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  1. Unfortunately it could be a bit of a walk the nearest lifts are around 9197. https://www.msccruises.com/en-gl/Discover-MSC/Cruise-Ships/MSC-Virtuosa/Deckplan.aspx It is possible that Decks 8 & 9 may not be used according to posters on this forum and you could be moved. Apparently they were not used for the 1 st sailing, Suggest contact your TA or MSC if booked direct if you think the distance may be an annoyance to your cruise.
  2. John Bishop is the Comedian on the 5th June sailing. Notice MSC is advertising the UK Staycations on Virtuosa on TV . Also notice that the prices do keep getting reduced by MSC so perhaps they are not filling their capacity anyway. If you go to the Voyages Club page on their website you can get at least 5% +5% and €/$ 50 obc for voyage club members although just looking today it may be that the advertising has worked as only a few sailings shown at the discounted price compared to yesterday also not many sailings showing on the normal page.
  3. Plenty scattered around on board, not seen a queue. You dont have to do it immediately , The machines will take a £250 pre Authorisation.
  4. Having an Inside may be slightly annoying especially as there is/was no Bow Webcam available on the TV as most other cruise ships usually have . They did have the weather forecast and position of ship however.
  5. I Just needed the Generic cover letter from Cover for you and the Insurance Certificate.
  6. see post #322 and the attachment showing debark times for the 1st cruise, however other cruises may have different times.
  7. Like you I had no fruit/chocolate or fizz , but did manage complimentary Butchers Cut and had to go to Guest services to swap my debark tags for 2 . Good review.
  8. Not too sure if they were permitting b2b, thought had to be 7days in between. Some one will possibly confirm or correct me .
  9. Diamond Status Loyality Was Diamond Status applicable whilst checking in at Southampton and did anyone use it ? I must admit I had forgotten to mention it as its not unusual to have to mention it to the Terminal employee's at Southampton when using other companies. It had been such a long time being at the cruise terminal I must have wanted to linger their longer . 😀. I did use it for disembarkation.
  10. Celebrity are requesting a PCR Test within 72 hours to check in I believe, https://www.celebritycruises.com/gb/healthy-at-sea/uk-travel-requirements
  11. I think you are right, as It's the first time they are using £ Bottle of beer. £8. 😁 The sailings are only sold with an inclusive package with a £10 per drink price cap on Premium Package
  12. It appears clear to me what I need from my Insurance company If I did not then The Insurance company would advise. At check in the cruise company are ensuring that you have complied with their request. Quote: "All UK guests must have comprehensive cruise specific travel insurance which includes medical cover of 2 million GBP minimum and cover for emergency evacuations and medical expenses for COVID-19. Cover must also include repatriation, cancellation and curtailment and full cover for pre-existing medical conditions in the countries you are due
  13. It obviously will depend on the area you are cruising ,on 1st sailing for the storm we left Southampton and sheltered near Le Harve and on the 2nd it looks like you are just cruising the South Coast.
  14. See the disembarkation schedule for Southampton on 24th May 2021 info timings in relation to your Cabins/Aurea or Club Diamond Members, (sorry for it being a bit scruffy) personally for myself walked straight off at 0815 with no queues. img20210525_16434338.pdf
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