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  1. We do our own reviews firsthand. Have 14 day B2B in Oct/Nov and again in January 2025. Have another 14 B2B on the Star in November of 2025 and February of 2026.
  2. Hopefully you can make the best tasting lemonade possible with the crushed lemons you've been dealt. What has occurred to you has happened in the past to other cruisers on other lines and because of this, I've never reserved a sailing within the first few months on any of the 60+ cruises I've been on. The excitement of being on an inaugural needs to be tempered by the realization that you're rolling the dice if there's delays. But Princess was wrong in not having enough buffer time on the front end in case of a worst case scenario that occurred.
  3. No one knows exactly when Princess knew there was going to be a delay. Princess could be faulted if they knew well before they cancelled, but we're not privy to this information. On the plus side, Princess is providing the cancelled cruisers with a pretty good refund package.
  4. Reread my response. I never defended what Princess did at all. Other cruise companies have been late with delivery of ships as well as venues and shows. Princess is guilty of this with the delay of Love by Britto and Spellbound. Educated cruisers should be aware that stuff happens and they run the risk of missing out on being on an inaugural because of unforeseen circumstances. This fact, combined with the ship being a new class of ship means that it'll take a while for the crew to get acclimated. These factors are why you should never book a sailing within the first few months. Those who do have to do it with blinders off.
  5. Here's some enlightenment. Princess will not miss you at all. You'll be replaced by someone else. The bean counters know you're replaceable. I never would defend Princess but at the same time it's very naive to think that this is the first time that this has happened. Every mainstream cruise line has had a delay with one of their ships coming out, including your new cruise line of choice, Celebrity.
  6. If you're an experienced cruiser, then you should know to NEVER book a cruise within the first 2-3 months of the inaugural. The crew needs to get acclimated to the new ship, even more so since this is a new larger class for Princess. And delays happen all of the time, whether it be with the delivery of the ship in general or specific venues on a ship that have not been completed or shows on a ship that are not quite ready This has happened on various occasions with all of the major cruise lines. If you're unhappy with Princess and will never sail on them again, then you better get used to land based vacations because similar setbacks have occured on all of the major mass market cruise lines.
  7. That was me. San Juan of course is drivable but with a substantially less amount of possible cruisers than the US mainland ports of Galveston, Mobile, Jacksonville, Norfolk, Tampa and Baltimore that Carnival cruises from. What will be interesting to figure out will be where the fourth Excel Class ship will be home porting from.
  8. If the bean counters at Carnival thought it was profitable, then there would have been a ship there even on a part time basis. If you need to take a 7 day cruise out of San Juan with zero days at sea, there are competitors like NCL that provide it.
  9. Many people that cruise on Carnival drive to the port in order to save money. Can't drive to San Juan.
  10. They're not competing with Royal and the top decks of the Sphere Class ships will have some areas that are family oriented in order for the Sphere Class to be marketed as an upscale version of Carnival that multi generational families can enjoy. Now, if you're opposed to this, you have every current Princess ship in their fleet as an option as well as Celebrity or Holland or others if you think that Princess is becoming too family oriented. Having choices are a good thing. Personally, I hate unruly rug rats, but that has not deterred us from booking 28 days on the Sun and another 28 days on the Star.
  11. I would consider Premier passengers as revenue generating. At 20 per day over the plus rate, each passenger is paying 140 over a typical 7 day cruise for 2 specialty meals. 78 out of the 140 would be allocated if it was at two 39.00 venues, leaving a balance of 62.00 for the other upgrades of the premier package. But if course it's all a matter of perspective.
  12. My take is that any marketing done promoting the Sphere Class would be list because of the massive campaign that Royal is doing with the Icon. The astronomical rates that Royal is charging and that people are paying amazes me. Having spent 28 days on Royal Class ships previously, we're looking forward to the 28 days that we have booked on the Sun as well as the additional 28 we have booked on the Star. Don't need any superlative marketing to convince us. We like the Princess product and we like the Excel Class of Carnival, so we know what to expect regarding a ship of that size. It'll be nice with 2000 less passengers.
  13. It has happened on other cruise lines as well. The Wonder OTS by Royal as well as the Norwegian Prima both had inaugural entertainment delays and with the Prima it included shows that were initially promoted and never came to fruition.
  14. Mt Dew Zero is a Pepsi product, so that won't happen. All I can state is that we enjoyed all the Coke Zero we wanted on our 28 days of Princess cruising. 14 of which was April of 22 on the Discovery and another 14 in June of 23 on the Majestic. Sprite Zero was more difficult to find.
  15. Nothing false about my statement. My DH and I enjoyed Coke Zero on the Discovery for 14 days in April of 2022 cruising the Mexican Riviera and the California Coastal.
  16. That is not the same as Coke Zero or Sprite Zero. Diet Coke has that nasty aftertaste, whereas the Zeroes taste very similar to their regular counterparts.
  17. They did for 14 days in April of 2022.
  18. We currently have 28 days each booked on the Sun, Star & Enchanted in the Caribbean as well as 7 on the Discovery in Alaska.
  19. If you're interested in booking one of the Sphere Class ships, bookings did indeed open up today. The Sun will be doing 7/14 day runs each Sunday, while the Star opens up with a special 5 day sailing, then switches to 7/14 each Saturday. The Sun dates are from 11/16/25 to 3/1/26. The Star dates are from 11/10/25 to 3/21/26. We booked 28 days on the Star consisting of 14 day sailings with a two month gap in between.
  20. Enjoy. Those older ships would never be on our horizon. Just booked 4 today on the Star to go with our previously booked 4 on the Sun. Happy cruising.
  21. If you have to embark from Cape Canaveral, then I guess it won't be on Princess.
  22. Typical website glitch today. Bookings opened up at 1100 am for Elites and general bookings are not until 300 am tomorrow. For about 20 minutes around noon time I was able to start getting pricing and cabin availability and then of course it shut down. Currently not Elite so I guess it'll hopefully be done tomorrow morning.
  23. What's the big deal, you have the option to either fly into FLL or MIA when you need to embark out of Port Everglades on either the Star (Sat departures) or the Sun (Sun departures). You're in Arizona, so you're flying either way, right?
  24. All you need to do is go back and read the second paragraph of post #8 and you would know that the current time limit is July 31, 2024. Cruises after this date have not yet been approved.
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