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  1. I hope they make similar announcements on VL and RL. It's nice to see who is on each cruise in one place. πŸ™‚
  2. Right, the app isn't 100% perfect until you see the itinerary on the app on the ship's WIFI. Everything can change up until then so plan, but don't expect it to stay the same.
  3. Does anyone know why these new itineries are not showing their Rockstar/Mega prices yet?
  4. Thanks for this! I wouldn't have considered the steak at an Italian place but now I am definitely ordering this. I was told the steak at Pink Agave was a must eat and IT WAS. So I will now try this at Extra Virgin and get my fish at the steakhouse! πŸ˜„
  5. Loved Carlos, but saw him twice and hope the next cruise we're on has new blood. We loved Wesley as the Diva. He did a better Around the World but his bingo was not as good as Carlos.
  6. Thanks for the update. The question then is will there be anything same/better than 30% for Wave season. The bar tab isn't a huge draw for me. Unfortunately, the BF/Cyber deal is only for cruises in 2024 and I plan to book one in 2025.
  7. What do people predict as far as Cyber Monday? Think it’s a (no) surprise β€œwe are extending our Black Friday” deal? I am torn about booking by midnight tonight or if I have some more breathing room this week OR waiting until Wave season for whatever may be better than this meh deal considering they just raised all the prices last month over 30% before BF.
  8. I am actually surprised since Virgin was originally a record label, that they don't have a TV channel in the room of all the Virgin musical artists we can stream. Unless they don't have the rights to the music anymore?
  9. How often are new itineraries released? Once a year? Throughout the year? I keep hearing how the best rates are when new cruise ports and itineraries are released but is there a pattern when this is (I know they just released some recently but wasn't paying too close attention)?
  10. Just from last week to this week the sailing in May I want to go on jumped over $500 or more per cabin. I don't want to book last minute when the rates are even higher, but wonder if Black Friday or so will be the best time to take the leap since I didn't snag the cruise the moment they opened it up.
  11. I hope the 30% off part was also placeholder. Notice how the prices of cruises has gone up this week from last week? I kept a screen grab last week and was shocked to see how much higher they went up!
  12. Yup, I am in email marketing and I bet someone at their corporate office is getting in BIG trouble right now! It happens...but this was probably not a message they wanted sent out a month early. πŸ˜„ I wonder if Cyber Monday will be any better than this 30% off....or if it's better to wait until late December for a better offer on a 2024 cruise?
  13. I questioned too soon and realize it was the Valiant Lady link but does anyone have the aws-spark link for the Resilient Lady?
  14. is this link for Valiant Lady or Resilient Lady ?
  15. So I have never heard of a Gold Certified VV First Mate level before. How do you know which TAs are Gold Certified and how does one find one?
  16. Thanks all for posting the current Divas. I've been wanting to know. Carlos was super great but after two times with her, I am looking forward to a new Diva's take on the shows by the time we cruise next. Wesley was pretty good as well but I don't have a feeling she's coming back soon. Change is good!
  17. I think we were oblivious that they added those Dock House flags at The Galley. We were wondering why we weren't getting served on the morning of departure since it was so empty at 6:30am -- until the server came over and explained the flags. Doh! πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
  18. First, it was nice to meet you and your wife in person on this cruise! We thoroughly enjoyed this cruise, and we loved this crew! I actually rank this crew a close 2nd to our first group on the three cruises we've done with VV. It's our second time seeing Carlos perform. I would have liked a change of Diva, however, he's SO GOOD! During the Bingo with the Diva, we happened to sit next to the Diva's cousin (so I know his real name πŸ˜‰ ) and saw him around the ship without his makeup and he's a cutie! I am jealous you got to do a dinner with him. I am not sure what I would have said if I was in your shoes at Gunbae (btw - we LOVE that marinated beef the best!). I asked a few crew about the # of guests and some said 1800 and more of them said 1700 so I am guessing it's somewhere in the middle but from the feel of the crowds, I am thinking it was less than 1800. We can't wait to go back again!
  19. Walter, what's your guess on people cruising on Easter Sunday....more or less than usual on board?
  20. Just ask any of the bartenders on board. They know the head count of pax on the ship.
  21. I love the idea of the champagne cage as a harness, whoever painted that red and white striped horse! When we did this on our last cruise, it was a 3 day event: Day 1 - bid on your horse (starting bid was $50 and on our cruise, everyone got theirs for $50) Day 2 - paint your horse (we didn't know about this and there was a set time the Artist set up paints for decorating, which cut into our dinner reservation) Day 3 - race the horses It was fun. I wouldn't have paid too much more, although you have a 1 in 6 chance of winning the race. Needless to say, I didn't win, but it something different to try!
  22. I finally see they posted the daily schedule for the April 9-14 Scarlet Lady cruise and although they offer 2 Loteria Gigantes and a plethora of Festival Series Stage shows (and two Around the World in 80 Minutes shows), there's not one Bingo with the Diva. I was really looking forward to this and was wondering if anyone else's recent cruises didn't have the bingo event? And if anyone knows why not?
  23. Is there a spark-aws website for Resilient Lady events like there is for Scarlet and Valiant?
  24. Just making sure, did you read somewhere that this deal isn't combinable with other offers? It doesn't say that it isn't....
  25. Does anyone know the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona on Puerto Plata? We are set to sail there Oct 14-19 and I am hoping it's still in decent shape to get off the ship and explore/do an excursion. I would be very disappointed if we have to switch ports due to unsafe conditions on land since we already did Costa Maya earlier this year on VV.
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