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  1. Wayfairers, right, that's what I was thinking. I'll probably just take my chances and hope that they use a mild laundry soap. Thanks for answering. 🙂
  2. Thanks for all this helpful info. In the past I've gotten an itchy rash when I changed laundry detergent, so I'm a little afraid of using the ship's laundry service. Would it be nervy if I took my own detergent and asked them to use that for my laundry?
  3. Good to know he won't be thrown overboard for being under-dressed. 🙂 Thank you all.
  4. We'll be sailing to the Caribbean on the Zuiderdam (Holland America). We are first-time cruisers. My husband HATES wearing a tie. If he wears a nice collared shirt and sport coat, will this be acceptable for formal night or the upscale restaurants, or will he be rejected without a tie?
  5. I have tried to research this, but found conflicting answers. In a Holland America casino, should we have cash available for the slot machines, or do we use our room card and it goes on our account? We will be sailing on the Zuiderdam (our first-ever cruise). We're not huge gamblers but will enjoy spending some time in the casino.
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