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  1. Since when does NCL babysit diapered children? They don’t have nurseries and don’t help children use the bathroom.
  2. It’s changed a lot, my kids have taken the bus to port authority since they were 14, I grew up in the 70’s/80’s and that area was downright terrifying!
  3. John’s pizza, and locals know that Times Square is the worst (but Central Park is amazing).
  4. We signed the waiver for our 19 and 20 year olds in NCL. They also attended the young adult meetups at night and met new people to hang out with.
  5. My daughter’s boyfriend was told this by the cdc representative who called him. Since he had no fever, he was given a certain amount of time to quarantine and told he didn’t have to retest because even if it was positive, he was no longer contagious. My daughter is living in her college off campus apartment, students are testing positive left and right there, these are the current protocols.
  6. I started leaving my kids home alone for an hour or so at 10, by 13 they were being paid to babysit other children.
  7. I know many that have had Covid. After testing positive, the cdc calls and lets them know how long to quarantine (it depends on symptoms). They are not required or even supposed to get tested again because they can test positive even though they are no longer contagious.
  8. If I was standing on the sidewalk holding my granddaughter, and a car came out of nowhere and ran into us, killing her, I would apologize for the rest of my life. In this case, somehow the slimy lawyer has convinced this family the lawsuit makes sense. I don’t think the grandfather meant any harm, it was a very stupid horrible brain fart moment that resulted in the death of a little girl, a tragedy, that I’m sure he has relived over and over again.
  9. I don’t know them personally, but do you really think grandpa hasn’t apologized?!
  10. Travel insurance doesn’t cover anything pandemic related.
  11. Cruiselines don’t spend a lot to feed you, but they get a large portion of revenue from sales, specialty dining, alcohol, spa services, excursions, gift shop - babies don’t contribute at all. Since there is a finite passenger count, Junior could possibly prevent a money spending adult from sailing.
  12. I know a lot of people who had it but weren’t counted. In the beginning only the very sick could even get tested. If one person in a family had symptoms and tested positive, the rest of the family didn’t bother to get tested if they had symptoms. So many people were ill but unless they couldn’t breathe, they didn’t get tested (it was very very hard to get a test). My parents doctor had a lot of elderly patients and was treating many when he passed away from Covid (he was 63).
  13. My county has about 800,000 people, over 2000 deaths. Ontario has a population of about 14 million, around 3000 deaths. There isn’t a single person here who doesn’t know people who died.
  14. My county was hit very hard this spring, I think the hardest in the country. Our hospitals were overwhelmed, our town’s rescue squad had meals donated daily for months. We lost 57 people, I personally knew 3. I have 2 friends suffering from lung damage and major hair loss. Bodies were piled up at funeral homes. The death rate was extremely high.https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/coronavirus/2020/05/01/nj-coronavirus-death-rate-in-april-is-nearly-double-the-normal/3061022001/
  15. First cruise with kids was when the youngest were 4, backed onto a Disney trip. I wanted them potty trained so they could use the pools and old enough for the kids clubs.
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