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  1. The app isn’t great but not nearly as bad as many make it seem.
  2. Wake is terrible. Extra Virgin is amazing. PSA: The spa doesn’t have a “hot tub.” The pool is just a “warm” pool for cooling off after being in the sauna and is useful to those who don’t want the icy cold plunge. My wife and spa snobs and love the spa on VL, but I know many get disappointed.
  3. I know the program is scheduled to end in 2024, but if you were to make an educated guess, will the program be extended into 2025?
  4. People acting like there isn’t a crisis in the Red Sea. VV isn’t the only cruise line making adjustments. It may be that the changes impact them more because they’re a smaller line.
  5. You see the details when they open for booking.
  6. I had premium on Valiant last month with no issues.
  7. You should be able to go anytime they’re open. Check with your particular host. My wife and I are very critical of spas and had low expectations going in but it turned out to be one of our favorite things on the cruise.
  8. Good job being persistent. I’m glad they eventually did something.
  9. Try the Social Club and the bar on Deck 15 or 16, all the way aft. Get there early!
  10. I was you all a week ago. While waiting to board we had some GREAT coffee at Cuatro Sombra in Old San Juan. Highly recommend!
  11. That it is experimental doesn’t mean it cannot be criticized.
  12. Not sure about the beer other than that those will not be full pours either. Do you really want six full drinks during a single meal? If so, you won’t get that at Test Kitchen.
  13. I had the wine pairing. It was fine. My wife had the proof free and it was nearly un-drinkable.
  14. The food court hours aren’t great. I know a lot of people return from excursions after 3pm but half the food court is closed, so they miss out if they want a snack.
  15. We’ve been dining at 6pm. You’re right about it not being a good sign if there are only 1450 on board and you can’t get reservations except at odd times. I’m guessing the number I heard is wrong. I hear a lot of people prefer The Galley over the traditional cruise food court but I’m not sure I agree. On the fence with that one. We were fans of the chicken and shrimp at The Dock. The beef was a bit tough and the octopus was terrible. Pizza is hit or miss, as is the ice cream. The orange ricotta was good (it was the special Sunday). Did you find any French cheese? A nice charcuterie would be perfect for The Dock or maybe Sip.
  16. We had no trouble booking restaurant reservations ahead of time, nor have we had trouble adjusting our reservations if needed day of. I’m on Valiant now and saw a post that suggested there were about 1450 on the ship. YMMV.
  17. You’ll board after Rockstars.
  18. I thought it was very good. My wife hated it. As for portion size, it’s fine. It’s six separate courses. But some people just like to gorge themselves, I guess.
  19. Did you make reservations when you boarded or just walk in?
  20. Have any men had the haircut and shave on board? How was it? I might do it just for fun and to feel pampered for an hour.
  21. Hello! I keep hearing how terrible wifi and the app are. How’s premium wifi? For example, will we be able to stream YouTube videos, Netflix, and things like that?
  22. My daughter just got off Scarlet Lady and said the food was bad. Not sure what it was though.
  23. If you don’t have a reservation for a show you can usually, but not always, get in if you show up 20 minutes or so early.
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