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  1. I showed up 2 hours earlier than the allotted time for my 10/10 cruise from Miami on NCL Gem. No one checked and the line for testing didn't take too long, maybe 30 minutes. The whole process went much better than I expected.
  2. Yes, because it's been very popular. Once vaccines are approved for ages 5-12, bookings for families should increase. I just completed a Western Caribbean cruise on the Gem and it was awesome not having to wear a mask while on the ship!
  3. We did not need to wear masks anywhere on our Oct. 10th Caribbean cruise on the Gem.
  4. I just completed a 7 day cruise on the Gem. I did not receive any masks in my cabin.
  5. Maybe, or the 2023 schedule will actually be released.
  6. Celebrity and Norwegian have released much of their 2023 itineraries. Any guess when we'll see Royal Caribbean's?
  7. I was just looking at some videos of cabins on deck 10 of Bliss and I thought it was strange that the cabin doors open out into the hallway instead of into the cabin. I would imagine that anyone walking in the corridor needs to be aware for random opening doors. Has anyone who has sailed on the Bliss had any issue with either walking into an open door or opening a door into people passing by?
  8. I just finished a cruise on the Gem. I did not upgrade prior to sailing because I had some OBC to use, but I should have because the price to upgrade once onboard jumped to $30 a day! 😬 I should have spent the $85 prior to cruising. I already bought the unlimited for my next cruise.
  9. The quality and variety of the shows were excellent...I highly recommend.
  10. Just returned today from a 7 day cruise on the Gem. Everything was great, you won't be disappointed.
  11. Do refrigerators in the balcony staterooms on the Gem have freezers? Thanks.
  12. It's not for the ship. On Celebrity we had one in our closet to take ashore. I'll just pack my own. Thanks.
  13. Looking forward to my first-ever Norwegian cruise this weekend! Just wondering if an umbrella is provided in balcony staterooms on the Gem. Thanks!
  14. US dollars. In fact, before I leave home, I visit my bank and get fifty $2 bills. It makes for a unique tip.
  15. What type of flexibility are you asking for? The best you can do is to all get tested before you leave home and purchase NCL's (or third party) travel insurance. If you want a sure thing, don't travel during a pandemic.
  16. I wish I knew, but I can tell you that NCL is way ahead of Royal Caribbean or Celebrity. They have practically nothing past April on their 2023 schedule.
  17. I've been to Cozumel twice before, but never on a cruise ship. I know that you can purchase a day pass at several resorts in advance. I'm assuming you can just show up and buy one on arrival as well. Has anyone done that recently? Thanks.
  18. That's splitting hairs. If you were to rank a list of ten things from #1 to #10, that's called "from best to worst"! And judging by some of the comments about the Star, I'd say it was the clear winner of the least liked.
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