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  1. Additional info. You don’t need your phone. When we were on Edge in July, paper menus were still available. We also didn’t use our phones to access our cabins. Key cards are still being distributed.
  2. Did you and your husband complete the test at the same time with the same proctor? Wondering if we need to call/login twice. Thank you
  3. Why the increased interest in the UDP? For us it was because the windjammer is closed for dinner. We plan to utilize JR and Playmakers for snacks.
  4. Thank you for sharing your experience. We also have the UDP and are looking forward to your review. Enjoy!
  5. Same with us. We’re hoping Nassau is canceled and we get 2 days at Coco. Thank you
  6. Edge did not have bingo for our July sailing.
  7. What ship and sail date? Did your sailing go to Coco Cay twice because Nassau was canceled?
  8. SO WHAT… The OP can determine what is best for them after reviewing all the information provided and doing their research.
  9. CC members have stated in the past week their key purchases were canceled. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2806259-key-unavailable/
  10. I would not have accepted the condition of that cabin. I have never seen this from Royal. Perhaps the cabin should have been marked by Royal for do not book - repairs needed. Hope your holiday turned out better.
  11. Listed as sold out earlier this week for one of my sailings. I think it may come back. Ships are trying to get an idea of capacity.
  12. Several reports here on CC in the last week that the Key was canceled after being purchased.
  13. Poor video….he dropped the supplies and had to start over using a new kit.
  14. No one knows the capacity answer. The cruise lines have not released this prior to sailing.
  15. Establish times on when to check in with you. Use iMessage or the texting feature in the app. Only you know your child. Have a great cruise.
  16. Good evening, can you people share 2 test kits? Does each person need the app? Thank you
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