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  1. Oh look....another topic created to stir the pot.
  2. A. The only option that matters is total price.
  3. Believe it or not there is also no diving or climbing on rope ladders allowed.
  4. ....and just like that....straws are ok again.🤪
  5. Did they move from plastic bottles to the cardboard? That seems is the rage right now.
  6. Please. Cruises are no different than anything else, you just get to see the end result due to a captive audience. On land it spreads just as fast, you just have 100 people sitting at home all alone thinking they caught a 'stomach bug' not knowing 99 other people have symptoms who visited the same restaurant, store, ect.
  7. I still believe it is, it is all related. The info being discussed is an undeniable aspect of if the policy is even necessary since it should be based on the current and future spread and mortality info.
  8. They were part of it. It was easy pickings because the captive audience allowed them to use the end result to say 'hey were are doing something people' while they didn't have a clue on what steps to take. They know that just as many people were getting infected at that point in airports, restaurants, stores and every other place people gather; they were just reintegrating into society. The cruise industry was an easy target because they could throw the end game results out there as some justification.
  9. Not everywhere. FL beach towns are pretty close to business as usual right now. There is some effort still being made to distance things out but masks are not routinely required or commonplace.
  10. I fear the outcome of this will be an extension of the witch hunt by the CDC. They can't even keep their own 'guidance' consistent. They labeled the cruise industry as the boogy man and I don't see them admitting a over reaction and walking that back. It will be about ego in the end.
  11. So now we have people saying ships won't be ready to sail based on the experience they have from closing their land based seasonal business? LOL....the internet makes everyone an expert I guess.
  12. LOL.....I love how frequently this 'guidance' changes. No one has a clue and 3/4 of the stuff they are asking people to do is just feel good measures.
  13. It is all going to open back up. People have to survive and many get their income from tourism.
  14. It is simply impossible that everyone removed their gratuities. If they told you that it is a lie trying to guilt you into giving more.
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