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  1. We are Platinum also, I guess I feel great about just boarding early..
  2. Years ago M-M were fun, last cruise on the Freedom 10 people showed up and just one rep from RCI who was there ten mins and left. I think the M-M days our about over..
  3. Like Formal night, we will be on the Harmony next May 2020..
  4. Casa Blanca Old San Juan, cool Hotel. Taxi to pier $18.00
  5. Bar out side of Windjammer was open on Freedom we we boarded at 11 am, last march..
  6. Hope RCI buffet is better then Vegas vacation GRIZWALD movies buffet???
  7. Had a good Cabin Crawl ten years ago on the Liberty, but lost money on the Slot Pull..
  8. Lots of good and Bad. Going on Harmony next May, first time for us to just book with RCI on line, all other cruise trip have went with a Travel Agent. What I did not know is you can not pick your cabin on line with out a extra cost.With My Travel Agent we always picked out our Cabin day of booking..
  9. Looking into the DDP for the Harmony next May 2020..
  10. Looking for same info. Going on Harmony May 2020...
  11. We are also in the Guarantee cabin class on the Harmony next May.12 cruise trips overall 7 with RCI. First time for us to book reservation on line with RCI, all other trips have gone with my Travel Agent. We got caught up with 5 hours left Buy one get one half off sale on a Sunday. Thinking this was a good deal, we made reservation on line. If I had only new you could not choose your cabin with out paying extra, I would have waiting and booked with my Travel Agent and picked out my cabin, lesson learned. Now I am also playing the waiting game to see what kind of cabin and location that we get.. Hope we find out more then two days before May 2020 cruise...
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