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  1. sunviking90 - I was on the Veendam pre-covid. All the beverages and food in the Lido were served to you by the crew for the first 48 hours until they were sure that noro hadn't been brought aboard, like you said.
  2. canadianbear - Thanks for your reports and beautiful pictures. I'm sorry to hear about your phone. Good luck at the Apple store. 😊
  3. Mary229 - Thanks for the update. I'm glad that things are so much better now. 😊 I agree that hopefully the MDR will improve for all guests.
  4. canadianbear - I hope your wifi is good enough for you and Mr. Bear to keep in touch with your grandkids. 😊
  5. Mary229 - I'm sorry about your MDR experience. Agree that's unacceptable. I would have walked out too.
  6. ORTravelGal - My stepfather and I had connecting rooms on the Niew Statendam in 2022 and on the Zuiderdam in 2023. It was very convenient for us. On the Zuiderdam, they had a sale at the Lido pool. I bought a poppy vase to take home. Have a great time on your April cruise!
  7. canadianbear - I agree with you about sleeping well on a HAL cruise. 😊 I'm glad you and Mr. Bear are having a great time! 😊
  8. Thanks for the report! Very interesting! I'm glad your port was not cancelled. 😊
  9. Drinks at Dutch cafe are covered by HIA if you have it. I loved their pea soup too.
  10. 0106 - Thanks for taking time on your vacation to post reports and great pictures! I really enjoyed them. 😊 Safe travels home.
  11. HAL should make sure that the mistake is corrected. As stated above, the 35 day Voyage of the Vikings cruise is on the Zuiderdam and NOT the Volendam.
  12. scubacruiserx2 and 0106 - Thanks for your answers! Very interesting! 😊
  13. 0106 - Thanks for your updates and great pictures!😊 I wonder how they constructed the church without nails!
  14. ontheweb- I agree with you again that "little things can make a big difference." HAL knows that not all of its passengers have a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Even though passengers can get news on TV, I always liked taking the newspaper when I went to breakfast.
  15. ontheweb- I agree with you. Years ago on the Veendam, the papers were in the mailbox when I left to go to breakfast. It was still nice to get the baseball scores, even though they were a day old.
  16. Bon Voyage! 🥂😊 I'm happy for all of you. Very exciting!
  17. Bon Voyage! 🥂😊 I'm glad your ship will be the only one at the pier tomorrow.
  18. Thanks for all your updates and great pictures! The crew has worked a lot of overtime hours getting decorations, food and drinks ready for Chinese New Year, Super Bowl, Mardi Gras, and Valentine's Day! 😊 Happy Valentine's Day to all on board the Zuiderdam!
  19. Toad - My stepfather and I boarded the Zuiderdam in July 2023. Our boarding time was 3:15 PM. We arrived at terminal at 2:50 PM. There was no line and no waiting. We were the only passengers in the terminal at that time. Check-in was very quick. We loved the Zuiderdam.
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