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  1. RE: Room service coffee, the examples stated of how it was delivered is definitely different than what we got last year on Resilient Lady. It was in a stainless steel thermal flask as others mentioned, but had ceramic cups with cream in, I believe, small stainless steel containers (basically the same thing they used for things like syrup for the french toast I ordered). Certainly nothing disposable like paper or plastic.
  2. Did you put your KTN off the global entry cards into your personal travel info for the flights?
  3. I'm curious what the transportation setup will be like in Lisbon for the cruise my wife and I are on this year. I don't know that we would want to stay out until 3-4am but still seems like a "late night town".
  4. When we stopped in Bali last year we stayed overnight in the city. Basically left the ship at 8am and didn't get back until around 4pm the next day. They don't care as long as you're back before the ship leaves.
  5. I've been somewhat chasing deals on RS suites, so my wife and I will be on the RL transatlantic next year. First transatlantic for us both, but we did the Singapore to Sydney cruise last year. So same # of nights and just one more day at sea. I'll look forward to reading the updates from this cruise.
  6. I wouldn't want to spend my time on a ship with 5000 people, let alone a small island with 10,000.
  7. One of the Iceland routes also has Bergen as a stop, so Norway will be covered somewhat. There's also a cruise around Scotland and Ireland so the British Isles are in there. There's some hope for Alaska also at some point. Someone else posted a port schedule for Oregon with Brilliant Lady on there for May 2026, so that could be on the way to an Alaska route.
  8. Honestly, I wish they would just add support for making shore things and restaurant reservations from a web browser. It would be substantially easier for me to just book things on my PC pre-voyage than it would my phone or tablet. The web site isn't exactly blazingly fast, but it's substantially faster than the app on my phone.
  9. We had an aft suite on the 9th deck on our cruise last year and I have to say, sitting out on that balcony watching the wake lit up in blue at night was really nice.
  10. I wasn't certain how that worked either. I can only guess that maybe they booked the excursions with the fraudulent card, then swapped the card on file with a different one (debit card perhaps) so the excursions went back to that? I don't know if that's even possible since, by default, it should go back to the original card but maybe there is a loophole in Virgins process there?
  11. Anything is possible. Maybe, given the number of shorter, cheaper Caribbean cruises, the profit margin on allowing someone to walk off with what's left on the bar is tighter so they don't allow it on cruises in that general area?
  12. Given what I've seen with pricing on a few cruises and rooms, I've assumed Virgin has some demand based pricing algorithm at play. So I'm curious to see if, eventually, the lower price of the Resilient Lady TA cruise drives demand and subsequently it's price up, and then maybe lower demand or lost bookings for the Scarlet Lady TA cruise drives it's price down.
  13. This is true. The Singapore to Sydney had almost the same number of days at sea and the same number of destinations, but it was two day blocks at sea. I've not spent this many consecutive days at sea, so it'll be interesting to see what that's like.
  14. Yeah. I ended up booking this with a 2nd MNVV I had because it was hard to pass up the rates on this one. It'll be my 3rd time on Resilient, though, so I'm going to know the shows on that ship by heart by the time we finish that cruise.
  15. The limited ships does make selecting a next cruise interesting. My wife and I sailed on Resilient Lady last year, and will be on her again later this year. This makes me want to book something on Scarlet Lady (to change up the shows) in the Mediterranean next year but the voyages we are interested in are either on the rather expensive side, or are ones where Resilient Lady is the ship. I had mentioned here or in Reddit that I wondered if they might try to open up Australia again by changing it to a trans-Pacific repositioning. I imagine they didn't want to do it this season since that would have required cancelling all of Resilient Lady's Mediterranean bookings for the season, but maybe for 2026 they decide to go around Africa again and change that to an Australia/North America west coast ship. Here's hoping since I would love to do an Alaska cruise on Virgin. I suppose the other option is using Brilliant Lady to do that since it can traverse the Panama Canal but they probably want to keep it in the area year around for that flexibility.
  16. My opinion of the Gunbae experience is that the appetizers are nice and there is some variety you can try there in two different meals, but the "main course" is more in the "fine" category and, as you said, there won't be much variety there. That said, Gunbae is 50% a social experience, so if you want to eat dinner with two other couples on the ship at a 2nd dinner, it's good for that. We met some great people our first time there, and met a different group of great people our 2nd. But we were also on a 15 night cruise, so 2 times at each restaurant was a bit of a no-brainer. We have a 13 night coming up so there's a decent chance I book Gunbae twice on that, but if I were booking just based on food or the cruise was only a week I'd likely go for an extra visit to one of the other restaurants.
  17. I somewhat liked the 11 day as well (and really like that it goes to Columbia), but my wife and I are stuck in a bit of a bind with the ships. We've sailed on Resilient Lady once already and our upcoming cruise from Portsmouth to Barcelona is also on her. So I don't know that we want a 3rd go with the same shows and such. The one other down side to the 11 day is that we've been to most of those ports on RCL, but that was over 20 years ago so repeating those wouldn't be a huge issue.
  18. In the case of excursions before our cruise, the main ones that filled up quickly were the expensive "low volume" ones, like a helicopter pub crawl (or really anything with a helicopter or plane).
  19. Not that I'm saying the way they are handling some of these issues is right, but to be fair Virgin ended up with the unfortunate bad luck to launch a new cruise line at just about the worst time in world history to do so. Their inaugural itinerary was screwed up by ... someone ... shutting down Cuba. This caused my family to cancel our booking for one of their earliest cruises since the new itinerary was less interesting. Then that didn't even matter since their launch (and what would have been our cruise) were cancelled by covid. Even when they did launch they now had to compete with everyone "relaunching" the cruise industry when interest in it was still very weak, which meant lower fares than originally planned. I also assume Brilliant Lady's delay was residual fallout from covid supply/labor issues. To pile on to all of this, now they end up with the red sea issues cancelling another itinerary. I seriously doubt they are happy to make such drastic changes so often. Given the comparatively cheap fares they have had to offer when travel resumed and in general up into last year I have to imagine they currently need to make decisions with the maximum expected profit in mind. I don't know exactly what numbers they are looking at, but assuming the boat would be a lower occupancy for a month travelling around Africa vs 2 weeks across the Atlantic and "new" itineraries for two weeks in the Caribbean that alone likely made it worth the change for their bottom line. This doesn't make what they have been doing optimal for customers or mean that people should trust that the cruise they've booked might not change. I just get that they've likely had the most challenging world situation to "launch" in of any cruise line. All of this said, I thoroughly enjoyed our cruise last year and really hope they can make everything work out since I'd like to keep being able to do cruises with them
  20. I don't know if my cruise was a special case since it was one of the repositioning cruises, but the Shore Things bookings actually opened up a few hours before midnight EST for ours. So results might vary.
  21. We did one of the repositioning cruises last year and it disappeared off the bookings only to come back again a couple of months before the cruise date. I'm not exactly sure what happened. In any case, sold out or not it seems like the trip is still on.
  22. Even if the app.doesnt crash it's pretty slow, so yeah, if you have a list of where you want to eat and when, certainly easiest to call someone and read that list off.
  23. It took a while before the step to enter your travel documents was available for our cruise (if that's what's tripping you up). As someone else mentioned, you can skip ahead to the next steps and just take care of the travel documents later.
  24. My wife and I did a 2+ week long cruise last year. To add to what others have mentioned, if you open the Virgin app on your phone or table, you will see dates showing you when booking for excursions and when booking restaurants will become available. So that's your best source to get an exact date for when you should start trying to do that. I found, with our cruise, that booking restaurants was a bit broken the first couple of days so if that ends up being the case, definitely call Virgin or your TA if you used one. I called Virgin and they were very helpful in getting this set up. Also note that, on the date restaurant bookings open up, they will also have a preliminary event schedule available so you can see what shows are currently planned and what times they will happen. So you can book your restaurants for times that work best for those events. Regarding which restaurants to sign up for first, a number of people on this forum had recommended Gunbae for the first day since it's more of a "social experience". So if you are interested in that, booking that early makes sense. Otherwise, as others have mentioned, with 6 restaurants and 2 weeks you'll be at all restaurants at least twice anyway. We booked a couple for the "3rd time" later in the trip, but changed those bookings as we determined which restaurants were our favorites. So I'd say just go through all 6 the first week. The one other thing you might change while there is your Test Kitchen booking. They have the A menu and B menu. I'm thinking they changed it every 4 days, but you can ask them when you get there and change your 2nd booking (if you make one) to one with the other menu if you need to.
  25. I've thought this would be a good option for them, though it also doesn't come without risks and challenges. I saw a post from someone on another cruise line talking about having a day in Columbia removed (likely due to the heightened issues with crime and civil unrest there). Resilient Lady also can't, I guess, go through the Panama Canal. So it's South America itinerary could be limited to the southern part of South America. Honestly I don't admire the position they are in since there are no "great" options. Another plan they could go with might be to go ahead and reposition around Africa again (as mentioned), keep the Australia cruises, then change Resilient Lady to do Alaska/US West coast cruises during the summer and have Brilliant Lady bounce from South America/Panama Canal in winter to taking over Resilient Lady's routes in the Med during summer.
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