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  1. Actually I typically get a response to my requests within an hour or so when dealing with NCL.
  2. I never use a TA and I have yet to find anyone who can match let alone beat the offers I get. I do not want to have to contact a third party any time I need something. That "they can help you if something goes wrong" point is absurd. I have never had a thing go wrong and if it does I do not want to have to track down a T/A and then them track down NCL. I'll handle it myself.
  3. Told you so.... https://www.ncl.com/suspended-sailings "To offer our guests even more flexibility for future vacation planning, many who hold outstanding Future Cruise Credits (FCC) may now submit a request to convert their FCC to a monetary refund. Guests who elect to request their FCC to a monetary refund will receive the original cruise fare paid, back to their original form of payment and forfeit any bonus FCCs attached to their Latitudes profile. For example: FCCs issued in July 2020 had a book by date of July 2021. The new “book by” date is December 31, 2021. Applicabi
  4. Its back for everyone. Must have been a SM glitch. Sorry for the chicken little post!
  5. 74.29% of people quoting statistics are making them up off the top of their head. Just sayin'!
  6. Good for you... On the internet NOTING ever goes away completely.
  7. The NCL social media page is coming up as the page has been removed for everyone in my cruise group and several friends as well. Hmmmm...
  8. I'm betting that the news has to do with FCC.
  9. What I stated is first year Business Law. It has nothing to do with "my" world.
  10. Accepting FCC --IS-- getting refunded and it is accepting the terms of the offer. There was nothing assumed (other than some people foolishly assuming that they could change their mind later on their choice of taking FCC) . The very act of taking the FCC constitutes acceptance. All that is required for a contract to be valid is offer and acceptance. Silence is not a part of that equation. You may not like that, but that is the way it is. It is all very basic Business Law 101.
  11. HA HA HA so when someone makes a valid point that is contradictory to your view this is the best reply you can come up with? I was responding to a post that stated that stated NCL was using man hours of resources in an unwise manner. I pointed out how foolish his point was. That would be the same no matter what company was being discussed. Any good programmer who had knowledge of the database structure in question could write the required SQL in mere minutes. If you have something valid and of value to add to the discussion please feel free to start doing so at any time.
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