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  1. On Panorama we used the HUB app. I think you could check in on deck 4 or 5 near the coffee bar, but we never did that. Once on the app it checked me in for 2 instead of 4 but the front desk at the MDR was able to fix that for us.
  2. Hello! I have read most of this thread and appreciate all the input from all of you Broadway fans! I've only ever seen one show on Broadway and I don't even remember the name. We had the chance to do Hamilton in London in September but we were so exhausted by our 2 week bus tour that we passed on it. We will be in NYC for this September (9/12 to be exact). There are tickets available for Hamilton for that date but I am not willing to pay for them. ha! I am interested in Come From Away which I see was highly regarded in this thread. There are no tickets yet for the 9/12 date. Do you think th
  3. Thank you so much! I will look at these that you have suggested. My husband enjoys photography and it might be worthwhile to stay at the one with the special access to Gramercy Park. That sounds interesting. We've already done the touristy things mostly, so we don't feel the need to stay in the middle of all of that. 🙂
  4. What other hotels around that area would you recommend? I would like to stay under $400 but would go up to $500 if necessary. I had a reservation at the Park Central in 2015 and their water was out and we had to book something in a panic at the last minute. We ended up at CitizenM which was clean but maybe a bit too hipster for me.
  5. Do any of you know anything about the Park Lane Hotel?
  6. Thank you all for your tips! I booked our flights today to LGA and am looking over hotels. I'll look for locations near Central Park and also check out the listed restaurants. THANK YOU!
  7. Hello! My husband and I will have 1 night in NYC on 9/12 before our 9/13 cruise departure from the Manhattan Cruise Port. I am trying to decide which airport to fly in to and out of, (probably Newark or LaGuardia) and I'm looking for a hotel for that evening. We have done most of the tourist things that we want in NYC. He wants to go to Central Park and eat dinner at a "famous steakhouse." I don't have any appreciable points with any hotel chain and don't travel enough to feel loyal to any one. I appreciate any advice! I don't need a fancy hotel. I want clean and safe. Thank you so much fo
  8. Non-denominational soda made me laugh. Nice. I'm in Arkansas and when we had sodas at home I always said, "Would you like a coke?" and then if they said yes, I would ask if they wanted Pepsi or Dr. Pepper. HA!
  9. There will be a roller coaster on Mardi Gras. It has A LOT of stuff.
  10. We were on the Panorama over New Year's and had to go to guest services to add gift cards to our account. The kiosks would not work. The woman at GS said they no longer allow you to use the gift cards on the kiosks.
  11. You can pause the movies. It works like an on demand system. However, in order to restart the movie from the same place, you need to leave the TV on. If you turn it off, you have to advance to find where you were.
  12. I read that the internet was not good. How are you finding it? I haven’t been on Horizon nor Vista but I’ve read they were good. Currently riding to Long Beach from LAX for my turn! 😃
  13. Was there anywhere near the Hotel Maya to get wine, sodas, and other last minute forgotten items like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc? What did you do in the ports? Thank you!
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