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  1. Was on Enchantment in January and it is one of my favorite ships.  I LOVE the Oasis class, but we all enjoyed Enchantment.  There were 27 of us and everyone had a fantastic time.  The crew on this ship is among the best in the fleet.  


    It kind of bothers me to hear someone call it a "rust bucket", yes it is an older ship.  I probably resemble a "rust bucket" to many, but I am still out there enjoying my cruises.


    Our entire group all expressed how much they enjoyed this ship, their cabins, the entertainment, the food and again, the amazing wonderful crew.  



  2. 6 minutes ago, island lady said:


    Are they back to Valet parking again?  The last few times, it was not done when we used them.  You kept your keys, and then retrieved your own car.  The DH would wait with the luggage while I drove up to load up.  

    They did in April, I think they are back to being more established again.  They were hit very hard with the hurricane last year and then they assisted the "Vets for Parking" by allowing them to use some of the lot.  I think since  Oasis came to the port and it such a large ship that they like to park the vehicles themselves.  We had to wait a few times before when persons were trying to park properly and not take 2 spaces.  The port increased the price for them because of Oasis and of course they passed the increase along to the clients.


    I like using them, especially when we do our lady cruise trips.  Very nice for the women to pull up and have someone put their luggage on the shuttle and when we return we usually get a porter that walks us and the luggage to the shuttle.  The ladies love it and yes it is a few dollars more but amazing how convenient.  





  3. 1 hour ago, SandraLee said:

    So, are you saying you do not wait for their shuttle at the end of the cruise? They have enough shuttles?

    Correct, when you get off there are usually 3 or more shuttles waiting for you.   The amount will depend on the ship you are on, for Oasis when we got off in April there were 5 shuttles parked there.  Of course they fill each shuttle before it heads to the lot but that does not take long at all.  


    Yes, we tip the driver when they drive us to the port and also when they take us back to the lot.  They do ALL the lifting of the heavy suitcases.  You remain seated while they take all the luggage off the shuttle and then you get off.  


    Each person has their own manner of embarking on their cruise, ours is when we get on the shuttle. Vacation has then started.

  4. I have to agree with the others about Park & Cruise, we have been using them for years.  Excellent service and what we appreciate most about them is the shuttles are sitting there waiting for you when you disembark.  When you get to the lot, your car is pulled up at the drop off point.  They even help you put the suitcases in your car and then off you go.


    The Park & Cruise at Port Canaveral is the best we have ever used at any of the ports we drive to.  Also, the price is almost half of what the terminal is.



  5. I'm going to reply to this post, because if it was the Koshrika group he is talking about then I know exactly how horrendous his cruise was.  


    We unfortunately were on a cruise with them on Oasis and it was beyond doubt the worst cruise in the 40+ cruises we have ever taken.  This group commanded every aspect of the cruise and don't even try and tell me just go with the flow.  When you are in the dining room and the apparent group leader knocks the plate out of a servers hand and shouts, that's not how you serve me.  When kids are running rampant through out the ship night and day and screaming and shouting, jumping in and out of the little pools in the solarium, that is to be adult only and the crew is being shouted at to leave them alone.  When they are bringing loads of books and placing them on all the table in the schooner lounge and then laying down and sleeping on the sofas and chairs there.  When several areas are closed down only for their admission, when they are constantly screaming at the crew for some issue.


    I should write a book about this horrendous cruise, I cannot express highly enough how terrible they treated the crew.  In all my years I have never witnessed anything so unmannerly or disrespectful as this large group of persons.  We will NEVER cruise again with this group if there is any way to know in advance.  When there is a group that is is horrible, they should be made to hire their own boat and have their own servers that they can treat like servants.  


    If you ever see this group is booked on a cruise you want to take, DON'T DO IT!  They have an excellent reputation as the worst 

    group you will ever be around.

  6. Were you able to view the pictures? I had the 8 oz filet which was very good


    Sent from my Google Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk

    Able to see all your amazing photo's, but rack of lamb jumped in there.


    Please do not go back to post them, we have always found your taste buds are so similar to ours I just was wondering what you ordered.


    You do a fantastic job with your review, hope some day we will be on the same ship at the same time.


    thank you!



  7. We were on Oasis when the group was on and we will NEVER, NEVER EVER cruise when they are on the ship again. It was horrific and the way they treated the cruise line employees was horrific. Yes there were areas closed the entire time that we were not allowed to enter. The children ran wild, up and down the halls, the elevators were a nightmare.


    You really need to read some of the posts from that January cruise. We have cruised 43 times and have never encountered anything as awful as that cruise. Fortunately we had a grand suite to hide in and yes, that is what we did quite a bit, hide away in our cabin.


    We were seated close to the one group in the dining room and one of the men in the group, I took it to maybe be an elder knocked the dinner plate out of the servers hand and yelled, that is not the way you serve me!


    One way or another if they were on the cruise I booked, I guarantee you I would be changing that date.

  8. What a disappointment for you. We are so looking forward to our cruise in December. It will be the first time on a MSC ship and we are sailing on Seaside. We expect it to be different from other lines we have cruised with, but one never knows until you go out there and try it for yourself.


    Could you share any of the good things you found on the ship?


    I am very happy to hear that it is not at all like Carnival as that is our least favorite cruise line.


    It is wonderful there a variety of cruise lines as well as the various ships that we can choose from so we all can enjoy our time at sea.

  9. Totally agree about Bernard's tours in St. Martin. You can reserve it on line with a very small deposit, then when ported simply walk to their tent and pay remaining amount. We found them to be among one of the best tours and always highly recommend them to our friends. They have a selection that you can choose from.




    We haven't taken any tours in San Juan for several years now so I can't really recommend any. It is a very easy city to wander about and the free trolley is great to get you from one location to another.

  10. We now have 3 pools, the one that is screened in, the one in the side yard and the one in the far back corner of the yard. One really is sufficient!!!


    I thought I could get a quick walk in with the dog, well we got a run in instead, half way around the block it started pouring again.


    Florida has been getting drenched for the past 2 weeks.

  11. Off Oasis on April 15, we had 10 am luggage tickets. We left our cabin around 7:30 am and wandered about a bit. We went to deck 5 to have coffee and pastry. We had no problem locating a table, but again, we were having coffee and food. We took turns using the restroom as our drive is a two hour drive. There was basically no line to get off (the area is directly across from where we were sitting.) I asked a crew member that was directing persons off if our ticket would be called early and she told us we could go immediately.


    We exited the ship and got to the luggage storage area. The porters are lined up waiting for cruisers. We got a porter immediately and we walked to our ticket area. He loaded all our luggage including our carry on's and in no time at all he had us at the Customs person. Yes, we by-passed a huge line and I would do it again. The porter took our luggage to a Park & Cruise shuttle, unloaded from his cart and we gave him a $20.00 tip. Was it worth it! OMG, YES!!!


    This was the quickest we have ever cleared customs. Just like anything else, you can pay the porter to move you or you can wait in line. You made the decision.

  12. I have no idea what the cost of the beverage package may be for you, but we are sailing Majesty to Key West and Cuba in October and we paid $50.00 p/day for the package. I can only recommend you continue to watch your sailing and when a discount is offered book it. We have always booked it in advance and it has been less costly than buying it on the ship.

  13. We have not cruised out of Tampa for many, many years. What are your recommendations for parking?


    We always use Park & Cruise for Port Canaveral, but in researching parking for Tampa it appears there are more negative comments about the off sites than positive comments.


    Thank you in advance for any recommendations

  14. I received an email from an individual that indicated he is my "Certified Vacation Planner" at Royal Caribbean. The email does appear to have been sent through Royal Caribbean. A long time ago I was a part time travel agent and made arrangements for clients by calling the specific company. Since this is something I used to do, I still call the company to book my travel.

    Has anyone else received this type of email?

    Is Royal hiring outside agents to handle some of the calls coming into their representatives?


  15. Will be back on Oasis in April for my 5th cruise on this ship. Always have a cabin on deck 8, it is a fantastic crossover by walking through Central Park.


    In the morning you can walk over to Park Cafe for your coffee, DL is on deck 11 so you need to go down one deck if you are on 12. You can go down to the promenade deck where coffee is always available.

  16. The paperwork for Cuba is available on the Royal Caribbean site. We are going in October on Majesty out of Tampa. If you would like to see the documents required when boarding the ship, go to any of the sailings to Cuba and there is a large banner there that will take you areas to print out the required forms as well as a section of commonly asked questions.


    The first area needs to be printed out (2 copies are necessary) one is for the cruise line the other is yours to maintain. OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control, US Dept of Treasury) requires you to maintain the document for 5 years. Do most persons do this, I have no idea.


    There are 4 sections on the form and you check the one that applies to your travel.


    By the way (CACR) Cuban Assets Control Regulations, 31 C.F.R. Part 515 is administered by OFAC. The guest Certification must be complete before boarding the vessel. If you are on a Royal Cruise ship to Cuba, I highly suggest you print out the form and do have it with you in order to board.


    There is a $75.00 p/person visa required if you are going to get off the ship at Cuba, this is handled on the ship.


    You do NOT have to get off the ship if you do not want to.


    You MAY use approved 3rd party tour companies.


    After retiring from law enforcement I took a position in banking and was the Risk Management Officer as well as the BSA Officer (Bank Secrecy Act). I dealt with the Patriot Act, BSA and OFAC.


    I hope this helps and no we have not been to Cuba but since I dealt with some of these restrictions, I just thought I would jump in here. I hope this helps.



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