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  1. My home city (Brisbane) is hovering in my mind. It's like I'm trying to figure out which part of the city he's from. And I don't even know if he is from Brisbane anyway! My sympathies to his friends and family. And if he was driven to it by depression, psychosis or other mental horrors, my most sincere sympathies to the poor person who fell.
  2. What? I thought all activities (except the muster drill) were optional. I'm confused about being forced to do the ducks. That makes sense.
  3. Hm. Containing seasickness to small groups might be wise: one person vomitting can trigger other people in the room vomitting. I know I can trigger my partner, and frankly I'd rather not have the two of us competing for the toilet! Can you imagine an entire muster station of nauseous people? 🤢 Can you imagine attempting to manage sanitation issues with that many people together? And would you ever be able to get the smell out of the room?
  4. How much joy do people get from duck-finding? And would people like to see small crocheted ducks? I knit and crochet when I'm idle, and it'd amuse me to be crocheting cruise-ducks on a cruise.
  5. Quoting only one, but answering all of you. No, this has never been discussed with me. My E-muster has required me to view the safety video, then go to my muster station. I use a rollator, so my 'special needs' status should have been obvious, but even so I was never asked (and didn't know to ask) for any special information. BUT now I know to ask. And I know how people can help me get out of there safely. Thank you, all of you! Klfrodo: The closest I come is that I don't want people to die rescueing me, but every emergency response manual has something like "if safely possible, we don't want to have to rescue both you and your patient". If they judge it safe to rescue me, then yes please, I want to get out of here!
  6. Sheltering in their cabins might be to enable easier passenger counts. But depending on the line's technology, sending everyone to their muster location might be a better/more effective way of ensuring passenger safety (& accuracy in knowing who's safe or not).
  7. Loosely tied into Fire Safety Question How do those of us who can't climb stairs evacuate in an emergency? I've done the muster drill, and used the lifts. Obviously, I can't do that in a real emergency. But I don't want the Captain or crew to go down with the ship just for us. Do they hunt the ship for us and have lovely strong buff sailors carry us out on their backs? (And if so, can I get the numbers for the hot ones?)
  8. Thank you. I didn't know that - should have thought of asking the cabin steward.
  9. We alerted Princess to the problem, and the room steward put a protective layer on the mattress. I then put my washable (and very large) pad on the bed, over the sheet. While I have leaked onto the pad at times, nothing has ever gone below the pad. So I use disposable diaper, pilchard, washable pad, bottom sheet, mattress protector. I'm very grateful that you've created this thread. I will also look into Gorilla Grip, and Pure Wick or other catheters.
  10. We both need a cruise to celebrate the lives of our dogs and cats. And that beyond the rainbow, they are playing with their friends.
  11. Addendum: we had for for a wonderful 16 years. She died peacefully, surrounded by family and a vet she knew and loved. I miss her every day, but if there's any justice in the world, she is with her favourite two cats. Hopefully now she and Shiro can understand each others' "I want to play" behaviours.
  12. My dog was a "Lost Dog's Home" terrier. Because that's where we got her, and they said she was "some sort of terrier". We chose her based on size, personality, and our ability to give her the care she'd need. And that she liked us, and we liked her.
  13. I'm sure we all do. So let me come up with mine: It's my birthday tomorrow. (23rd) Mum's just come out of hospital with serious sh*t that includes surgery. Dad's over 80 and has the sort of fragile health you'd expect in someone that old. My brother's only coherent 2 or 3 hours of the day. Bestie has constant chronic illness. My niece has twins and I haven't been able to see them yet. And I busted something in my back day before yesterday and it still hurrrrrrrttttssss. And my birthday present from my hubby won't come until the 26th. I need a cruise.
  14. The Surf Lifesavers are very aware of the dangers in their particular area. I have 'swim between the flags' embedded in my DNA by this time. The affiliated website that covers diving and snorkelling includes an app available for both Android and Apple phones. I have no idea what's on that app: I don't do much swimming these days. But this group (Surf Lifesavers) have been the experts in safely swimming in Australia for longer than I've been alive. If you were my absolute best friend in the entire world, I'd give you the exact same websites. Take their advice when swimming or snorkeling and you won't have to worry about a thing. Julia.
  15. My apologies. Regardless of my geographic ignorance (which I will correct for the future), both will have their cold times and/or places. Both will also have their hot times, I assume.
  16. Melbourne weather has been going crazy lately. We're going from sweltering 30+(C) indoors to wearing blankets and a jumper indoors (right now). I wouldn't be surprised if we were in the low 40s last week. My family got me one of these last year on my birthday. GET ONE. Get one for everyone in your party. Every time I started to feel hot, I put mine on. It makes an amazing difference to me. No promises it'll work for you, but yeah, wear it. Take clothing for your dry 40C Texas weather, but expect sticky, humid weather that leaves you feel sweaty the moment you leave the aircon. If you can afford to shop, get linen, silk or bamboo clothing, with no sleeves, and short. OR the sun-barrier clothing that is made of stuff that will keep you feeling dry and cool. Either way, sunscreen. Highest rating you can find. Reef safe, please. And remember that sunscreen only extends the amount of time you can safely be in the sun - even if you keep applying it through the day, you can still get burned. Wear the sun-barrier clothing, or be in the shade. Or both. In late spring last year, I went on a cruise (My first cruise! YAY!) in Bass Strait and the part of the Southern Ocean between Bass Strait and Adelaide. It was spring. I didn't bother packing warm clothing. It was a BIG MISTAKE. The coldest ocean in the world is the Southern Ocean. Perth and the South Island of New Zealand are both in the Southern Ocean. (In Perth's case it's actually just really close.) Pack for really cold windy weather, but make it just layers of the warmer-weather stuff and a windproof jacket. You won't need the cold gear often, just if you want to go to the Lido to grab something while you're on the Southern Ocean.
  17. Depending on how serious your virus was, you may be able to regain what you'd lost. But the big boat solution is by far the most fun! And SPacificbound, you should probably come on the big boat with born2travel and me. We can improve our health together.
  18. We got into Crown Grill by booking the very earliest time: 5pm. Neither of us minded the early dinner, and the restaurant was nearly empty. Our waiter only had one other table!
  19. So sorry to hear about the problems you've had. The Gold Coast is close to my heart - my Nan, my favourite family member - lived there. Best wishes to you all.
  20. That's an excellent point. We'll be sure to do that!
  21. I'm sorry, I wasn't clear. I'd be taking the train from Melbourne to Sydney, avoiding the luggage limit on the plane. However, thank you for all the advice on which stations in Sydney go to the cruise ports! And thank you for your experience, 2022 Cruisey.
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