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  1. And hope that they point the thermometer at the right place.
  2. I had temp over the accepted level one day going to pick up my grandson. I had been in the sun and then drove in a hot car. I stood a brief time in the shade and it dropped. The lady taking the temps said that she sees this all of the time. If someone has a fever, it doesn't drop to acceptable levels from just standing still in the shade for 2 minutes.
  3. I will be surprised if it goes with passengers.
  4. I have been booked on Navigator Nov 2 since the day of the $18 drink package. We had been planning to book that day as it coincided with me getting off of Snowbird Migration cruise from Canada which went by the wayside a long while ago. We are still holding out a glimmer of hope that a 4 night even if it only goes to Coco Cay will still happen.
  5. Yes, you know the answer. The price will go up as well. It will not save the sale price when the price goes back up.
  6. Booked on 4 night Navigator Nov 2. Booked it the day of the $18 drink package in July 19.
  7. The free internet is Surf not Surf & Stream so it is really poor. The free laundry is really good to have on long cruises such as a Transatlantic. Be aware it isn't just anything in the bag.
  8. DH did not like being in the center hump cabin where everyone regardless of which direction they were going walked by our cabin. The talking of people coming though there bothered him. He is fine when we are a few cabins either direction, but the center right at the walk through bothered him. For me it was not noticeable.
  9. I did a Lift & Shift that has different ports, different beginning and ending but both are Transatlantic same number of nights. I would try again.
  10. This sounds to me like one of those things that when the dust settles will be a whoops. I am sure they are so overwhelmed right now that the Prime cruise changes are something they just can't handle. I hope they reverse it and let you all have it later on.
  11. The only thing that impacts luggage is Pinnacle and The Key.
  12. We are going with Coco Beach Club for the day. I was chatting with a friend who was just there this past week and she said that was wonderful. The lunch menu looks lovely.
  13. I certainly understand why you are flying in day of the cruise. Be sure you have a good travel insurance policy well in advance of any weather situations. Good luck and have a great time.
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