll get a slightly larger SIV if you book one of those eight, so definitely try to get one of them! Considering how Celebrity pricing hits the solo cruiser wallet, I appreciate that they increased the number of single cabins on Apex. There's no espresso machine for solos (unlike NCL's St
  6. That'll be a fantastic cruise. POA pricing is hefty (understandable) but when you think of it as a floating all-inclusive resort where the location magically changes daily, it's reasonable! See if you can take a peek in the Studio Lounge on our behalf. 😄
  7. Ah ha, I knew I had seen the RCL Studio Interiors somewhere... but not on Oasis-class. There are four on each Quantum-class ship! Each ship has four 3-cabin clusters that share a short corridor and are intended for family groups: a quad-occupancy balcony, a junior suite, and an interior studio (which I think has a virtual balcony). I'm thinking that booking the Studio Interior on your own could be awkward since you do share that little corridor. I don't mind a tiny cabin. "Cozy" is fine. It helps that the main bedroom in our house is quite tiny - just 10'x13'. A Studio Interior isn
  8. This is an excellent point! There are other cruise lines that offer [a very small number of] single occupancy cabins on [a very small number of] their ships. What makes NCL the standout is that solo cruisers are welcome on all ships in all categories, and all sailings include a daily solo gathering hosted by a staff member. At least in my experience, you're not treated like an outcast or outlier if you request a table for one at a regular or specialty restaurant. I've yet to hear the dreaded "... oh, just one?" It'll be interesting to compare my NCL experience to my first RCL one.
  9. Sounds like a perfect Friday night! I may have done something similar... IIRC, Ovation and Quantum are both currently scheduled to return to Australia after the Alaska season. I don't know if that ship class fits through the Panama Canal; if not, that would explain why Quantum, Ovation, and Spectrum handle the Pacific regions while Anthem and the future Odyssey do the Caribbean/Europe bounce. The Studio Balcony (2F) cabins are a hot commodity because there are so few of them - 12 per Quantum-class ship. When booking, if available they'll appear in the balcony category.
  10. I book all my travel with a Chase Sapphire Preferred card to get the travel protection plus points to transfer and redeem - except for flights on Delta since I have the Delta AmEx. Not sure why I still have the Delta card since I mainly fly Alaska these days, but hey. I mainly use the Delta card for vet bills. Two Quantum-class ships will be on the West Coast in 2021; Quantum and Ovation will both be in Alaska that summer. I'll be on Quantum in mid-June as my first RCL cruise. There's a rumor floating around that RCL will return to sailing out of southern California and in my mind
  11. Eh, the weather isn't an issue for me. I've acclimated to life in the Pacific Northwest and now consider anything over 70F to be way too hot. Alaska cruises, no problem. Caribbean, that will be a shock to the system. While I'd love to do Ripcord, I've done iFly on dry land and know how tough it is on the upper arms. We'll see if resuming physical therapy gets my shoulder back into shape in time because indoor skydiving was lots of fun. I can't believe it's no extra charge on RCL because it is NOT cheap. Oh, I am so looking forward to getting back on board, whenever it m
  12. NCL's go-kart track is a headline grabber, much like RCL's Flow Rider and Ripcord. The advantage to RCL is that their star attractions are almost all no-charge and NCL's are profit centers. Laser tag is loads of fun but placing it outdoors on the top deck really limits its use since it's closed in bad weather. RCL was smart to bring it inside. Go-karts are fun but I live a 10-minute drive from an excellent indoor track, so it's not quite a novelty. Oddly enough, laps onboard NCL are cheaper than at the local track... well, if you don't count the cruise fare required to access the t
  13. After my June Quantum OTS cruise in a Studio balcony, I will post photos & a review here. It's a balcony in Alaska, how can it be anything but fabulous, right? Carnival doesn't have official solo cabins but... some of the ships have small interior cabins (160sf, compared to an NCL Studio that's 100sf) with a single bed plus an upper pulldown bunk or convertible sofa. A few of these "inside" cabins have windows but are still classified and priced as interiors. I'm booked on a short Carnival Radiance cruise next December in a 1A (small interior) cabin with twin porthole windows.
  14. Leonardo-class ships, if I recall correctly, will be geared to adult cruisers. Please, let the design include a Studio area and, even better, some single-occupancy balcony cabins... Come on NCL, don't let Royal Caribbean upstage you! If my September 15-day Celebrity cruise gets cancelled or shifted to 2022, maybe I'll join you on Encore to Bermuda. I really want to see that chandelier in person. It HAS to look better in person.
  15. The design of the Studio Lounges in Bliss and Encore, which are identical except the artwork, doesn't include the bar setup seen in the older lounges. The only alcohol available is the wine dispenser (pay per glass, not included in either of the booze packages) and any bottles of that awful sparkling wine that cruisers have brought from their cabins. It's not like the BA+ ships are bereft of bars! From deck 10/11/12 forward it's a swift run down the stairs to deck 8 forward, home of the District Brewhouse and Maltings Whiskey Bar. If you'd rather run upstairs, 15 forward is the Obs
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