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  1. A Question...... We had two cancelled cruises with Seabourn. For our July, 2020 cancelled cruise we requested our money refunded, which it was after 90 days. Done. For our Nov, 2020 cancelled cruise we requested the FCC +25% which we just received and put it towards our Nov 2021 cruise. I thought that there was something else Seabourn was giving us beyond the 25% bump. I though we also were to receive $300 of shipboard credit. Was that just wishful thinking on my part or am I remembering correctly? Looking forward to your responses...... Jodi
  2. JOZI - EXACTLY why we do that. I get the ins right away at the lowest amount, but within that 15 day timeframe for the pre-existing!
  3. My TA said they would not refund us when I asked 😢. But, both of our cruises were only in the deposit stages so the insurance cost was relatively minimal. I only insure the actual amount I have paid out, then I up the insurance amount at each stage of payment and pay the updated dollars for the updated trip payment.
  4. Our Trip Insurance for our two cancelled trips did not refund us, but credited us so we could use the trip insurance toward a future trip....And, we have two years to use the funds. We already booked a cruise for Nov 2021 and used all the credits towards Insurance on that trip..... Good Luck! Jodi
  5. WE GOT OUR REFUND!!!!!! I’m doing the Happy Dance 💃 Only took them 88 days...... The funny part is that the amount credited was for ALL monies I paid out in one lump sum...the cruise deposit PLUS the air flights via Flight Ease. I’m not complaining, though. For those still waiting....Keep The Faith, Baby. It will happen. Big (safe) Hugs to all!!!
  6. I’m in Miami (Coconut Grove) and you’re just up the road in Lauderdale.....once Covid subsides a bit we can meet in the Aventura area and plan it!
  7. Interesting (and frustrating) news..... Earlier this week Seabourn told me that my refund had been processed on May 29th. Since it is two weeks from that date and still no refund according to my cc company, I called Seabourn and spoke with “Frank” who explained that everything that had been processed on May 29th was WRONG and had to be re-processed, which was done on June 10th..... so, according to “Frank”, I should be receiving my refund within a few days..... Today is Day 87 and still counting!!!! I’m really happy for all of you who have received their refunds and I truly hope not to enter the “100 Day Plus Club” with those of you who are waiting even longer. Perhaps we should create Tshirts or hats with just a number on it indicating the amount of days from Cancellation to Refund.....
  8. I decided to call Seabourn after seeing the flurry of refunds. I was told that my refund was processed on May 29th and that it usually takes 7 to 10 days for the cc company to post it to an account. So, any day now! Woo-Hoo! I’ll keep you informed when I see it.....
  9. Fantastic!!!!! I can’t wait to hear if they respond! BTW - I noticed our Nov 7 Cruise was not listed. it was cancelled on 5/6/2020. We are waiting for FCC only. Was that why it was not on the list? Also, I’m curious. We have two flights that need to be cancelled because our November cruise was cancelled. I have yet to call the airline because if they cancel or change the flights I may be able to get my money back. If I cancel I will have a change fee at best, because they are non-refundable tickets. Did any of you have airline tickets to deal with because of a cancelled flight and will Seabourn pick up the change fees? (if I would live long enough to collect them.....)
  10. We cancelled our 7/18 cruise on 3/17 and nothing! Now in our 12th week of waiting. Westport - was yours on the Ovation?
  11. JPH814... (st curious - what kind of communication are you waiting for regarding the FCC credit? If you were to put a deposit on a cruise today, are you sure they would not just apply the FCC to the balance?) We used our Returned FCD from our 7/18/2020 cancelled cruise toward the deposit. Our TA said we have to wait for Seabourn to process the FCC plus 25% and we will most likely put it towards this new cruise. So far they have not processed it. Originally we owed $398 toward the deposit, but the cruise dropped in price and the new deposit was less, so nothing out of our pocket (which worked out well because I told my TA I was not giving Seabourn anymore more money at this point in time!)
  12. Cash refund for our 7/18/20 cruise which we cancelled before the penalty phase on 3/16/2020....and FCC credit (+25%) for our 11/7/20 cruise which was cancelled on 5/06/2020.
  13. Dear JPH814 - I also love data and am fascinated by what you have created with this spread sheet. I have twice suggested to people on Facebook on the various Seabourn pages that they should add their information to this “work of art”. What are your thoughts to the possibility that Seabourn is also looking into the level of loyalty and prioritizing those with the highest level of loyalty above those with lesser levels? The airline certainly uses this system when issuing upgrades. Just a thought. I’m sure others will weigh in as I’ve learned this is not a shy crowd. Also, let me add another cruise of mine that was cancelled. Nov 7, 2020. Cancelled on May 6, 2020. We are waiting for our refund in FCC plus 25%. Today is Day 75 that we are waiting for our first cruise cancellation refund.....
  14. I just checked on my cc app, but still nothing. Cruise was 7/18. We cancelled on 3/16. 74 days of waiting so far.
  15. I called Seabourn today and spoke with "Frank".... He said that the March 11 cancellations are being refunded now and that my March 17 cancellation should be refunded in about a week. He apologized and told me that they are doing everything by HAND!!!!! I wasn't going to argue with him, but I thought that sounded very strange.
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