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  1. Kamloops50

    Ship Public Computer Questions

    Many of thise uSB ports are locked when staff isn't around. I've had to ask tje IT person to unlock the ports. I personally don't understand why you want you own Hard Drive to boot from?
  2. Kamloops50

    Ship Public Computer Questions

    Bo you can't . The computers are actually dumb terminals with USB ports . The IF station has a PC for their use only.
  3. Alaska cruises tend to increase on price closer to the season, Never have heard of Alaska cruises being cancelled. Ports missed or departures time changed.
  4. Kamloops50

    Star Princess Obstructed View Cabin

    Personally I won't book that cabin. The white are is partially workshops and the area that handles lines a for docking. If anchoring it will be noise as well.
  5. Kamloops50

    Ruby Princess Sports Deck

    You might want to consider one of the newer NCL ships. They have everything you mentioned.
  6. Kamloops50

    Accessible option from seattle to Vancouver

    You could look into the Amtrak from Seattle to Vancouver, Then a taxi to the port.
  7. Kamloops50

    visas needed??

    Brazil requires a visa.You can now get them online.
  8. Where you flying from , which port and class of seat. To general a question.
  9. Kamloops50

    Passports and Cruise Cards

    Only if the country requires to process the passports brfore arriving in port.
  10. Celebrity and Princess are releasing around mid November.
  11. Kamloops50

    Flying home Venice to Toront o

    If they offer it ,it;s usually doable.
  12. Kamloops50

    Transfer to Ship

    No you can't do it . I've tried . The issue is Princess pays the hotel to pick up the bags from the rooms for transfer to ship.
  13. Kamloops50

    New England / Canada Schedule for 2020

    This might help https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?p=57181104#post57181104
  14. It depends on the tour companies schedule.
  15. Kamloops50

    wider doors on Princess?

    Afraid not, only HC cabins have wider doors. Keep in mind HC cabins are wider to handle scooters and wheel chairs.