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  1. LOL. Big data is REAL. If that means that my good friend gets an extra perk or two, I'm all for it!
  2. LOL. That's just because you didn't test enough! It's a world of Covid. Everybody gets the Covid. I would be saying the same if DW/DD didn't literally put my head in a vice and "insist" that I test. (think three stooges here🤣) I felt absolutely great when I saw that "dreaded" line on the freebie test. IIRC, the only "adverse" effect was that I couldn't go to the grocery store for a few days. Win freakin' win.😎
  3. Did you have a cruise cancelled by NCL last February? Did you reprice a cruise that sailed last February after final payment?
  4. Yep. A person who wants to cruise but is uncomfortable being on a ship at sea. 🤣 I'll see you in the brig @IAcruising😎
  5. What the heck are these folks doing on their balconies?? 🤣
  6. The only dumb move is to ignore both of them and continue to leave free money on the table. disclaimer: I did exactly that for too long. Maybe missed three or four cruises where I could have saved $500.
  7. It lists my assembly station! Yikes!!
  8. LBYM is not being a "cheapskate." It is the key to accumulating wealth. Good job! 😎
  9. Hopefully you didn't shorten your holiday by two days just to obtain a better room option.
  10. I have seen this on NCL.com. Upon checking for updated pricing, the only room that comes up is an ADA room. It is clearly indicated and, as others have suggested, booking it involves agreeing with some terms and conditions indicating that I am disabled. I've never done so.
  11. Honestly, this doesn't sound like anything I would consider "fun." But, to each their own. On most ships, you can find a handful of penny slots that actually allow you to wager one cent for each pull. Those are what I play. On a good day, I'll walk away after an hour or two with a couple of bucks. On most days, I'll walk away missing a couple of bucks. Of course, I also sail steerage.... 🤣
  12. Nonsense. You just need to gamble the right way. I've read many reports (even right on this forum) that indicate that if you know what you're doing you will pay for your cruise with winnings every time. disclaimer: that was a joke. There are two types of gamblers, "losers and liers."
  13. If it is 10% discount FCC, that will be applied to the new base fare. If it is $$ FCC, that will also be applied to the new base fare. Both are fully applied. Example: Current published base fare = $1000. I have 10% off FCC and $100 FCC. My base fare on the invoice will be $800. New (upgraded cabin) base fare = $2000. My new base fare will be $1700. I actually have this happening on a future booking, so this is based on real-life, recent NCL behavior.
  14. Yeah. I've seen this. Maybe best for the newbies just to avoid it. But many here are not newbies, and smart enough to understand how the process really works. Maybe I need to add the following to my signature for efficiency: Then I could just post "see my signature." Of course, then we would deviate into the "What's a signature? How do I see signatures? What the heck does 'x' mean, I thought they cost $250? etc. discussions). I'll just keep buying CN's until somebody reports that the new out-sourced process has screwed them up.
  15. I know. There are many who simply refuse to understand the very basic process as I outlined in my prior post. They get fooled into thinking that they have to spend more money on the ship. That's just smart marketing and, as always, let the buyer beware. People need to just buy what they want and forget about it. There may be the third option mentioned by the OP. I seem to recall being told by a CN rep (while buying four CNs) that I could call within 30 days after disembarking to buy more. I haven't done this, so this is why I suggested that the OP just call NCL. Phone calls are free these days.😎
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