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  1. LOL....there are some strange people out there.
  2. Yes...things will pop back up occasionally.
  3. I am a fan of anything they do to speed up the meal. Many times we skip dessert just to speed things up.
  4. What is my breaking point? The day I get back and did not have a good time and a decent value for my money. Things such as a mint on a pillow and a towel animal no longer hold any value for me even though I thought it was a nich touch on the first couple of cruises, after nearly 2 dozen not so much.
  5. I would be obvious to me that I could not bring it back on the ship or through Customs.
  6. Once again, most states codify their laws mentioning 'original container' because traditionally that is what the prescription label is applied to when they are dispensed. So, ONCE AGAIN if the previous clarifications by me were not enough, you can take the pills out of the original container but you must obtain a separate copy of the prescription label to carry as proof of how the pills were obtained.
  7. It most certainly is a law. Many states have legislation in place covering it.
  8. I was speaking about the physical prescription which is always on the original bottle, you certainly must have proof of the prescription. From the same notification, they say 'must'. If your medications or devices are not in their original containers, you must have a copy of your prescription with you or a letter from your doctor.
  9. Yup....no way I would try that game on a spring break cruise.
  10. So, leave what you need in the bottle and the rest stored at home. Pretty simple solution.
  11. There is nothing new about that process and it is also the law. The original container with the prescription information from a Pharmacist is needed to be legal.
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