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  1. The reason to vaccinate as many as possible is not only to help stop the spread of the virus, but also to help stop the virus from mutating. If a virus is spreading, it is mutating. The early mutations in the first couple of months were harmless. The mutations we are seeing now are enabling the virus to spread easier and to be more lethal. Also, each new mutation means a closer chance to the virus being able to evade current and future vaccines. The common cold has so many mutations leading to so many strains that we cannot vaccinate against it. But, the common cold is just an inconvenie
  2. I think you are confused about what masks do. The only masks that have been proven to give a high rate of personal protection are N95 masks (or similar non-counterfeit foreign masks). The cloth and paper masks most people are wearing protect the other people, not so much the person wearing it. Masks are not like seatbelts. Seatbelts protect me. Me wearing a mask protects you. Wearing a regular mask offers little personal protection due to how breathing works and how mask filtration works. Exhaling is more forceful, therefore spewing lots of virus particles in droplets into the air. Wea
  3. The wording is something to the effect of if you are "fully vaccinated" within 90 days of your travel, you are exempt from the restrictions. There is no mention of waiting the 2 weeks after last dose to be "fully" immune. So once the 90 days expire, you have to follow the restrictions. The 90 day thing is likely to change, and at this point I think few if anyone would even be at that point yet.
  4. Just to clarify, the NY changes are for domestic travel only, not international. Also, the lessened restriction applies only for 90 days after being fully vaccinated. If one was vaccinated longer than 90 days ago, the quarantine, testing out restrictions still apply. The 90 day thing will likely change once more is known about how long immunity lasts.
  5. No, the reason the UK is not following the recommended dosing schedule is to get more first shots into arms. Their rational was that early studies show a good immune response to one shot and that means its okay to ignore the recommendations of the pharma companies and use shots that are supposed to be reserved as second doses for first doses. While a single shot of Moderna or Pfizer may give acceptable antibody levels, there is no data indicating how long they will last and if not completing the studied dose schedule may cause other problems (eg how not completing a full dose schedule of ant
  6. Not dieing is not the same as recovering. Many survive covid but have long lasting effects to multiple organ systems. Also, please provide a link to the statistic you site because I believe that high number has been proven wrong.
  7. The "draconian" lockdowns in NY and CA were enacted due to covid rates surging. They were put in place after the massive case numbers (not before them) and prevented further spread and death. Remember the lag of about two weeks from spreading events to jump in case number and then the next two week lag for increase in death numbers. This is science. Limiting contact with others (by limiting the crowds in businesses and other spaces) prevents spread of Covid. Look further at the data from NY. You will find that once the lockdowns and mask mandates were in place long enough to stop the su
  8. Closing hair salons and banning singing inside buildings WAS a science based decision. You can't wear a mask when getting your hair washed. Masks are not 100% effective at reducing droplet spread, and most salons are so small that social distancing is not easy. Ventilation in salons is also an issue, and blow drying hair spreads the virus all over the place. Singing is one of the easiest ways to spread the virus. Remember one of the first documented super spreader events which was an innocent choir rehearsal. Closing those places and keeping liquor stores open was not a nefa
  9. No safety parts of the studies were rushed or skipped before the FDA gave its emergency authorization. Things that take time to find out about are obviously the parts of the studies that are ongoing, such as how long the vaccinations last and if the vaccines prevent transmission in addition to disease. I would also guess they are continuing to study different dose sizes, different time periods between doses, etc. Also, now that so many more people are getting the vaccines as compared to the trials, there is that much more data available that needs to be reviewed.
  10. People who get a measles shot do not contract measles. People who get a mumps shot do not contract mumps. People who get the polio vaccine do not contract polio, etc,. In all those cases and any other cases of virus vaccine that I can think of, getting the shot prevents getting the disease and being able to be a "carrier" of the disease. The one different situation I can think of is in cases of flu vaccine where a person still gets the flu, but gets a less severe case. And even with that, I don't know if there are cases of people who get a flu shot, get a non symptomatic case
  11. This is still not known regarding the Covid vaccines. And it is generally false with regards to the vaccines for all the other viruses out there. The Covid vaccines are 95% and 94% effective at preventing disease. It is unknown at this point how effective they are at preventing infection. Since there is not enough data yet to show if the Covid vaccines actually prevent infection, the scientists are erring on the side of caution with regards to continuing social distancing, masking, etc., even after vaccinations are received and have had enough time to take effect.
  12. Checking temps to rule out Covid is like taking your shoes off at the airport. It gives a false sense of security but proves little. Not only do many never have a fever with Covid, but people are most infectious about two days before they have any symptoms at all. A temp check is not going to find those people.
  13. I believe you are confusing the antibody test with the actual Covid test. Antibodies will be positive during and following having been infected with Covid (whether symptomatic or not) for some time. (The amount of time is not yet known.) The actual covid test will be positive as long as you have enough viral load for it to register. In some cases, positives continue after the more common 14 possible days of infectiousness due to the test picking up fragments of Covid RNA. In those cases, which are not the norm, the person is no longer infective.
  14. As long as they have the ingredients and enough notice, the Haven chef will accommodate special requests. The MDR also has nightly vegetarian options which the Haven staff will bring to the Haven restaurant. Also, many of the chefs in the cruise industry are from India, and make delicious, often vegetarian, Indian food. So, the vegetarian may be in luck if they enjoy Indian food. The buffet always has a section of Indian food as well.
  15. If the specialty dining is one of the chosen free perks, that perk is per person. (For instance, free internet is per cabin.) You really should read the fine print about what the perk includes since there may be some things at some restaurants not included and some restaurants that may not included or are not totally free but are a percentage off. That being said, Cagney's has always been one of the included restaurants. For those paying, Teppanyaki is a fixed price restaurant while Cagney's is a la cart.
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