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  1. It's not a marriage. Don't think for a minute that Royal is not "seeing other people".
  2. I was thinking of booking 3026, which is far enough back to have a cabin above it.
  3. I agree, but now you can see why I'm asking. Maybe I'll just pay more for a balcony cabin because I prefer a sure thing.
  4. Here is an example of why I asked. This is a non-forward facing cabin,
  5. I hadn't thought of this Google thing. Brilliant!
  6. Good morning, I'm trying to get accurate info on Jewel of the Seas oceanview cabin configurations. I use cruisedeckplans-dot-com and some photos show the head of the bed directly under the window and some show the bed at 90° to the window. I'm specifically interested in the cabins forward on deck 3. For anyone here who has recently stayed in one of these cabins, what was your cabin layout? Thanks.
  7. I chose the 8-day Radiance. Thanks all!
  8. Actually, the 8-day Rhapsody goes to Grand Cayman, Belize City, Costa Maya and Cozumel. The 7-day Grandeur goes to Costa Maya, Belize City, Roatan and Cozumel.
  9. I started doing that a couple of cruises ago! I use these magnetic clips.
  10. Hello all. I'm looking at a 7 or 8 day from Tampa on either Grandeur or Rhapsody. For those who have sailed on these ships, which would you prefer? Thanks.
  11. I stayed at the Holiday Inn in October. I wouldn't recommend it. It's not really near anything except the port (photo is the view from our room). One of the two elevators is out, making for very long queues. I was told that when that elevator is finally fixed, they're going to do the other one. The bed in our room was uncomfortable, and the springs twanged everytime I rolled over. We didn't walk to the ship because it was the second one, so we took a quick cab ride. Next time I'd choose Premier Inn, bookable on their website.
  12. Update: I was able to get through to a reservation agent who cancelled the reservation for me. Now let's hope I get the refund. She said the reason is because they got a new reservation system and the original booking was made on the old system.
  13. I've used their website before and always found it very user-friendly, but something is obviously broken here. I tried calling using the Premier's main UK number and I did get through. The voice menu said press 3 for cancellations, so I did. Then the recording said "our reservation agents cannot cancel a reservation over the phone." ðŸĪŠ I'll try calling the individual hotel. Thanks.
  14. Good morning. I need to cancel a reservation for Premier Inn. When I attempt to do it online, I get an error. Has anyone here ever called them from the US? Thanks
  15. Wouldn't it be helpful if you could delete a post? I know...crazy talk.
  16. Don't need to. Just use these: https://a.co/d/1mGGxek
  17. Welcome to Cruise Critic where no one has an answer to the question you ask. Instead they will offer obvious answers to different questions. 😂
  18. Ahhh, back to the good ol' days of debating gratuities. Sure beats arguing about vaccines and masks! 😂😷
  19. We are booked on a cruise leaving from Dover. Has anyone here taken a cab from Gatwick to Dover, and how was it? Thanks.
  20. I've never seen a cruise ship review written like an annual employee performance review. I'll bet you're a manager or HR person.
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