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  1. You can watch this video to see what it's like now but who knows what it will be like in 2022. The video is time stamped so you can skip to the testing parts.
  2. Thanks. Does that mean each group (test and control) will get two shots(ie, two real or two placebo)?
  3. Lots of interesting things to do in Amsterdam. We got the Rick Steve's book which directed us to the "good stuff". My wife insisted we go the the Anne Frank museum and I'm glad we did.
  4. We did the RT on another line and they offered an excursion where we could get on a smaller boat that went all the way through. It was great way to experience the canal. We actually got to touch the walls of the canal. After we exited in the Pacific, we docked and were bused back to the cruise line ship which had exited the way they came in, through Gatun locks. I don't know if Viking offers that excursion or not but if they do, take it!
  5. We did this cruise with a different cruise line 3 years ago and our main focus was penguins. We were not disappointed. We absolutely loved the excursion in the Falklands to volunteer point to see the king penguins. Similar to Pergerina651 we went early Feb before the chicks left the nest. Weather was cold and windy in the Falklands but sunny and warm in BA and Santiago. So pack layers. We did run into a storm after the Beagle channel but I don't know if that's normal or not. I wish we had done a pre or post to Iguazu falls. Edit: During the storm we witnessed a small whale "
  6. We sailed with Norwegian a couple of years ago and went with Patrick Watts (on our own, not through the ship) and were very pleased. The ship used Estancia tours which arrived at Volunteer Point after we did, so less time for them to see the penguins. Of course the penguins were great but the best part was talking to our driver who had lived through the Falklands war and gave us a lot of details, along with his experiences living on a sheep farm. There was a question if the ship was going to dock because of the weather and I texted Patrick from the ship. He was quick to reply to my q
  7. I don't know but I would guess it's the same for other cruise lines. I'm not worried about Viking going bankrupt but I am being cautious about booking. If I wait too long and a cruise is sold out, or I miss a promotion, so be it.
  8. I read on another forum that Viking bonds are low rated. If true, that means the financial community doesn't have a lot of faith in Viking. I haven't checked myself but I have no reason to disbelieve the rating. Edit: Ok, I checked. I really don't know what to make of this, but here's some data: https://cbonds.com/news/1327397/
  9. That's if you have a good internet connection. You might not have that everywhere on a WC. Personally, I upload to my laptop and backup on a memory stick.
  10. Yeah, I hadn't thought about that. So I'll probably just use my phone and not take the "big camera" + tripod.
  11. Follow up question, is that all rooms or just suites? Also, I've noticed the price of Nespresso pods in Europe are about half of what we pay in the US. I've never seen a Nespresso branded store in the US but seemed like every port on our Rhine cruise had one.
  12. I too was hopeful that cruising would start this spring but it doesn't look that way now. Maybe in the fall? One thing is that the foreign countries that ships call on will also have to be vaccinated.
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