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  1. Not saying l have or have not tried this, but a friend say it works great. Plus the video is really funny. “ see what I’m saying”.
  2. Thank you so much for the education. I'm so sorry you were left out on the RU2 offer.
  3. Our PVP was able to book rooms that weren't available on the Carnival site. She was awesome every time our booking got cancelled. She also made upgrades without change fees.
  4. Everyone should go and look in their carnival.com/profile/my offers page for a RU2 deal. We were able to add cheers to our cruise for $360 total for both of us. We can't use on board credit to pay for it but it's a good price.
  5. We booked the same room September 2022. I’m excited to see how much bigger the hump makes the balcony. We used the same priorities as you when selecting this room.
  6. Will cheers cover the cost or are some drinks above the limit
  7. As a vaccinated individual I'm not worried about getting the virus. I see no need to segregate from unvacced people. I don't agree with your opinion at all. We have to learn to live again.
  8. We should all try to "skirt" laws. Just imagine if we could get around every law we deemed unnecessary. I'd start with taxes. I hate giving up half my paychecks.
  9. Speaking of, did I read no laundry room on the Mardi Gras?
  10. I guess this is one we'll just have to wait and see exactly how it plays out. Either way I won't be surprised.
  11. I don't agree with you on this. There is always the test route. The CDC can and does make changes to their policies every day it seems. Florida may have work arounds. So, I do believe something will be done and cruising will start soon.
  12. I tried to search for CDC cruise termination threshold but I couldn’t find any information or examples.
  13. I totally agree with your last quote. I also think 95% chances you won’t become infected are extremely good odds. Especially considering most vaccinated who do get infected are usually unaware they are.
  14. That’s just opinion. I have the opinion that anyone infected will be quarantined and non infected can party on. I doubt there will be any test after initial boarding unless there are passengers with symptoms.
  15. The fact you can get to the best cruise destinations easier and cheaper from Florida also helps.
  16. If only the Governor in Cali would open things up. Watched outdoor sporting events in Cali last week on TV. Stands were nearly empty. What a joke.
  17. That was a great video. It was funny to see them talking about making it in the beginning. I like how everyday individuals can now offer us views most aren’t able to easily see. Thanks for posting.
  18. So you think the courts will say a law that is in place to protect people’s constitutional rights is unconstitutional? That would be a sad day in the United States of America.
  19. Thanks you posting actual facts provided and backed by the science community and not some personal opinion presented as being the truth.
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