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  1. How can NCL charge nearly full fare for an infant? Very easily. they are a business just like all others. they can charge whatever they want for their services. It is up to the consumer to decide if they are willing to pay the asking price or not. In a free market economy, it is the buyer who ultimately sets the prices by his decision to buy or not at the current asking price.
  2. That is not the same as HOPING it happens to someone!
  3. REALLY? You HOPE that that someone gets left behind? It would be so fitting if this happened to you several times coming up for an attitude like that!
  4. NCL is absolutely NOTING like Carnival, Thank God. CCL has rusty old dirty ships with very little late night food (unless you count half raw pizza dripping with grease( and really crappy casinos.
  5. Our PCC called today and said it is in our account. It may be the type of thing that will not show up on our end.
  6. I see nothing misleading about it. With any offer form any business one has to read all of the details to know the specifics. When I read offers like this I choose not to make any ASSUMPTIONS
  7. You already got the 25% bonus when you opted for the FCC initially.
  8. The refund is to the original form of payment FOR THAT CRUISE. Do if you paid with FCC you get back FCC.
  9. You have no claim for court. When you have a cruise canceled and you personally choose to take the FCC, that closes that transaction and it is a done deal. When you use the FCC to book a new cruise, it is a completely different transaction and if that cruise gets canceled (as with everyone else) you get refunded to the original form of payment. For that cruise it was FCC so you get back FCC. Don't waste your time and money in court.
  10. The final decision was made this morning. Up until then it was go as planned.
  11. Prices change constantly. Watch the cruise(s) you have your eye on to see if the prices change.
  12. I have not (yet) heard of any extensions but that is not to say that it won't happen. I seriously doubt they will "honor" the 20%. Different special offers come and go all the time. You get whatever is in effect at the rime you book.
  13. Oh well November is now out, bummer. We will absolutely rebook and take advantage of the free additional credits!
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