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  1. Ronnieslady

    Air Conditioning out the Star since yesterday

    It is working now. See my above post about getting some fans just in case. Not even sure it’s allowed, sneek it on if you have to. They seemed to blame the barnacle problem, like someone above mentioned. Going from cold waters to warmer waters. But how do the barnacles just go away. And can’t they do something to prevent it. I hope your cruise goes well, I’m sure it will.
  2. Ronnieslady

    Air Conditioning out the Star since yesterday

    I would go get a few fans. Battery & or plug in. This time of the year might be hard to find , maybe online. I got one @ Bed Bath & Beyond. It was light weight & used batteries or plug in.
  3. Ronnieslady

    Air Conditioning out the Star since yesterday

    Yes your friend is right, now that we are getting closer to LA out side is cooler, so it does seem to be working
  4. Ronnieslady

    Air Conditioning out the Star since yesterday

    The latest is no AC anywhere on the ship since this afternoon. This is a 1st for us after about 30 cruises. Trying to cope, kind of puts a damper on the shows also on what we feel like doing (Nothing)
  5. Ronnieslady

    Air Conditioning out the Star since yesterday

    Most of the ship. The Spa for sure, dining rooms last night not to bad. Our aft suite a little better now, but it is still not right even tho we have it cranked all the way down. We are just now leaving Cabo for LA. I definitely agree with someone’s post about going from a cold weather cruise (Alaska) to warm weather cruise Cabo. The crew has a hard time readjusting the AC maybe on an older ship . We learned our lesson never again. This was the last part of our back to back ending with this 5 dayer. Lots of 20 & 30 something & of course kids onboard. We have never been on Carnival, but this is what it must be like. We overnighted in Cabo & the young people were loving it. The heat didn’t bother them. Some got back on the ship last night @ 2:00am. The tenders ran all night I heard. Cabo is a tender port, We will stick with longer cruises from here on. Thanks everyone who responded back it does make me feel better. Can’t wait to be home Saturday :cool:
  6. We are on the Star right now & the AC has not been working since yesterday. Head of customer service said the condenser is out 😱. Of course they said they are working on it. Yesterday the lady in the Lotus Spa said she got an email saying they were working on clearing or cleaning the barnickles “ sorry about the spelling “ under the ship. So anyone going on the next cruise, it’s a California coastal, better bring lite weight clothing, or maybe cancel. We are in a full suite & been in Cabo San Lucas since yesterday, which was our scheduled itinerary. We are not happy campers. Just wanted to give everyone an update.
  7. Ronnieslady

    Moving booking from online TA to princess

    Once the booking is back to Princess, can you then transfer that same booking to another TA??? I am talking about a booking that is a year & a half away. And was booked with future cruise deposit. Right now it has the Sip & Sail promo on it. I would rather have the 3FF promo anyway. Would that new TA see the paper trail??? It might be kind of embarrassing . Thanks for any knowledgeable answers
  8. Ronnieslady

    Full Suite 1st night dining on Emerald

    They didn’t let us change either to a different night on the Emerald this past April. We picked Share also. What a big mistake for us. We didn’t like it either. We will never eat there again. They couldn’t pay us to ever eat there again :(
  9. Ronnieslady

    Sabatini's breakfast menu

    Do you remember what ship you got the lobster omelettes??? We are on the Star this September (in full suite). I’ll see what they say when I try to ask for it.
  10. Ronnieslady

    Mini Bar

    I guess , my point has anyone gotten 2 black coffees with this new system for both of us. ???? Or should my DH take one or both room key cards ??? Of course with the coffee cards loaded. Thanks to any coffee lovers that have sailed with this new system :cool:
  11. Ronnieslady

    Mini Bar

    Can my husband get 2 black coffees in the morning from IC with his loaded room card (coffee card ) ?? or does my husband have to bring both room cards to get 2??? Please don’t tell me I have to go down to the IC myself in the morning & get my own. If so , I will just have him use all those old coffee cards & tell them to punch away , while they are still usable. Beats having to go down twice.
  12. Ronnieslady

    Where is Captain Tuvo?

    Sorry , I had a senior moment. I did make a mistake. Your right , he did say he lives in Carlsbad:cool:
  13. Ronnieslady

    Where is Captain Tuvo?

    Not sure, but I got the impression he likes doing the R/T L.A. cruises, since that’s closer to his family, who lives in Orange County. Sometimes they cruise with him. I would be surprised if we got the new Sky porting here any time soon.
  14. Ronnieslady

    Where is Captain Tuvo?

    Does anyone know what Captain Tuvo’s schedule is.??? Is he on the Star.??? When he goes to the Cruise Critic Meet & Greet, he usually tells everyone @ the Meet & Greet. We will be on the Star September 19th. & hoping, hoping we have him :halo:
  15. Here is what we experienced on the last 2 cruises in a Full Suite with CC dining. In addition , on both we were given on our cruise card Anytime Dining , even though we were confirmed for early traditional dining both times. With that said here is what I posted about a month ago regarding CC dining: We have done the CC twice. We were in a full suite both times. So far our experience is this: I was really surprised @ how different it was on the 2 different ships we were on. The 1st time on the Star it was not good. We love the Star, but their Club Class was very lacking. There was usually a wait (people were burning mad about it) . The area was just too small. Even thou they knew the time people seemed to want to eat (around 5:45 every night) they did nothing about it. They needed extra staff. It was very obvious, but nothing changed over 15 nights. The wait staff was very unfriendly & sometimes rude. Was it their culture or because they were so obviously over worked??. The only extra entree every night was a Cesar salad done by the ma’tre d. It was good by the way. Then 5 months later on the Emerald it was just the opposite. There was never a wait for a table for 2. Or if you wanted to sit with others. The staff was very friendly, and they seemed to genuinely care about us. And not just us everyone . After about 2 nights they called us by name. They had what I would call a real extra entree. A few nights it was filet mignon steak, steak Diane, lamb, different shrimp dishes , or even lobster newberg. The food was excellent. And every night was a special dessert. They treated everyone like VIP’s. What a big difference in the 2 ships. It was down right shocking. So if you get the experience we had on the Emerald, I would say it’s worth all of $70.00 a day extra. Our next cruise is on the Star in September, hopefully they have improved their CC.