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  1. Thanks, Hank! We’ve been using RoamRight: good medical coverage, but the policy excludes pandemics. Good to compare. 😉 David and I also were so looking forward to finally getting to sail with both of you! Glad we had 2 fabulous weeks in Japan prior to the Volendam’s super 17-day Kobe-Vancouver crossing in Spring 2015.... Not sure about the Noordam’s Spring 2021 TP as we’re booked on the Maasdam’s March-April Mexican Riviera & Sea of Cortez. Still a year to go to decide. Do let us know if you are ever in the Phoenix area, Mary-Lou
  2. Hi, Hank! Do you mind listing the name of your travel insurance company? Thanks, Mary-Lou
  3. THANKS TO ALL who shared the letter and/or a link! 😍 As others have noted above, those of us who have bookings beyond May 2020 did not receive an email.
  4. Can’t find the “letter just published.” Please post it and/or provide a direct link. Thanks.
  5. Thanks! Hadn’t thought of that – as so much else is going on. Appreciate the advice. 😃 Will report results.
  6. Sadly, not in USA.... Our travel insurance company (with expensive policy purchased a year ago at initial booking for 4/25-5/10 Westerdam cruise) refused to reimburse us for AA’s fees to cancel and return our miles for our Japan flights to our FF accounts. 👎 Will submit to HAL and hope we get reimbursed.... (Anyone get that fee back from HAL, per their offer re: change fees?)
  7. Would someone please post who is serving as Hotel Manager? Thanks—and hope you all get home soon.
  8. THANKS, Kat! Please see my above response. Appreciatively, Mary-Lou
  9. THANKS for responding so quickly! I was clicking on the (Star)FIND YOUR ROLL CALL link (which brings you to a menu of non-yet-sailed roll calls ONLY) instead of the ship name link right above that. Appreciatively, Mary-Lou
  10. I’ve been a poster here for many years, and the old system allowed you to easily find roll calls with sail dates previous to the current date. Any advice appreciated. 😉
  11. Thanks for posting! Happy to hear that you are managing to enjoy the cruise, and hope passengers and crew stay healthy. Are you fortunate to have the wonderful and truly caring Colin Jacob your Hotel Director on this leg? Best wishes to all, Mary-Lou
  12. Wow! The free app (a bit wonky, as you cautioned) DOES work on my iPhone8! THANKS!!
  13. Thanks a million, dear Turtle06 and broberts, for your thoughtful and thorough explanations! As you advised, I checked my account—and saw that I already have “view other signatures” active, but which I now also realize only works on my iPad and iMac. Actually, in the year since the change (about which I contributed my two cents’ worth of suggestions to our hosts and privately whined quite a bit), I myself haven’t needed to check signatures via my iPhone. However, some folks on one of my current roll calls have been desperate to find out how to see the email
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