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  1. Is there someplace where mere interested people are able to follow this information?
  2. I'm not sure there is a specific place on the website that answers all these questions in one place. Please tell us which ship you will be on. Self Service laundry is only available on Amsterdam and Maasdam, if I'm not mistaken. All ships (including those two) have laundry service you can pay for. You can stuff a bag, making it quite affordable, and sometimes there are deals - you can also purchase unlimited laundry service - this includes pressing and dry cleaning - the price depends on your length of cruise. As for detergent allergy, that's a tough one. i do not believe the ship's laundry uses fabric softener, but I'm not entirely sure.. the laundry is not highly scented when it comes back, which is good, but I don't know for sure if the detergent they use is hypoallergenic. Iced tea is indeed available free of charge. It is unsweetened. Still water is also freely available. If you want a container, bring one on board, or buy one plastic bottle of water and reuse it. The ship's water is good quality and you can refill your bottle in the Lido (or even in your bathroom sink - really anywhere) The water, as said, is good quality, so unless for some reason you insist on drinking only bottled water, you are okay in the dining room, and of course you can drink your own water anywhere on the ship. If you have wine left over from a bottle you purchase in the MDR, your waiter can have it saved for you for the next day. The room service menu is quiet extensive and there is always something available 24 hours that is for no charge. Recently there have been changes making some items chargeable. There will be a menu that explains all this in your stateroom. I am not a bridge player but I believe I have seen mention of bridge... will leave that question for someone else! As for navigating the website - sigh... yeah. You are probably doing as well as any of us! It's not the best site... Hope this is helpful!
  3. Of course, you might also acquire free OBC by booking under a promotion that includes some, or getting some from your TA as a perk that they offer...
  4. You can purchase OBC online with HAL before your cruise. It will be charged to your credit card at the point of purchase, and will show up as credit on your onboard statement. I like to do this to "prepay" for anything I will be purchasing on board like drinks - I don't get a package since I drink no more than one or two a day - and I limit myself in the casino to what I have in my account.
  5. I did it in Septemberβ€” apparently things have changed. Still think it sounds like more of a hassle now, but it is what it is. I should be thanking you for the info instead of sounding like I thought you jumped through hoops unnecessarily. Sorry about that.
  6. Wow.. that sounds like a huge hassle. I always book on board and then transfer to my TA. I just email her the booking number. She calls HAL and takes care of the transfer - and as RocketMan said, someone from HAL calls me to confirm that I'm transferring the booking to the agent. And that's that. I've never heard of all of what you described!
  7. Deck one is not noisy... it's the bottom most deck with cabins, and actually quite quiet. Your second question I think must be a joke, right? Um... it's an Ocean View... πŸ™‚
  8. Does anyone know what Captain will be taking the place of Jonathan Mercer when Amsterdam leaves Fort Lauderdale?
  9. Absolutely - I've found the HAL laundry staff to be very accommodating IF you make it very clear (English is probably not their first language so write clearly) what you are requesting. At home I launder everything except towels in cold water, and like you, OP, I'm kind of picky about my laundry, but after the first couple of cruises I took the plunge and started sending things - with instructions - that I'd been too worried to send before, and they have always come back great. The one time I had something shrink it was when I had failed to write on my form "no hot dryer. Cold water wash". The only other complaint I've had is they tend to iron a hard crease into ALL pants and trousers. I don't want myt jeans and most other pants ironed with a crease at all, so that's the other notation I always write on the form. Now that I've been a 4 star mariner for quite some time, and have used the laundry services on all HAL ships except Prinsendam and Koningsdam, I pack much lighter now, which makes everything easier. So, to answer your question more succinctly: YES! (to making special requests - but probably "no" to returning damp) πŸ™‚
  10. This is interesting, since I was quoted a higher price for a couple on the same cruise 2 weeks later (I board when you disembark!) So... I'm just going to wait and see what they are offering on board. Sounds like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, as so often happens with HAL. :)
  11. However... since freestyling said they paid exactly what Ships Services quoted me... perhaps it's not less on board after all! Hmmmmm
  12. Okay, I called Ship Services, and for a 14 day cruise the spa package costs $199 when part of a couple ($398 for two people), and $249 for a single person. Now, I believe that on the first day of the cruise, both of these prices will be less - perhaps even significantly less. I specifically asked if I were to prepay would I be refunded the extra, and the person I spoke to at Ship Services said emphatically "yes". All that said, I'm going to wait. I usually board quite early and I'm not worried about the spa passes being sold out, and I'd rather not have to hassle with the price difference. I really just wanted to know the price, and now I have a good idea. Thanks Palm Bay for reminding me I could just pick up the phone! πŸ™‚ For the OP, for your shorter cruise it will probably be a bit less. I'd estimate about $150 for each person in a couple, or thereabouts. But you too can of course call - I'm sorry I forgot to inquire for you!!! 😞
  13. Thank you, I assume it will be similar on Amsterdam's 14 day. To clarify, was it $199 for a couple? Or $199 for each person in the couple? (And more for a single?) Thanks.
  14. I'm not THAT bad, πŸ™‚ Also, I make sure I see the person leave the area. If they are just going up to order another coffee, I think they can legitimately return to their chair. But if they are leaving the lounge, nope.
  15. LOL!! When I see someone strategically leave their stuff on one, obviously to "mark" it, and yes it does happen, I immediately put their stuff on the window sill so someone else can take the chair. I'm so bad.
  16. I see nobody answered... I just did a search because I have a similar question, and your post popped up, so I'm bumping it. I would like to know how much the spa pass is for Amsterdam on a 2 week cruise... anyone?
  17. The windows in OV cabins are quite large. I never kneel on the bed and the view is great. Everyone perceives things differently I guess. If I’m not springing for an SS suite or above, I actually prefer OV to a regular verandah cabin or Vista β€œsuite”. Those small balconies make me feel far from the water when in the cabin and the balcony is so small ....
  18. Amsterdam is home for up to 4 months to those on world voyages, so the laundry is a nice homey thing to have on board. I agree a cabin right next to it would not be optimum.
  19. Definitely deck one!! Larger (slightly) cabin, and clear view of the sea instead of a lifeboat view! No contest!!
  20. All three are identical as far as the cabin itself, but I would go with 3352 - closest to midship elevators. Very convenient location. I think you are on the right track with any of the three - Deck 3 for an inside cabin is the best - there is quick access to the promenade deck from anywhere on that deck. I'm on Amsterdam for 14 days this summer too (not until August, and counting the days!!)
  21. Does anyone ever take a "doggy bag" back to their cabin? I could see myself saving half of this for breakfast the next morning. (And maybe part of my rib-eye too, since I'm traveling with another bird-like eater woman friend this time, and not a man who would hoover up everything I left on my plate!) In all the times I've eaten in specialty restaurants on ships, I don't think I've ever brought leftovers "home". Is it possible?
  22. OMG this looks AMAZING!! My next cruise is on Amsterdam. Does anyone know if only the larger ships have this on the Pinnacle menu? Now I have to go in the kitchen and make some bacon. Not only is this not pretentious, it's absolutely brilliant. Can't wait to try it (hope I can :))
  23. Volendam holiday cruise sounds wonderful! Perfect sized (IMO) ship, great itinerary, and decorations and good cheer! Go for it!
  24. I'm so happy to hear this! I can't go on such a long cruise yet, but I'm happy that Capt. Mercer will not be leaving HAL quite yet. At any rate, of course, so tragic what happened today on Amsterdam. Hard for all of you to end your voyage on such a note I imagine. 😞
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