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  1. Having read of the books brought from home on our last QM2 voyage I borrowed a good read from the library, but unfortunately did not finish it.A good reason to book another voyage ! Hoping it’s still in stock, as it was “a who done it”.
  2. We flew into JFK for the Christmas Celebration Voyage, and were picked up by Carmel Limos as recommended by CC.Very comfortable drive to our hotel in Brooklyn , which was the Down town Hampton Hilton, recommended because it was only a short taxi ride to the ship.Could not fault the hotel, and there seems to be a lot of routes into Manhattan.We went for a walk before we left for the ship, much to the amusement of a NYPD traffic ‘cop’ who insisted on holding up all the traffic so we could cross , and then did the same on our way back.All felt very safe.
  3. There’s no problem.Choose what you prefer and enjoy.I always think I will try a different wine every night but usually keep to two favourites.Not usually a lot left but yes they will recover any undrunk wine.
  4. We spent an overnight stay at the Downtown Hampton Hilton before we left from the cruise terminal.Very good hotel for just a few hours, comfortable ,good breakfast, fabulous staff and not far to terminal with a phone call from the hotel for a car.And our Hilton Honors points.
  5. Definitely go for the wine! We did!
  6. Yes and returning back into New York.Watching everything coming into view was amazing at 4.30 in the morning. I set the alarm but my husband slept on!,
  7. Our voyages in those two cabins,11105,11107 was to the Carribean, and it did keep the sun off the balcony.I think my feet were the only part of me that caught the sun when I was sitting there.I don’t think we spent very much time on the balcony.far too much to do. Our holiday started in New York, and it was wonderful to arrive in the cabin, go out onto the balcony, and whow! the view ,looking up towards Manhattan,the Brooklyn Bridge, and in the other direction to the Statue of Liberty.Both times the sun shone and the sky was blue. I was even up to see us go under the Verrazano Bridge and see the Statue all it up.Wonderful.x ,
  8. I posted yesterday that we have previously sailed in 11105 and 11107.Great except for the overhang from deck 12.This is the walkway that goes part away along the length of the ship.I am presuming it is on the port side as well.We have booked to visit Norway in 2025 but have moved our cabin further down to 11069 so not to have the overhang.
  9. Sorry that should have been 10005, my apologies.
  10. My sincere apologies MOH has corrected me this morning.We were in 11105 and 11107 as described.Our friends were in Princess grill on deck 10 ,11005 and their view was wonderful.Once again my apologies.
  11. We have been in both 11005 and 11007.They are situated between two sets of lifts and stairs, but not too far to walk.The balcony is great, but there is what is called an “overhang “.It doesn’t stop your view , but it does interfere with photos.It is the walkway from the above deck.We never heard any noise ever!,Another thing is it does stop the sun, but as we spend plenty of time elsewhere on the ship it wasn’t a problem. Still lovely to sit early morning before breakfast and in the evening for sunset.We must have been happy to book similar again. Not sure how far the overhang goes, but I’m sure someone else does..
  12. We have some beautiful photos hanging in our hallway.I think you can arrange to have photos taken anywhere on board, but mainly on the Gala Nights,either before or after dinner.The best places are by the main staircase.The photographers are excellent, and do take a lot of photos.They are very patient and professional.We did feel as if we were being photographed for the front of Vogue.You can view all the photos on a screen ( just by Sir Samuel’s) and you have until the end of the voyage to purchase.We purchased a large one , already in a white frame( it saved having to find a suitable one when we arrived home).We paid about 100$ for this and also four smaller ones without frames.MOH would have bought more, but we would have probably run out of wall!
  13. Thankyou! Just about to open a very good bottle of Corbierres as its Friday. Will drink your health !,
  14. Thankyou once again for your comments.I hope I am not giving the impression that we do not enjoy a drink or two.We have never found any of the bars on Queen Mary 2 rowdy,even to add that our table in the Commadore with our American friends always sounded as if we were having a great time. Perhaps the friend who made the comment thought we were travelling on another cruise ship .
  15. Thankyou so much for your reply’s.Yes I did mean Rotterdam! We travel mainly on our favotorite ship Queen Mary2 and yes we are always in the Commodore Club by 9am.There were several things that I am unsure of on Queen Anne , one being the promenade deck.So the only way to find out is to sail and see.
  16. We are not new to Cunard voyages,and have booked a short cruise to Rotherham in August as we wanted to try out Queen Anne.I am sure we will be blown away by looking at the forth coming reviews.Has any one had experience of what a short cruise is like? A friend is already tutting and saying we have booked a booze cruise.That would be the worst experience I can imagine,as all the voyages we have taken so far have been memorable.We do have another voyage for this year and several for 2025.
  17. Perhaps make that several pots of tea !,,Looks like my day is now mapped out.
  18. Another very wet day in the UK.Going to make another pot of tea and settle down to reading all of your blogs. Thankyou so much Roscoe, just keep on writing , and everyone will keep on enjoying hearing from you.
  19. Then why is it always soo quite around the ship in the afternoon ?.
  20. I hate those sachets as well.On QM2, after asking , they provided a carton of UHT milk which lasted the whole of the cruise.Happiness is a good cup of tea as dawn is breaking.
  21. As The Icon of the Seas has been launched with the assistance of Lionel Messi and his Inter Miami team mates, and the Royals may be busy perhaps they could consider a British footballer? Maybe Steven Gerrard , as he use to play for Liverpool?
  22. Reading the site “Facts about Christening Ships” it states that the tradition of breaking a bottle over the hull goes back at least 5 thousand years.It is believed to bring good luck and lead to the ships safe journeys. In 2007, when Camilla the then Duchess of Cornwall was launching Queen Victoria, the bottle didnot break.The media dubbed it the “Curse of Camilla” as afew weeks later dozens of passengers fell sick.
  23. Please! Please! Let it be The Princess Royal ,Princess Anne.
  24. We are also just off QM2 and thoroughly agree with you both.It is heaven after breakfast to find a sunny spot on deck 7,a good book, and MOH off walking his miles.Just to listen to the sea as well.We have just booked another voyage, and in spite of Queen Anne being the “must do ship” we have decided to stay with what we love.
  25. We have just returned from the Christmas/ New Year Caribbean Celebration.We flew to and returned from JFK.We stayed at and can throughly recommend Hilton Hampton Inn Downtown Brooklyn.Very comfortable,good breakfast and not far in a taxi to the cruise terminal.
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