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  1. Sorry, yes! I was too late to edit my previous post. The text changed overnight! However, the new rules may still have an impact on upcoming sailings, because of the travel history requirement. I don't know if MSC was already checking everyone's travel history in the 14 days before embarkation, but if you have been in any of the "D-E-F" countries during that time, you are not supposed to cruise. (The lists of countries can be found in Annex 20, here.) D-E-F seems to cover everywhere outside of EU+.
  2. New Covid measures in Italy (announced yesterday and to be confirmed today) say that cruises will no longer be allowed starting Nov 8.
  3. I don’t have any inside information, but the photos/videos I saw, they were just in masks, and certainly not keeping distance from each other while working. There will also be crew working in the food storage/prep areas and in the galleys. I guess they don’t need to be side by side all day. But the whole idea of food being prepared and delivered by people who are themselves under quarantine must be bending the rules, isn’t it? And then the crew live together 2 or 3 to a cabin, not necessarily with the same people they work with outside the cabin, so this potentially creates chains of contact a
  4. Yes, they seem to be very careful to avoid revealing whether any of the confirmed cases are crew members. Because the crew members that are currently working around the ship are _not_ following isolation procedures, which means that with every new case of infection on board, their 14 days should reset… Hopefully the passengers will be allowed off the ship after 14 days, but that doesn’t mean the ship will be out of quarantine or anywhere near ready to resume any scheduled cruises. 😞
  5. And at some point they will need to collect the dirty (potentially infected) dishes and cutlery in everyone's cabins. 😨
  6. If you go to his page, you'll see that this passenger has now received both breakfast and lunch in his cabin, and he's in good spirits again. Although he seems quite eager for media attention, he says everyone can now stop calling Princess on his behalf.
  7. Thank you for the update. Did anyone from the OBC desk ever get back to you about this? Or were you OK leaving it until the last morning to figure out?
  8. My guess is it has something to do with the OBC you got back after purchasing the CruiseNext certificates. This can sometimes have the effect of turning one kind of OBC into a more restrictive type of OBC. But spa services and booze should still be eligible purchases. Anyway, since they seem to be hung up on the tips, have them calculate the total amount of your tips, and if it’s less than $360, ask them why your OBC is not being applied to the remaining balance, which is not tips.
  9. And not everyone who has set foot in mainland China in the past 30 days has Coronavirus. Talk about falsely excluded! How did they come up with 30 days, when all I have ever seen mentioned is "up to 14 days" incubation period?
  10. I wouldn't expect to get any Latitudes points for this cruise: Which cruises do not qualify for Rewards points? Chartered cruises (with the exception of Sixthman charters) and cruises taken at a reduced fare i.e. travel agent rates, IATA rates, Interline rates, employee rates, vendor rates. Complimentary cruises such as inaugural events and cruises taken via a cruise certificate e.g. cruise winners and Bingo winners also do not qualify for Rewards points.
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