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  1. Thank for the points! I got the seasonssavings2000 in my email and tried 1000, 1500, & 3000 which did not work.
  2. I've never cruised another line besides Carnival, but I've been looking at other lines in Europe. I enjoy cruising, but I'm ready for something besides the Caribbean.
  3. Hello, we are considering disembarking from our cruise next year in Le Havre to spend a few days in Paris. The planned itinerary is to get off the ship the next day in Southhampton. I will call the cruise line, but I just wondered if any of you had done this before, and if there were any issues. Thanks!
  4. @tamirpr Thank you! Enjoy your Alaska cruise! I have that on my to-do list as well. And same as you, I've never wanted to get off a cruise (planned) before either! I did injure myself in 2016 and consider the vacation guarantee from Carnival with a flight home from Cozumel. Luckily, by the time we got there, I felt much better!
  5. Would you mind sharing what you find out about this? We had discussed this because we are going to London next month and don't feel like we need to go back next year. A TA had told me that I would have to pay lots of extra fees and taxes to disembark in France, but I never actually researched the option. We have now invited 2 other couples to come along, so we may not want to leave them early...but we might! :)
  6. I noticed yesterday that there are excursions listed now for Germany. I haven't even really started looking seriously just yet.
  7. I got 2000 points from AMAZONSUMMER2000. I didn’t try amazonsummer1000, but it’s worth a shot. Lol
  8. I got this one too! Thanks TLC535 for the 1000 point one as well!
  9. Hi! We are going on a tour of Great Britain in August this year with 3 days to start in London. I don't know anything really yet about our hotel. I just picked the same one as the tour. I have been really watching this youtube channel called "Love and London." She has a ton of wonderful tips.
  10. It shows in my history on the allstate rewards page the points I have earned for my driving. For example, my husband & I both earned 200 points each this week for 10 trips with no braking events. If you look in your history on the Allstate Rewards website and don't see them there, I would suggest calling in to them.
  11. I have SUMMERDAYS19 for 2000 points. 😎
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