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  1. Quantum class is a good deal larger than Solstice class, but having the same design pedigree makes sense. I like this class too! Looking forward to my TA on Odyssey next month.
  2. It shows them, but it doesn't go into any details regarding the itinerary.
  3. I get daily marketing emails from Celebrity addressed to "Sonja". I have no idea who Sonja is.
  4. It’ll be the middle of the day, I’m sure there’s plenty of light.
  5. Saw pics on FB of Anthem’s pool deck covered in snow this morning! Definitely makes you appreciate the cruise south!
  6. Yeah, if you use this link with this country identifier on it, it has the additional credit card questions. https://cloud.na.celebritycruises.com/Pup_Quiz_Feb_2024?CNTRY=USA No idea if this will actually work to get you the points, but better than nothing. I saved a screenshot of the final page saying I’ve earned points w/ the date on it, just in case.
  7. Hopefully it works. Also noticed that I can just change the info from the link in the email my wife was sent (that one had the extra credit card questions in it too)
  8. Heads up! Here's a link to the survey that doesn't prepopulate your info, for those of you who didn't get the email. I was able to enter my info and submit it. https://cloud.na.celebritycruises.com/Pup_Quiz_Feb_2024
  9. I want to know how many people check "no" for question #3.
  10. I should already be subscribed since I received the Webinar invite in December.
  11. Same. I’m going to be annoyed if my wife has one more CC point than me.
  12. Not normally. Going by the Anthem group on FB, they do sometimes do Statue of Liberty pass-bys, at the Captain’s discretion but it’s not typical because it’s further into the harbor than the cruise port. I don’t think you could do the North Star then anyway, since it has to be down for the ship to go under the Verrazzano-Narrows bridge. North Star can be used while docked, but it was raining on our embarkation day so no good views. (2nd pic is debarkation day so no North Star then either.)
  13. What survey? Edit: Never mind, scrolled back. Cruise Critic notifications have been terrible lately, didn't realize there was activity in this thread.
  14. They have not advised Americans not to travel to Nassau. It's a level 2, "use increased caution" warning. Level 4 would be "Do not travel" https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories/the-bahamas-travel-advisory.html If the cruise lines are going to make boatloads of money in the Bahamas, I don't see why the Bahamian government and people shouldn't benefit from that too.
  15. It’s a little funny/sad that this is considered an “amenity” worthy of mention. Especially when it’s something available elsewhere on the ship for free.
  16. This looks like it covers drinks purchased on-island as part of a drink package (which is really the only new tax I can see), but I have no idea how they would determine the value of the complementary food.
  17. The Eagles have denied it outright. And they sued the hotel a few years ago.
  18. I’m glad to see the aerialists performing, The Two270 show on Anthem (Spectra’s Cabaret) has omitted them recently.
  19. I'm way more invested in the dog story than the cruise. Hope everyone makes it & the dog is ok!
  20. Celebrity still has two tiers of Internet service. I’m curious as to how that works when they visit CocoCay, I’d suspect they won’t go out of their way to throttle Celebrity lower tier folks if they are even set up to do that.
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