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  1. Looking at this itinerary. Looks great and price seems solid. What is a "great sale" price per per per night for Celebrity? It's currently $145ish
  2. Good question. Seeing how VV has gotten burned a few times because of semantics, maybe they specifically left it vague because they didn't want to offer a free cruise to everyone who meets the criteria. Leaving it as an "offer" could mean free or $50 off.
  3. $50,000 put in to video poker to move up 1 category which gets you a dedicated booking number and a free beer 🤣🤣🤣 Thank you for the chuckle VV.
  4. Looks like the market is correcting. Let's see! Still going back to Land Based vacations and maybe last minute dead for celebrity.
  5. Seems like they are cancelling a lot. Transposing itineraries (not there fault - red sea) But: Dominican Republic on the Dominican Daze Toulon... Marseilles... Overnight in Mykonos... The entire 2025 Australia season... Virgin is going down the toilet 🚽🪠. No wonder they needed another round of funding...
  6. sailorservices@virginvoyages.com Let them hear it!!! Virgin Voyages is quickly becoming an unpleasant joke. When the sailings were cheap it was ok and tolerable to look past some items. They are no longer cheap and this is far from being acceptable. 🤬😡
  7. Someone said it best. Best case for VV is to be sold off and placed as a subsidiary of another company (most likely Royal Caribbean). They did some things great. And other things terrible.
  8. Just pick "c" for ever answer. Worked in school and will work here too I'm sure.😂
  9. Ships are all the same. Shows are different, but on repeat. Seen them all now and don't plan on seeing them again. Miss behave was amazing the first time... Second was a snooze. Foods the same Activities the same Drinks are the same. Decor the same Pool SUCKS!!!! Its Groundhog Day. 4 ships and they are all identical. Brilliant lady hasn't even launched, but it's already going to feel like a 5 years old ship. Thankfully we pick itineraries based on locations, and don't have many cruising days so experience limited time on the ship. If it's your first sailing, you'll have a blast (hopefully). After that each sailing loses it's luster.
  10. Virgin is losing it luster. Thankfully we only had 1 sea day last cruise.
  11. Completely agree. Done Four sailings and we are tapped out. Groundhog Day now. Seen all the shows... Ate all the food... Did all the experiences... Now to do it all again?! No thanks! And to think I'll pay 2-3 times the price... HA! So long Virgin. Need to sell my pre change MNVV, still has the PIF discount on it.
  12. Would you mind if I ask the ballpark of what you typically paid, or your sister played over the voyage to get a comp room? I.e. $500 $1000 $2500 $5000
  13. We do both video poker and craps. Use loot and once it turns to real cash. Once we are all real, we cash out. Never expect a free cruise but maybe a discount. Just wasn't sure if I needed to "sign up" for anything or if Virgin would reach out if they deemed we were eligible. Thank you all.
  14. Does playing with Sailor Loot count towards getting a comp or discounted rate? Or is it just real cash in? Also do you have to apply or does virgin voyages reach out?
  15. Update, currently on Valiant Lady, and we can NOT used our CAD placeholder with our US agent. They are not set-up for CAD. So we will have to hold on to our CAD placeholder till there is decent sale and use a CA agent.... Booooo. This is a PRE change Placeholder, so will also have a PIF discount. Never again using CAD as a Canadian.
  16. No reason to anymore. PIF discount is only needed when a company needs access to cash ASAP. Since virgin voyages is now established... There cash cycle is now more established, thus no need for quick cash injections. As a result, there would be no need for a PIF discount to ever be needed again probably. If anything, they can now do an IPO for cash funding. The DBE discount being lost definitely sucks and as a result, we will now go to Celebrity.
  17. Huh? I'm on a ship right now and asked while looking to book a future cruise. The sales manager said no, and confirmed it's been gone for awhile. The DBE 10% being gone was a shock though.
  18. I knew the PIF discount has been gone for about a year now. However, when did they drop the DBE 10%? That was my only saving face for these new itineraries. Went to talk to the sales team onboard, and was advised there saw no DBE 10% anymore. Damn, guess our next cruise is our last.
  19. Not out right absurd or laughable,like the last bunch of launches. However, not deal or an instant buy. Those days are over sadly.
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