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  1. We were on this cruise so thanks for posting all the great photos and review. They have bought back some very good memories, even if you did manage to catch my ugly mug in an unflattering moment in one of them! I agree with you 100% so many aspects which is always reassuring. Aqulina dissapointed and our first Prime C meal was not great at all. I overheard someone say the steaks looked rare but tasted as if they well well done. That pretty much hit the nail on the head. The chateaubriand we had second time around was much better. You are also right abut the hypnotist show not needing a second outing and a comedian would definitely have been welcome. Vadym was also one of our favorite waiters including Amadeo and Nayron in the living room. The Mexican trio were awkward, repetitive and had some internal friction going on. There was hardly any tango, samba or salsa either. It was mostly generic latin pop covers and brief dance lessons covereing Dominican and Cuban styles. We only caught a bit of the young crooner but the lack of showmanship you mentioned was especially noticable after the excellent high energy Martin Kaye shows. Overall there were way more positives though and we loved it love the experience.
  2. The only one I have is of the bed, It gives you an idea of the light though. I have included the screenshot from Oceania as well though. The layout is identical, just different fittings.
  3. EDIT: Cabin 6035, Not 6039
  4. Cabin - 6039 Ship - Pursuit Date - 08 Dec 2019 Choose Again - Yes Noise - Not that we experienced Was adequate for our needs. Obstructed view, fwd/aft configuration. No correct cabin plan available online or with our agent. Before booking had to check Oceania website to see the equivilant cabin layout on one of their R class chips to get an idea of the actual layout. No space for sofa/loveseat and only 143 sq ft however lots of open space at the end of the bed to manouvre. Because of the window location there is little flow of natural light however it is the grey colour scheme that exacerbates this. Very little time spent in the cabin and I can't remember if we were already out for breakfast on the 2 tender days, but heard nothing at all.
  5. I have a question regarding the 3 for $70 speciality dining package. After downloading the PDF and zooming in to 400% I (barely) noticed the terms stating: "One night of dining in Prime C or Aqualina must take place on night 1 or 2 of the cruise" Is this strictly enforced or even still current? (dated 07/03/2016) We have an Azamara evening at 19:30 on the 2nd night and are planning to get back to the ship around 18:00 before getting ready and would prefer not to have to go on the 1st night either.
  6. Terms state it is only for cruises departing Dec 7th - Feb 10th
  7. Great stuff. We join Pursuit on the 8th Dec and Buizos is on the Itinerary. How long and often was the tour going? We are there on a Saturday plus one of the MSC monsters is in the same day so I'm a little worried about the hordes. Strangely I have been inundated with adverts over the last week on my Spotify account for Roberto Carlos concert tickets as well.
  8. Ok, thanks. I thought it was strange the profile pages of Journey and Quest have no mention of it.
  9. Downloaded without issues. I'm quite impressed and a little relieved. We are on Pursuit in a few weeks. I will be casually working along the way and uploading small files in emails for my clients to download will be necessary. I have been stressing a little about it for the last few days.
  10. Thanks So if I upgrade the drinks package we will just pay 15% on individual drinks?
  11. Hello all. I stumbled across the following on the Cruise Critic profile page for Pursuit; It is the first time I have seen that mentioned anywhere. Its not a problem however I do like to be prepared and I'm interested in exactly how it works? Presumably the included drinks have no list price, so 15% of what exactly? Or is this just based on the premium drinks bought individually?
  12. They actually took off the list of included drinks from that page a while ago, which is a pain for those of us that haven't sailed before. I briefly browsed over it before booking a few months back and then a few days later it had vanished. The Premium and Ultimate drinks are still listed here - https://www.azamara.com/int/booked-guests/onboard-packages/beverage-packages
  13. Thanks for this. We are booked on the similar itinerary on Pursuit in December. I saw one of your videos some weeks ago on you tube when I was doing research, so I'm glad the others are up now. In Paraty did you pre-book the 4x4 and was it a good experience? We are thinking of the same however I have also got my eye on kayaking.
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