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  1. I usually put a courtesy hold on them myself, since my TA’s are online agents, but they give a pretty good discount off the fare. And we don’t care about OBC. It works for us since we book full suites. 10-12% off the fare is a nice savings. I usually get the suite I want on the 1st day. Thats why I asked about the 1st day Elites could book. Thanks for any info you might have 🤗
  2. No, Refund on Credit card. March 13 cruise, Picked Option #2 Received FCC. Nothing else. TA said , Princess told her , it could take up to 180 days 🤨
  3. This is what I posted on (Over 60 days now) here on this forum: The TA also said Princess said to her, “ they hoped that we would continue to be patient with this process.” I really couldn’t believe it when I got off the phone with my TA. I also started to wonder , as funny as it was , was that up to another 180 business days?? Princess must think we are really idiots. That was certainly what the deciding factor was for us to call AmExp & not wait any longer.
  4. That’s exactly what I did yesterday. AmEx said there is no timeframe on travel. They said cause they realize that payments are done way ahead of actual travel. Now let’s see what happens.
  5. My TA said when she called for me today, that it could take up to another 180 days for them to credit our credit card. We chose option 2. Our sailing was March 13th.They have kept our 9 thousand long enough.
  6. I am wondering also😉 We you able to get off in all the Hawaii ports ❓
  7. We were wondering the same thing. We are edging on canceling, due to my DH (73) has asthma off & on. If or when he gets a cold or flu he usually has to go to the dr. We have been on the fence. Just today he said he isn’t worried about catching anything, but he doesn’t want to be quarantined. He thinks we will end up divorced!! , even though we are in a full suite, with all that extra room.. The latest news about the new cancellation policy is going to make him happy.
  8. I must have missed the discussion about it. It’s always very hard to find past discussions here on CC. If anyone happens to know about it, please post..
  9. I guess you misunderstood my post. I would not be upset at all having to wait, since we knew ahead.
  10. Thanks so much for the helpful information , is appreciated
  11. This is what we got in an email from Princess about 6 weeks ago, regarding our Hawaii cruise on November 4th leaving out of LA. I copied & pasted it from our Travel Summary. Here it is: Notifications UPDATED EMBARKATION INFORMATION Please be advised that due to newly updated speed restrictions to safeguard the marine life in the area, Star Princess will arrive into Los Angeles later than scheduled from her previous cruise. As a result, check-in for your cruise on Monday, November 4, 2019 will now begin at 2:00 PM rather than 12:30 PM. All guests must be on board by 5:00 PM. Now the cruise before ours is coming from Vancouver. I think it’s a 3 dayer. Their itinerary says they are getting into LA port around 8:00 am instead of the usual around 6:00am. Has anyone of you experienced cruisers that leave out of LA. heard of this as a Princess excuse for boarding later. I can’t imagine that our cruise is the only one effected by this. We usually like to get to the pier around 10:30, ( we have priority) cause of course we like to board early. And eat lunch in the MDR & unpack our way over packed luggage as soon as it comes & finally start relaxing. We don’t pay any attention to their staggered boarding times we usually get, thanks to CC & all you helpful people. Now the real question is should we really abide by this, at least a little or maybe they won’t even let us into the terminal or drop off our luggage until way after 10:30. ??? All you early to arrive at the port people, what would you do.??? Get there @ about the the same time & expect to board late & not be upset about it. ??? Thanks so much for any & all input
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