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  1. Many thanks for the posting. I am scheduled on this ship to Antarctica so hearing that it is actually in service is promising news. The review is very detailed and Google English translation works surprisingly well. I can remember the early days when the translations were often...comical.
  2. At least in this case, the CDC doesn't need enforcement power. The cruise lines want to enforce this rule. By and large, prospective passengers want these directives enforced. The Guv'ner wants to ride this issue.
  3. (Because vaccines are not 100% effective) they are not only putting themselves at risk. They are mostly putting themselves at risk. Mostly- "think of it as evolution in action."
  4. I have a cruise in January that sent an email saying that they required proof of vaccination. I emailed a copy of the CDC card and they said that was sufficient. I am also keeping the various emails confirming vaccination. It is possible that some other more secure ways to confirm vaccination will emerge. There are other places where they may become required.
  5. Well, no. The vaccine works pretty well, call it very well. >90% effective. And almost all who DO get infected have minor symptoms. But not all. Some really very small number get very sick and a very few die. So there is a pretty small risk to you (well, to me, I'm not sure I care about you) of becoming infected if there are non-vaccinated people around you. It DOES matter. Read the news. Well, reliable news. The expectation is that if we are fortunate the disease will be less and less common and will have less and less effect on the way we live. It has been noted that there is only a single contagious disease that has ever been totally conquered. Smallpox. Many other formerly terrifying diseases- say bubonic plague and polio- are still around.
  6. OK so THAT's how <100% is rationalized. But approval* of the vaccine for 12-15 has either just happened or is imminent. That would justify pushing that number even higher. I am scheduled for a cruise in January that unambiguously requires that ALL be vaccinated. If that means there are no passengers <12 then I, for one, will be happy. *Yes, I know this is emergency use authorization.
  7. Not a double standard, a non-standard, a crazy-standard. I expect I will be going a lot of places before I go to Florida.
  8. Indeed, there ARE nonstops (vs. direct one stops) from Miami. Just to follow up- is the plane Guayaquil-Baltras a Celebrity charter? Or are there other passengers that might not be subject to all the Covid tests? I am somewhat comforted that there are others thinking about this tour.
  9. This recent discussion has been very helpful. More helpful, by the way, than a phone call to Celebrity. I have been looking into a new booking for a late July/ early August tour. I am now a good bit less sure that it is a good idea- things look very disorganized. I do have the advantage that I can make a rather late decision so I will keep checking in.
  10. OK I get that they are just now starting things up again (today = May 12) but I had a very unsatisfactory phone call yielding almost no information- except that whatever trips were posted were going to change. Has anybody make a NEW booking? Is there a more satisfactory source of information? I was interested in a trip in July/ August but it looks like things are very disorganized so maybe I should just abandon the idea.
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