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  1. Thank you for the update. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone there.
  2. CC is my only social media. Actually, I used to have a fb account. I haven’t looked at it in 10 years or so. I wonder if they ever disappear? Luckily, I can continue on this thread. I cleaned my refrigerator this morning, so I’m a member in good standing for at least 6 months!
  3. I know doctors carry malpractice insurance. Is there something similar for the officers? Would RC provide it for their captains? Has this ever happened to a cruise ship captain?
  4. When we got ours in South Carolina, they asked to see our identification. We used drivers license. She input the information into her computer, including DOB and address. I assume there is a state database. if someone comes down with Covid-19 on a cruise I would expect the cruise line to check their vaccination. And if they forged it, they should be responsible for any expenses. And they should be placed on a no sail list.
  5. I grew up in a college town. The college was known for it’s department of education. The saying in our town was Them that can, do. Them that can’t, teach. And them that can’t teach, teach teachers. My experience with many of the academics confirmed that common sense was not a common virtue.
  6. I love America’s Test Kitchen! I haven’t seen this one, but I’ll give it a try, with sour cream.
  7. I’m making hot cross buns tomorrow. I read that tradition says if you give someone hot cross buns on Good Friday they will be your friend all year. I figure it can’t hurt. My neighbors all enjoy my excess baking. My thanks to Dani also, this thread is great fun.
  8. My screen name came from my old boss. He had a nickname for everyone. I was Anne the Great, hence ATG. I loved working for that man.
  9. We built our home 12 years ago, so all our appliances are getting old. We’ve been through 2 stoves and on our third. I guess I bake a lot. We’ve also replaced the microwave. But the refrigerator, dishwasher, furnace/AC, washer, dryer and water heater are aging. Since the water heater is in the basement, I got an alarm that makes a VERY loud noise if it detects leaking water. I know they’ll all go at once, I guess all that money I saved not going anywhere last year will get used up.
  10. Any idea when Canada/New England in October 2022 will be announced? I have seen Boston and 1 Baltimore, but that’s it. I was actually looking on Monday and it had Voyager going from Baltimore. That would have been perfect. But it changed to Enchantment. We were booked on Freedom out of Bayonne 9/30/21. Due to work issues we can’t go until October, so I couldn’t lift & switch.
  11. I love Midsomer Murders and As Time Goes By. We’ve been watching Murder, She Wrote on Pluto, the free streaming service. They also have Midsomer Murders. I tried an episode of Rockford Files and was amazed at how old it seemed. In so many of those shows everybody smokes. I didn’t remember that.
  12. We almost never ate frozen fries or tater tots before we got our Ninja. Now DH wants them all the time. It also does a good job on breaded shrimp. I am learning to use the pressure cooker. In 45 years I’ve never had one.
  13. We had a microwave that would turn on all by itself. The screen would say “melt butter”. It would go for about a minute and turn itself off. I had to unplug it when not in use until we could replace it. Since the plug was in the cabinet over it, being less tall, I had issues reaching it. Needless to say, it got replaced quickly.
  14. We are hoping to book a Canada/New England cruise sailing October 2022. Any idea when they might be released? FYI We cancelled our September 2021 Canada cruise on March 1 and received about half of the refund on Sunday. They told me today they were trying to finish the Canada refunds by the end of March.
  15. I managed to catch chicken pox when I was 20. My new DH and I spent Christmas with his family and a nephew broke out Christmas Day. So, a few weeks later I was covered in pox. I had to call my college professors and explain why I was missing class. They got a good laugh.
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