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  1. We were going to book a back to back cruise today ...September 18, 2021 and September 25, 2021. I called MSC this morning because I needed some information and now the only cruise that is showing is the Sept.18 cruise. The agent didn't know what was going on. Has anyone else noticed this?
  2. Thanks, sorry I didn't mention what cruise line, we usually cruise with Princess . So it's good to know that this could be possible!
  3. Yes and I feel it should be a requirement for everyone who is on the ship
  4. We are looking into possibly spending time in Italy either before or after a 7 day Mediterian Cruise (ports in Greece and Italy). Because booking flights has usually been less expensive through the cruise line, do you think we would be able to add days so that we could spend extra time in Italy
  5. What would happen if you would test positive once your cruise has begun?
  6. Thanks Trak, For your info. I really appreciate you taking time to answer. I looked on ebay but must have not used the right wording. I try to buy Princess Christmas ship ornaments,if they are available but if they aren't I will buy key chains to hang on our tree.'
  7. Does anyone know where to buy the coffee cups from the different Princess cruise ships (ceramic)? Thanks for your knowledge.
  8. I bought my CCl Stock Thanks!!
  9. After reading all of these replies. I know it's a gamble. Would you buy Carnival stock today
  10. This is the reason we always buy cruise insurance !
  11. , Yes I also can't get a quote Yes
  12. After reading on here about the Barrel Chair being removed from the cabin we were both disappointed to see it was gone when we sailed on the Island Princess last April. We asked our room stewart if he could find a chair for us because we like to have our breakfast and sometime our lunch in our room. He brought us a fold-up chair which worked for us.. I still haven't heard a logical reason why Princess removed the barrel chairs.
  13. We are Looking to go on an cruise to Hawaii either in February or March of this coming year (2020 I'm leaning towards the Star Princess verse the Grand Princess because the Star seems to have a little lower prices. The Star sails out of L. A. (San Pedro) The Grand sails from San Francisco and have sailed out of both ports. I love would to have your opinion on the two ships.
  14. This is how we did it a few years ago. Our Son and Daughter and their families were given an envelope with clues inside and told them that they had to answer all the clues and once done they should know what their Christmas gift was. It was a great surprise and we made many wonderful memories.
  15. Do you think it's fair to hold up cabins that you don't plan on using when someone else may want those cabins?
  16. We've been to Cabo twice, the first time wasn't too bad but the second time getting on the tender wasn't easy because of the rough waters and then coming back to the ship the water was very rough. The tender made many attempts try to get close enough so that we finally could get off which then because of the rough water made it difficult to board the ship.
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