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  1. When I called the 800 number . AON answered and paperwork for purchase came from AON. AON is large international insurance broker in Canada and the US.
  2. They both use AON now. Thats who answered the phone when I called celebrities insurance carrier . Carnival also uses AON.
  3. I can’t see why not. The same carrier for Carnival and all its brands sells to Canadians in Canadian dollars.
  4. Why do some cruise lines (mainly the RCCL group) don't sell their insurance to passengers outside of the United states?
  5. Certificates can be faked very easily.
  6. As a Canadian I would contact the RCMP headquarters for province or territory . Ask the to inquire of the NSW police if they sent the email. Not living in Australia , you live outside their jurisdiction. Only a Canadian Police officer request that information on behave of the NSW Police. Any request has to go thru Canadian Foreign Affairs office .
  7. Costs in Alaska go up each year. Smaller ships are usually more expensive to cruise on.
  8. You also aren’t required to attend the muster drill for the second cruise of the B2B.
  9. I usually check for location and prices thru Priceline or Hotels.com. Then I can see which hotels are close to FW. When I find the hotel I want , I’ll book direct with the hotel website or the hotel chain site. Using the frequent stay program ( only if free) can get you a discount and the hotel will have extras for members.
  10. I would have an appointment . At YVR you have to talk to both US Customs and the Canadian Customs as well. I had an appointment and it took about an hour. There were people waiting without appointments but no guarantee of getting seen.
  11. Once airfare is paid in full and tickets issued . The fare become a restricted fare. Princess issues the tickets 45 days before the cruise. Hope this answers your question?
  12. Can you define what smart attire is ? Also what is Ice White Ball mean?
  13. The Millienum cruises up to April 20,2020 have been removed from the Celebrity Site. It's doing two Coastal s and two Alaska cruises from Seattle . Then it resumes its normal Alaska cruises from Vancouver. Here is the link https://www.celebritycruises.com/itinerary-search?dates=2020-02,2020-03,2020-04,2020-05,2020-06,2020-07,2020-08,2020-09,2020-10,2020-11,2020-12
  14. Our last upsell from a balcony to a mini suite was a good price. The price was about 50% of what the difference was between a balcony and a mini suite.
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