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  1. Reduced capacity will increase actual demand meaning higher prices and that isn't even including the months of customers who cancelled since this began who are ready to book using FCC's. Supply and demand.
  2. We don't live in a society we can simply shut down. People don't live at home on the farm where they can subsist independently. People need food and supplies, they get those from retailers on a routine basis. There isn't enough volume in the supply chain for everyone to buy a few months supply of everything even if we wanted too. Grocery stores are 2 days supply away from causing sheer pandemonium on any given day as it is. To buy those supplies people need to work, most don't have the savings to sit at home for a few months and they don't get paid if not working. For those supplies to b
  3. This charade will eventually end and people will go back to living life. The only other options are a virus mutation or a proven vaccine. We can't outsmart or hide from a community spread virus. We locked down, we wore masks, we cancelled schools, shut down restaurants, issued stay at home orders all for nothing. The numbers are now exploding again everywhere, actually some places that opened the earliest the first round are doing better than areas where there was a draconian government overreach. None of it mattered. It will be a danger you will face in life. You
  4. A company does not just raise the price on something because they 'need revenue'. The price of any product should already be what the market will sustain to maximize the profit from that line item. A company seeks a balance, charge enough to make a respectable profit while having the price appeal to the majority of their customer base.
  5. Maybe you should work on your reading comprehension. The charade is the ever evolving response that isn't working. We locked down, we wore masks, we shut down to the point many small businesses and entire industries are being destroyed. Yet, here we are again with another spike as bad as the first proving none of those tactics work. It is a community spread virus and we can't outsmart it.
  6. The ports are controlled jointly by the states and the Feds. In many areas the locals may control the day to day activity at the port but the Feds control the Immigration and Customs aspect. There is also a meshing of enforcement on the water that includes local LE, Fed LE and the Coast Guard.
  7. Sure. This charade can't go on forever. Eventually society will reach a point where we realize we can outsmart a community spread virus such as this. Masks, lock downs, restrictions do little to nothing as is being shown right now. One day we will reach a point where you just have to go on with life and that may mean you contract COVID. It will be just another chance we take in life. Hopefully a successful vaccine comes down the road or the virus mutates into something less dangerous to us.
  8. ....or you can do you and let others plan as they wish.
  9. Blaming? LOL....no....I am pointing out nothing happens in a vacuum. For every person who wants to disconnect from society takes another person to make that possible. The world didn't shut down, 'essential' workers just made it possible and they usually had no choice in the matter.
  10. We also have people dying who go to work every day to enable those who choose to seclude themselves; from fire fighters, to sanitation workers, Instacart drivers to grocery store stockers. Those who sit at home and point fingers can only do so because someone is willing to shoulder their risk, go out into the world daily, and keep whatever services and necessities flowing to the critics. A large portion of the population is in this daily, it is nothing but chance.
  11. Huh? We have a large percentage of the population right here in the US in public facing jobs who have went to work every day since this started. The difference in my daily role between last December and any point since this hit is miniscule. I have went to work just like normal since this started. No shutdown, no work from home, no self isolating.....just an essential job in public safety that carried on just like the day before. Right now we have people shouldering the risk for others, down to the high school teen working the checkout at the local grocery store. People don't
  12. Nah....the cruise industry presents a unique environment allowing you to see the big picture because you have a captive audience for a week. The people still allowed to jet around the world, crowd in to their local grocery store or visit some amusement parks are no safer. They are catching and spreading the virus at the same rate, they just disperse their impact into the community where it becomes some random unconnected number. The cruise industry was low hanging fruit, it allowed the CDC to look as if they were doing "something".
  13. The CDC should take a step back.....they have been ineffective and certainly have placed a target on the cruise industry.
  14. False positives and apparently even that terrifies some.
  15. Many of the loudest opinions on this site always seem to be clueless when it comes to how supply and demand drives pricing. They always claim the lines will just double the fare in the future and carry on. If they could've doubled the price then they would've done so last year because as a public entity their goal is to maximize profit. There is a price point they try to balance, one that the consumer is willing to pay en masse for the experience yet still gives them a steady profit.
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