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  1. Anyone know if the Hard Rock Cafe in St Martin is open??
  2. WE are one week out and still waiting for luggage tags, We have boarding pass, but luggage tags says not working...
  3. Same problem with my luggage tags, and I am on my E docs page..
  4. We will be on the Allure in Sept I Hope? We want to play by the rule but what is the rule???
  5. RCI- should just test every guest at port before getting on board and ask for vax card.. Problem solved...
  6. I talked to the clueless lady yesterday, fun times on the phone...
  7. Will the Rapid Diagnostic " ID NOW" test from Walgreens Qualify to Board? Getting mixed info and I did call RCI with mixed views. Thanks.
  8. Can we use the Rapid Diagnostic Test from Walgreens to Qualifying to Board? Or does it have to be the Rapid Antigen Test? The Rapid test I can get back next hour. The Antigen test takes 3 - 5 days to return. Hope to be on the Allure in Sept.
  9. Hope to be there my self Sept 5th..
  10. Same boat here , Made reservation back in 2019. Have been doing the FCC move thing 3 times all cancel . Hope my Sept Allure cruise will sail? All in party had the vax ready to go, now we have to jump hoops and take a covid test 3 days out. Also we have a 20 hour drive ahead of us , Not going to mess with airlines do to the cruise problems in the past... I NEED A BEER...
  11. Buy Drink package ahead, or buy when you walk on ship.Our last cruise in 2019, we did not buy a drink package before because of high price. Only to find out after boarding ship that was a sale on the Deluxe drink package. Thinking about the DDP now, Hope the RCI Allure will sail in Sept???
  12. Thanks for info on drinking water, might rethink the carry on water of the past we used to do. Think I will just order a case ???
  13. First cruise for us was on the Fantasy, sad to see her go..
  14. First time for us at Coco Cay, looking for the free things to do, Like to avoid the water park, can you still go to the beach for free and anything else to do? Lunch at Co co cay Free or do have to go back to Ship.. Going on the Allure of seas in Sept... thanks..
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