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  1. I don't know about that....I assume the cruise was paid in full, so Viking got the money, but the travel agent got nothing? Seems odd to me. I suppose if an independent travel agent doesn't make anything for booking Viking cruises, they would stop booking them.
  2. My wife and I took a penguin tour at Puerto Madryn and the Falkland Islands (Volunteer Point). Both were excellent, but different species of penguins at each. Puerto Madryn (Punta Tombo) has mainly Magellan penguins, while the Falkland Islands (Volunteer Point) have King penguins. Both are long rides from the port but we probably had more "penguin time" at Punta Tombo. Sometimes the Falkland Island stop is cancelled due to high winds, so I would definitely book the Punta Tombo tour. On the other hand, you get to ride with a local in their 4x4 when going to Volunteer Point, which was really interesting because we got all the local flavor of the islands. One of our main goals of this trip was to see penguins, so we booked both and I'm glad we did.
  3. I don't see why this wouldn't work. My guess is the ship is not sold out and this is NCL's way of filling cabins. Just a guess, though.
  4. I assume you've paid for your cruise already? It may be hard to change now, but you should as your TA
  5. That's been my experience as well. I've seen some cruises advertised as stargazing cruises, but never taken one. All the ones I've taken are "mass market" and the stargazing has been poor to non existent.
  6. We used Rick Steve's book on Rome to find a hotel and generally educate ourselves on Rome. Highly recommended.
  7. Thanks to all who have replied. When I first posted, I assumed I'd be flamed for asking such a question, but it was just the opposite. Your responses have been thoughtful and respectful. If you guys represent the type of people that cruise VO, then I'm all in. Thank you.
  8. Will I be ok with jeans and a golf shirt?
  9. User name: Richard M Nixon. Location: Watergate Had to laugh at that one. Thanks for the informative post. I love to earn points.
  10. Can't comment on AMA but several people have mentioned that if you sail downstream, you get to each port quicker and perhaps have a little more time in port. So everything else being equal, I'd sail downstream. I didn't look at your dates, but I've read on this forum that the Rhine is dam controlled more so than the Danube, so you don't have to worry about low or high water levels so much. If the water is too low or high, the ships won't sail and you'll be riding a bus to the next port. For what it's worth, we sailed the Rhine from Basel to AMS (downstream, in the spring) and loved it. That was our first river cruise, hopefully not our last.
  11. Heidi13 gave some good advice if you chose to cruise. I hear you about a long flight being hard on your back. Some airlines are offering a product between coach and business class, usually called premium economy or something like that. Most have seats that recline so maybe it wouldn't be too hard on your back. Double and triple check with your airline if you choose this option Another option is to fly and add the Hawaii stop on both ends, making an individual leg shorter. Or, if you have enough miles, get a business class ticket on one of Alaska's partner airlines and make use of the lie flat seats. You can ask for help on the "cruise air" subform here on CruisCritic.
  12. We always buy trip insurance, usually with a company on insuremytrip.com. Since our medical insurance is not valid out of the US, we usually get a policy with a high medical insurance coverage. Most policies will pay if you have to cancel because you or a family member (including a parent) gets sick and needs you to help them. You can compare policies on the website you mentioned but read the policy for the one you choose to make sure it covers what you want.
  13. All the more reason to choose a smaller ship. Less people in port
  14. On our last cruise, we had to ask our room steward for the bag. I don't recall seeing it in the dailies.
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