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  1. My work day (before retiring) started at 7:00AM . Had about an hour commute to pick up my work truck and then up 60 minutes to be on the work site by 7AM. Just break my schedule since retirement.
  2. Caffeine isn’t an issue. A good cup of Coffee or Latte will put me to sleep like a baby. I’m also usually up at 4AM each day.
  3. I can easily have five lattes , two cups of fancy tea, a beer at lunch and a glass of wine at supper.
  4. I ended buying a mini CPAP for traveling. My main one is too big and bulky to carry around the airport and onto the ship. The mini had humidifier attachment that uses the moisture in your breath to humidify the incoming air.
  5. Just heard the Alaska 2023 will open on Aug 5th.
  6. Hopefully in late August or mid September.
  7. I would also like to know from anyone in New Zealand about the opening of their borders.
  8. Lucky I don’t have to make a final decision until mid October. I suspect your right about not being able to do plan a. Unless your government decides that people who are fully vaccinated can enter the country. That’s the way the UK and EU are going .
  9. Thanks that’s what I’ve been hearing over here in Canada . Might have go with my Plan B or C cruise.
  10. Sapphire Princess Mar 30 to Sydney Apr 2 Sydney to Auckland Apr 8 Auckland to Vancouver BC Canada via Tahiti , Hawaii , San Francisco For a total of 34 days . One flight to Melbourne( already purchased - fully refundable).Hotel and transfers bought thru Princess.
  11. I'm not from Australia or New Zealand. I wondering when is going to start in Australia . We have a cruise booked for Melbourne to Vancouver in 2022. What are chances that this cruise go ahead ? This is the last time that we could probably get to Australia due to age and health issues.
  12. All the Panama Canal cruises on the Coral and Island for 2021,2022 and 2023 shown Transit of the Historic Locks.
  13. The cruises I am looking for on the Coral and Island for 2023 both show the old locks.
  14. The reason I don’t use my name is a holdover from I was working. I was employed in a high stress and high security environment . We weren’t allowed to put our names on emails just numbers.
  15. When you post your Cruise Critic ID is added automatically.
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