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  1. Kind of wish they would go even smaller. We are at an age when slides and all the attractions are not for us.
  2. Hopefully we will be planning our 30th anniversary for next year. He's doing good, but very very life changing experience.
  3. Thanks rhungtinton. Yes. He's on his way to recovering but you tend to look at things a little differently when something like this happens. Just glad nothing happened on the trip.
  4. I hope everyone enjoyed the cruise. We certainly did. As for the hubs. He ended up having triple bypass surgery a week after we got back from vacation. Was not planned. Had chest pains when he went to work the following week. Ended up at Beth Israel in Boston for the surgery. We were thankful that nothing happened on our cruise as we were not aware that 2 arteries were 80% blocked and the third was 60% blocked. Take life as it comes people and enjoy every cruise.
  5. We got off the Allure about 1 month ago. (wow seems like eons). We were on early so went to the WJ. We always go to the back and get a table there. It was funny. Most of the cruise we got the same table. Go to the back and have one person wait at the table. We swapped each other off. Also seemed like the left side was less crowded. I feel everyone who is right handed head to the right side. We are both lefties.
  6. Lunch and walk around to get familiar on the ship if we are new to it.
  7. We are on Allure next Sunday and wondering the same thing with the Pats. They play at 1:00 on the 15th and it's our anniversary. I think the Pats will win out om this one.
  8. Question. My is always on wifi calling. Should I shut it off, put iphone into airplane mode then turn back on? Does that make a difference. Thanks in advance
  9. Hubs and I are down to 2 suit cases and a carry on bag. He likes to dress up as he wears a uniform all week. So it's a garment bag and suit case for us. After years of over packing, we have it down pretty well now. Years ago we use to bring 2 large LL Bean duffle bags. That's when there were no overage fees. That's all changed.
  10. Thanks. I just printed it out just in case. You are always so helpful. Thank you again.
  11. Thanks for this information. We will be on her next week and I have not purchased a package before. Just used the ships computers to sign in. Should I print my receipt of purchase just in case? Or will they know ahead of time.
  12. We just purchased the VOOM for one devise. Price was fairly cheap. $13.49/day. We leave next Saturday and I am monitoring it for any price drops. Not doing the drink package as it's too high at $49.00/person. Still watching though.
  13. Thanks for this. We sailed her for our "7 year itch" That was 22 years ago. She has always been a favorite of mine. We are older now and don't utilize the bells and whistles on the newer ships even though we still sail them. Glad she is holding up.
  14. Allure 7 day. I feel I would break even so holding off. Pretty spoiled w/ NCL included in the price (or some say).
  15. Leaving in little over two weeks. A couple of weeks ago it was $59.00, went to $54.00 and then to $49.00. Been sitting there ever since.
  16. What Bob said. No reason to ruin your cruise for something they are not suppose to be doing anyway.
  17. Thanks for doing this. We were on Allure 3 years ago and again in 2 weeks. Hoping we get our cruise moved to western. How is the internet working for you? Seems to be pretty good. Did you pay for the VOOM?
  18. Well someone said that they were signed up on United and Delta so that was why I was asking.
  19. Do you know if this works for Jetblue? We have an 11:20 flight in two weeks out of FLL and wondering if I have the time to do this.
  20. So they are re-routing you! Yikes. We are on her in three weeks. I think I will hold off planning anything for the islands. We were also going to be winging it. Have a safe and fun trip!
  21. We are going a bit before you and I am leaning towards the Marriott. However, really would like to take the hell ride to the other end of the island.
  22. This sounds like fun. May need to look into it. My only hesitant is falling over. Not always the most coordinated person. So glad they are talking about putting the umbrellas back. Hopefully by the time we are there in about a month.
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