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  1. We were talking this morning about when we were on the Caribbean cruise Christmas 2021.Queen Victoria was going pass us every day. No body was waving……
  2. Hi to everyone It doesn’t look as the Queens will not be arriving in Southampton at the same time.Looking at Cruise Mapper this morning,Queen Victoria will arrive on the 22nd, and the Queen Mary 2 on the 23rd.They are both travelling up the coast of Portugal.Would have thought that would have been quite a spectacular. Unless anyone has any different information Regards L &R
  3. Hi to everyone. Sure someone out there will be able to answer our question? We are looking at the Cunard excursions for when we are on board the Caribbean cruise for this Christmas.After a lot of research we have decided that out of several we like, one especially, the Catamaran cruise to view the Pitons is no longer available.Great disappointment! We are no longer in the age group ,when we could climb them, so we thought a nice cruise to view them would be lovely.Is it likely that Cunard would add an alternative? It always takes absolutely ages to get through to Cunard, and I am already anticipating their answer. Our best wishes to everyone.Sitting watching the rain for yet another day, and dreaming of white sand and palm trees .Lynda and Robbie
  4. Can anyone tell me if both the Queens will arrive back at Southampton after their World Cruises at the same time,or will they both depart on their new cruises on the 23rd April?I am sure one of our fellow followers will have the answer. All best wishes as the sun is shining here today.
  5. Oh yes please, the shower curtains.How can it be done I have no idea? We are so looking forward to our Christmas cruise and I’m sure she will look as elegant as ever.
  6. Thankyou so much “Bluemarble” just having breakfast in the UK and of course I always check on where the Queens are , and read through Cruise Critic every morning.I did ring Cunard and got a mmmm.I would like to think they sounded their ships horn to celebrate. Thank you once again for the info.
  7. Good morning Does any one know(give or take the odd nautical mile) where QM2 and Queen Victoria will pass each other off the coast of Australia? Place your bets now !
  8. Thank you to everyone for all your helpful comments. I’m sure before December I will have some more questions and I certainly know where to come for all the answers.Has been great to hear from all you lovely people.Take care.
  9. That’s exactly what we will plan to do.Sail from Southampton and have a few days in New York .I spent a few months in Ohio many ,many years ago and remember how beautiful the American Fall is. Nothing is worst than being taken ill in a foreign country.Husband was taken ill in Egypt with a heart attack.Not the best place.but the hospital was fabulous. ps. Had my first ever birthday wishes today from Cunard
  10. Thankyou everyone for all your comments.We did consider staying in New York for a few days at the end of the cruise, but was worried at what weather we could get caught up in.Knowing our luck we would get snowed in!! , we both hate the cold.
  11. Thank you so much for your replies.We were on the Christmas Caribbean cruise in 2021.Unfortunately we caught covid and had to sail back to Southampton instead of seeing New York.( infact we didn’t see very much except the sea )So we are delighted that as well as visiting the islands we will have the opportunity to see New York.Hope it doesn’t snow.
  12. Thankyou for your reply. Has given us a great peace of mind.The thought of leaving the ship early and then sitting around the airport for hours is no way to end hopefully a memorable holiday.
  13. Hi Everybody Could you help with a question? This year we are on the Christmas/New Year cruise with QM2 to the Caribbean.We know that she docks quite early,but roughly what time would we have to disembark? I’m sure I have read somewhere it’s about 8 am. We fly back to the UK at 18.30 Is there any opportunity to see anything of New York or do we have to be bused to the airport for a very long wait. Many thanks and we always enjoy all the comments from our fellow Cunarders.
  14. A lot of criticism is always being written about this beautiful liner.Yes she’s an elderly lady, who never takes a rest.I am glad she is going to take a break and maybe get a face lift. If I would like to see any changes please please the shower curtain's must go.Otherwise I love every thing about her. Counting the days to our cruise on her next Christmas. 😎.
  15. 😎🎄🏖️ 385 on countdown already.Hubby has taken the reminder down from in the kitchen. Spoil sport.Caribbean a lot warmer than what we have here today.Merry Christmas
  16. Our first ever cruise was last year on the illfated Christmas/New Year to the Caribbean.And we caught covid and had to return to Southampton in quarantine. The service from Cunard was amazing. We need some advice on the excursions.We only made one and that was to Barbados.We were very disappointed.One stop at a garden centre,no photo stops, and almost dumped at Accra beach with a choice of some very tatty sun beds. Are we about to get off at the ports and find a tour/taxi to arrange our own excursions? What would be the downfalls? Our best wishes to everyone who is about to depart.See you next year
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