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  1. Yes, just make sure to bring them back.
  2. This excursion is not the one with feral pigs on Exzuma. This one is an island where they have brought pigs to swim with. This is the real one https://www.bahamas.com/official-home-swimming-pigs, not the NCL one.
  3. No bells and whistles, but that won’t really matter with it being summer. There is no babysitting for the 2 year old, and no splash areas for diapered kids, but I think there might be a playroom? My teens all loved the teen club and meeting new friends, I had three 14 year old on jewel class ships and they had a ball.
  4. Yes, our family of 7 never makes reservations for the MDR’s. And you can order the day before even if you have no idea where or when you are eating.
  5. Glass should never be allowed near pools, not only are there people without shoes but it would be a nightmare if broken glass ended up in the pool. Growing up, we had a pool, and beer bottles were banned.
  6. But it sounds like the OP wasn’t admitted. If you go to the hospital with stomach pain, and the diagnosis is gas, I can’t imagine that insurance would agree to pay to have you airlifted. It appears the OP was misdiagnosed, but insurance wouldn’t know that.
  7. NCL is excellent. Dd16 has celiac and loves cruising. Contact the special needs access desk before you board. We always go to the MDR for lunch after embarkment, and the dietary manager shows up at our table. Dd orders her dinner, and at dinner orders breakfast and dinner for the next day. Before we leave the cabin to go to a meal, Dd calls him/her to let them know where we will be eating (even the buffet). Her food is delivered. For lunch, she’s usually with friends, and just goes to the buffet.
  8. I used to agree about the thin crust, but as I get older, I find I really enjoy a grandma/nonna pie (not to be confused with Sicilian). The slices from pizzerias that sell by the slice tend to be thicker, some places by me sell slice pies (the ones they sell by the slice).
  9. Ok, everyone I know calls it Macy’s thanksgiving day parade and port authority, nothing missing or added. Folks, if you are looking for where the buses are, you are looking for port authority.
  10. The bus depot is called port authority, am I missing something?
  11. It does, and usually you learn about it at check in. They will usually transport you to another hotel.
  12. I didn’t think NCL gave complimentary upgrades anymore, either you bid or just pay a higher fee.
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