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  1. LOL.....pizza delivery has been a thing even pre-COVID verified by people on here and people still want to argue it does not exist or is impossible to implement.
  2. No cruise line has the opportunity to 'join' this lawsuit. This is a case based on states rights, not some class action lawsuit.
  3. Do you really get offended this easily? You posted something that wasn't even close to the correct answer. I simply pointed that out while providing the correct prices, nothing more. Other people read these comments and take them as truth, that is why there is so much misinformation on here. Why you spun that into an outrage instead of saying "I must be misinformed" is puzzling.
  4. Probably need to check your math. Premium "non-beer" drinks are between $10-$11 each. Drink 8 of those a day and you will break $100 with gratuity.
  5. LOL....that is weak. Of course you can compare it to a hotel. You apparently only see a cruise ship, the people who work on a cruise ship see a hotel, bars, restaurants, entertainment, ect. They are all their own entities same as if it was on the same block on land. That is the reason housekeeping reports to the Hotel Director, they are titled that for a reason.
  6. Of course....with 124 pages explaining how the CDC overstepped its legal authority. It is not "simply an injunction", an injunction is the relief in a situation like this. If the judge finds in the plaintiffs favor it starts with a preliminary injunction and the parties must then fulfill any additional requests from the court. It can quickly move to a permanent injunction after that which is the final ruling.
  7. Huh? They issued a stay on the lower courts ruling at the request of the CDC while they reviewed the case. The reviewed the facts and vacated the stay after finding the CDC had not proved they had legal jurisdiction to issue such orders in the first place so they were not entitled to a stay pending an appeal. Justice Thomas will probably not consider the case now since the fact the appellate court issued a stay was the matter to be decided. Now that they have vacated their stay the lower court ruling becomes law.
  8. Quite dismissive of our legal process. A ruling by a single federal judge is final 99.9% of the time and carries the full weight of the federal government behind it. On those rare occasions a case merits going in front of a judicial panel at one of the 13 federal district appellate courts it increases the weight of that ruling in magnitudes. Those district courts are what creates the most binding decisions in the land and are only overturnable by the US Supreme Court. To dismiss their ruling as 'preliminary' if misleading.
  9. Two months ago on here this was the court battle that would finally vindicate all the CDC has done. Now that they lost the case the same people championing it before now call it irrelevant.🤣 This also now carries much more weight than just the local issue in the state of Florida. This is a federal district appellate court and their ruling has established case law which will factor into decisions in all other federal districts.
  10. I am willing to give them a couple of months. The main reason ships ran so efficiently is because of repetition, they did the same thing every day over and over. To serve 15k+ meals a day in a reasonable time frame required near perfection. Before the shutdown you had a core team in place and you only had to swap out individual players as needed when contracts ended. This has jumbled a entire new team together that has to relearn virtually every process all at the same time.
  11. Good with me. I think most normal people knew there would be growing pains when things started up again. To produce thousands of meals a day is an art that requires impeccable team with skills developed from repetition. You don't just throw a bunch of crew together in a new environment and expect them to run at peak efficiency from day one, that is impossible. It will take a while to get the process fine tuned again.
  12. I wouldn't worry about it. It appears to be a last minute process for all upcoming sailings. Yours was just time crunched because it sails so soon. The email said if you didn't reply "your reservation may be subject to cancellation". If they didn't cancel it and you have completed it I am sure you are good to go.
  13. You booked too late. There are cabins as you describe available for booking but they are taken. Look into the future and find another date when they are open. The law stipulates reasonable access, not guaranteed access. It is a ship after all, there are challenges.
  14. Ahhh....not sure if you can. I thought the only thing you could do at time of booking was gratuities and insurance. Everything else was add-ons after the booking was created.
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