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  1. We sailed the Sun but it has been a while. I do not recall ever having an especially long wait for any seating at any meal. It really is just luck of the draw though. If you prefer to dine at the same time a lot of others on your crusie do, there could be some wait. However based on the size of the ship and the seating capacity of the MDRs I would thknk you would be OK. If you do run into longer waits. Ask the crew member handling the seating what the slower times are and maybe adjust your dining time accordingly. I think you will enjoy your NCL cruise. All of ours have been fantastic!
  2. I hopr hat you all have a fantaxtic rtime on yoru cruise. We have found that NCL cruises are one of the best vacation experiences out there, Enjoy your time abord the ship!
  3. How manu are usually in the Haven? Normally about the same number that booked the Haven for the cruise in question! 😉
  4. Big difference vetween NEED and SHOULD. If you are talking specialty dining, no you do not NEED to but yes you SHOULD. If you are talking the MDT, you cannot make reservations. It is first coem first served.
  5. You have that 100% backwards! The two free meals with FAS are NOT sharable and no voucher. They are noted on your key card and only you can use them. The latitide meals are a set oy vouchers which will be in your cabin. You found out wrong.
  6. Only you can answer that for yourself. "Worth it" is highly subjective. Look at the cost of buying what you are asking about and see if you think it is worth the price, As to the origianl question, NO.
  7. I prefer my steaks and various cuts of beef prepared medium rare, NOT burnt to a crisp. I guess I must have caveman blood in me according to the OP! Enjoy gnawing on your shoe leather....
  8. It is quite possible that the price you were looking at on line was the cruise fare only and the price quoted on the phone was the to final price including things such as the port fess/taxes, insurance, FAS gratuities, and possibly the DSC. No scam or false advertising. Just a misunderstanding on your part at what you were looking at.
  9. Look at your on board account once on the ship. The amount of unspent OBC will be listed and broken down as as far as a refundability. It will be updated as it is applied to purchases.
  10. Well said. Refundable can also offset the DSC or ANY charges to your account.
  11. They don't try to give you anything. They bring out what they have ready. Just let them know what you want and it will be there shortly. If you want a particular meat cooked to a specific degree of doneness, simply ask. I like my steak medium rare (I guess according to the OP that makes me a caveman, LOL), and when I ask for it that way that is exactly what I get. BTW I fixed your post in my quote!
  12. No need to "complain" at all. SImply tell your server what type of meat you wnat and hwo you wnat it cooked. He will bring it. That pineapple rocks!
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