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  1. Both have issues with their layout. On the island about one third of the promenade deck was changed into cabins . The island doesn't have an International Cafe. On the Coral the International cafe is right beside the casino. As a result it is very noisy from the bells and whistles on the slot machines.
  2. No B2B regardless of cruise line. Even if you book two 7 day on different ships or company. You'll still have to go thru quarantine between ships. If you get a negative test after disembarkation you quarantine for 7 days . If you don't get a test , you'll have quarantine for 14 days. This is the current rule from the CDC.
  3. No vaccines out to the public yet. Pyfizer and Moderna say they will have about 50 Million doses made. But no time Frame is to we the public will get it. Pyfizer CEO said late second quarter or early third quarter.
  4. Princess only does some 10 day and under cruises from Vancouver in May and September. Nothing mid season.
  5. The info from my PVP was wrong. He miss read the date or got an update . The date is Dec1st .
  6. My information came directly from a Cruise Planner at Princess. My info was from late last week.
  7. The reference is already out. I got a copy on Cruise Critic about 10 days ago. If you got back to the third post . The reference file is posted.
  8. She was there for a major modification. They change central crew stairs to a passenger stair case.
  9. Have a hold until Nov 24 for that Cruise. Our first Cuna d cruise but our 14 cruise to Alaska.
  10. Probably a marketing requirement. The UK might have laws that limit how far in advance they can be sold.
  11. Probably Tuesday for Elities. Wednesday for the general. Thursday is American Thanksgiving and most of Princess is closed.
  12. Europe is coming out on Wednesday November 25. Just got the word from my PVP this afternoon.
  13. I'm in a similar situation but reverse . I'm looking at two similar cruises . Have cruised Princess mostly . Cunard goes some ports that an equivalent Princess doesn't do. Don't which will work the best , price isn't the issue.
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