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  1. You only need reservations for shows on NCL’s megs ships, not the smaller ones. We’ve only sailed on DCL and NCL, preferred NCL. It’s funny, we live 10 miles from the manhattan cruise port and has no idea ships sailed from there, never had any interest in cruising. However, when we heard about the casual dress and freestyle dining on NCL, we decided to give it a try. We cruise with kids, who I think would be bored on celebrity. I find the food on NCL tolerable, I can always find something I like, but we live in an area with a ton of fantastic restaurants, all I expect on cruises is banquet hall food, because it is. I did not like the set dining times on DCL, too stressful with 5 kids.
  2. You didn’t, I was agreeing with you and adding the fact that it seems all of the lines are doing the same.
  3. Hmm I wonder what could be causing the delay... Actually I’ve been happy with companies that give the option of returning your call, I’ve done this several times with optimum during all of this. It’s usually a few hours, but I’m not going anywhere.
  4. We’ve sailed on the Gem, Breakaway and the Jewel. We have 5 kids close in age. None of them liked the 10 - 12 year old age kids clubs (I blame the age and not the clubs), even the time when the youngest were 10, 10 and 12 and were together. They ended up just doing things together, but weren’t old enough to just wander the ship. My boys did better on the smaller ship at those ages because of the sports courts, they’d go and shoot hoops or join games. If she was old enough for the teen club I’d say go for it, all of my kids made friends there the first night and had a group to hang with. ETA can she bring a friend?
  5. I believe the contract allows them to sail around the ocean for less days or more days, you would be refunded port fees. They can change all of the ports. This allows them to completely change itineraries in case of bad weather (though you were going to Bermuda? Welcome to Canada.).
  6. But the OP agreed to being given a FCC and was given a FCC, that is the goods, the FCC. The transaction is over.
  7. There is know way you are going to be able to keep that money from your credit card, you know. NCL had a policy in place, you accepted the FCC, your reservation was cancelled. End of story.
  8. NCL has the same policies as all of the other mainstream cruise lines.
  9. It’s an all day thing, you want to be ready to get on a slide line at 10, and after you’ve done all you want to do, hit the beach and the digs. We brought some granola bars and bought a $10 bottle of water. It’s usually cheaper going through comfort suites (do a dummy booking to see the taxes and fees, which are significant) or buy a pass from atlantis.
  10. No bells and whistles, but I believe a sports court which is missing on some of the newer ships. I’ve had teens on the Jewel and Gem and they had a great time, meeting other kids their age in the teen club. We rarely saw them. What time of the year?
  11. You cancelled too soon, and then they offered a better offer that you are not entitled to.
  12. We are at 52,000 after social distancing, with only a few states hit hard so far, it’s only April. This is just the beginning. At some point the majority of people will have been infected.
  13. His old are the kids? The mass market cruise lines have good kids clubs, starting at 2 or 3, depending on the line. Some have nurseries, some don’t. Only RCCL and DCL have splash areas for diapered kids. Children are welcome in the MDR and there are kids menus (they can order off of the regular ones). The newer bigger ships have more bells and whistles like waterslides, bumper cars, go carts, ropes courses, surfing - the ages of the kids would determine what bells and whistles would be most appropriate.
  14. Can’t book a passenger in more than one cabin.
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