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  1. Reading the site “Facts about Christening Ships” it states that the tradition of breaking a bottle over the hull goes back at least 5 thousand years.It is believed to bring good luck and lead to the ships safe journeys. In 2007, when Camilla the then Duchess of Cornwall was launching Queen Victoria, the bottle didnot break.The media dubbed it the “Curse of Camilla” as afew weeks later dozens of passengers fell sick.
  2. Please! Please! Let it be The Princess Royal ,Princess Anne.
  3. We are also just off QM2 and thoroughly agree with you both.It is heaven after breakfast to find a sunny spot on deck 7,a good book, and MOH off walking his miles.Just to listen to the sea as well.We have just booked another voyage, and in spite of Queen Anne being the “must do ship” we have decided to stay with what we love.
  4. We have just returned from the Christmas/ New Year Caribbean Celebration.We flew to and returned from JFK.We stayed at and can throughly recommend Hilton Hampton Inn Downtown Brooklyn.Very comfortable,good breakfast and not far in a taxi to the cruise terminal.
  5. From her new route she is calling in at Tenerife,Walvis Bay Namibia, and round the Cape.Much safer than going through the Red Sea.Hopefully she will return via the route back through the Red Sea in April.
  6. Thankyou so much to everyone who has helped with their reply’s.I am ever hopeful that I can talk MOH into to making the Caribbean voyage next time ,Southampton to Southampton. So glad everyone is having a great time, all the meals look mouthwatering.We are counting down the hours !
  7. Thankyou so much.We have our tickets and really looking forward to enjoying our excursion on St Kitts.
  8. We are joining at Brooklyn via a flight from the UK, for the Caribbean celebration.Could I ask if someone could find out if there is a New York excursion for passengers before the return to JFK and the flight home?I have been in New York several times,but MOH has not.I want him to see the sites for himself. Thankyou so much
  9. Looking forward to pumpernickel bread in afew days time. QM2’s is even far better than Waitrose .
  10. Hi Candie Here’s wishing you a memorable journey on the Queen.Sure you will enjoy everyday as there is so much to do, and new friends to make. You will be ‘blown away’ by the Christmas decorations, especially the ones in the lobby and MDR. We will getting on as you disembark, so let us wish you a Very Happy Christmas and many more voyages to come.
  11. Think is going down to a personal choice, as not many take ups for a review.What I have read I like, and there are quite a lot of reviews.Going to go ahead and book it.I think I read some reviews on here some time ago that it was a good excursion.
  12. But QM2 is not a cruise ship, that is what makes her so different from the rest.Keep her iconic !
  13. Why did Cunard have to change things? I am sure everyone was quite happy with two sittings? We also have a similar problem with dining , we’re on the same cruise.Had first booked the late dining , but with reading comments about how slow the service can be ,changed it to open dining.Don’t really want to start eating passed 9pm.Have booked the “holiday celebrates” nights to join another table, just hope it all turns out well.
  14. Has anyone used Greys Island Excursions ,The Grand Tour of St Kitts.? It has some very good reviews,four stops and a stop at a beach.Cunard seems to have everyone waiting around and wasting time before the excursion even starts.
  15. Try to read your posts before anyone else’s.Really enjoy reading what a good time you all are having.And the photos are quite amazing.
  16. Thank you.Knew we could rely on you .
  17. Received our paper copy yesterday.Was a bit wet, probably came by sea 😂
  18. Looks as if QM2 is enjoying her sea trials. This is a question from MOH, Does the ship need a sea worthiness certification? and who carries it out.
  19. I am sure I have seen a photo of the passage ways with underlay laid.Forever hopeful.And the shower curtains, ah well we’re old friends .
  20. That picture of her is absolutely beautiful! Looks like the two queens are sailing around together in the North Sea.And it’s rough weather.
  21. At last it’s arrived! All those days of counting down.Have a wonderful time, and many happy memories
  22. As a cat lover, so lovely to see your photos .They are really bonding,and Coco- Canel is showing you who is the boss.
  23. May I suggest that chengkp 75 becomes a lecturer on board the Cunard ships. It would make exceptional listening.Better than some !
  24. Thank you Winifred 22 I have made enquiries on this site earlier and believe there is a tour for passengers who are flying back to the UK.It would be a lovely end to our trip.
  25. Hi again Looks like we are going to be doing the same plans.We are flying out the day before she sails.We will not have time to see much, just thankful we have a hotel near to the terminal.We are going to book the Cunard tour of NY , believe you can only book on board.We fly back to the UK in the evening.See you soon !
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