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  1. Just received the cancellation of my upcoming cruise on the Star. Looks like the accelerated the transfer of these two ships. I've been on both many times... Sad they are moving on. Wonder what will replace them here in California for Hawall, Alaska and coastal trips. I'm sure it impacts many folks like us who were booked and paid for the trip. Oh well it's the second cancellation on this ship this year. Let hope for a speedy return to all cruising soon!
  2. I’m guessing the excursions will be spread out too Limited seating, social distancing etc... due to that fewer buses because the pax per bus will be cut in half... making fewer choices too. we love traveling to various gardens; in Hawaii. We generally take taxi services and stay the entire time at a specific garden. im guessing those days are finished. For at lease a year or two. The vax is limited resource, limited results, etc. and some folks cannot take the vax, due to different allergy’s Or reactions based on the chemicals used to create the vax. im s
  3. We’re booked Feb 24, TR from LA to the Hawaiian Islands 15night. I guess we’re basically doing American ports, the required stoppage in Mexico could be a refuge stop only. so far I haven’t heard anything from Princess. I’m figuring they will react in late December early Jan, if they plan to cruise or drop the trip. the rumor, is the ship is lite, that bookings are being restricted, to reduce the number of Pax. But I got that from a TA friend. Who really knows. in one thought, I would love to get back on the horse and ride the trip out... but in the oth
  4. For the record, our cruise was canceled 13Mar2020 LA port to Hawaii via the Sun Princess 15 days. We filed for the refund/FCC option. The next day — 100% credit card/100% FCC... Approx 32 days later we received our FCC’s 100%. We booked a replacement cruise. The rep told us approx 60 days for the refund to occur. We received an email from Princess 01May, letting us know they are extended out staff, system wise. All due to the length of time due to the CV19 issues. and they are trying to get returns out ASAP. Our 60th day was 13May. Nothing
  5. I received my fCC for me canceled cruise March 13. Received the FCC’s last week. I utilized them today for a new booking in late February 2021. I received a option of A take 225% FCC or B 100% refund and 100% FCC. I took B. so, the booking was higher cost vs the original. But basically I’m only spending a fraction of the refunded portion in November, when final is due. And if CV19 still causing issues, they just put it back in the FCC pile for another try to rebook. the key, is the wait for the FCC to be handed out. It took about Three to four weeks from my cancel
  6. No word yet, at this moment, we’re all still on. I’ve seen folks stating they individual guests — are canceling the cruise. Both my wife and myself are still looking forward to the journey.
  7. The lists you have combined above is very good, might recommend bring a handful of resemble freezer bags... they will be useful for many reasons. Including the remote control for the TV. I’m bring a mini medical clinic with us. again the list above but I’m including a mini BP tester, digital thermometer, alcohol wipes in the mini packets. in reality, so many individuals are canceling on our ship to Hawaii, I’m thinking it will be 15-20% or greater empty. May not have the crowds with those losses. So Maybe less exposure... who knows. but I plan to go, un
  8. Sooo, did princess return back to the punch card recently? I’m under the understanding, that it tied to you folio account to that specific cruise. They stopped issuance of the paper card and now they use you’re cruise card to allow you you’re 15 drinks and unlimited coffee. Im under the impression they don’t carry it thru. they didn’t the last B2B I had in July... would highly recommend you contact customer service and get the correct procedure. If you have old cards with punches left over, they may allow you to receive a specialized drink, but no unlimit
  9. I agree at age 80 and older, you have to insure you’re self. It’s the only way to protect you’re investment. I did, I’m 64. And yes it could take me out too. I’ll find out in 10 days. But I’m still going. i really don’t get concerned, with thing like this. I just follow the CDC guides and watch my P’s and Q’s. And just be careful... as for you, I’m sorry that this happen. But... I would have waited, the time now VS the week before would change little. But they may have canceled the cruise if the Cov19 was out of control... they wouldn’t want to sacrifice ye
  10. Interesting review, I really enjoyed you’re efforts. Thank you. was interested, were the images smartphone or digital Camera.. or a combination? every effective coverage.
  11. Yes , I’ve done a route change too, to issues, but it must be pre approved, before the cruise. We did ours about a month before. Ours was Victoria BC vs Vancouver too... we stayed an extra week there. The Canada Border folks were at the dock.
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