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  1. This story was in the news for 5 minutes. There were a couple of short articles being released right after it happened, then the interview, then nothing. Grandfather accidentally drops toddler off of the side of a ship. Nothing to investigate, only the family said the cruise line was to blame, and their lawyer. No new here.
  2. Depending on the time of day, expect over an hour during rush hour and $100.
  3. I don’t think anyone thinks it’s RCL’s fault, what folks are waiting to hear is if SJ is pressing criminal charges against the grandfather.
  4. As a resident of ny metro NJ, I never find out what happened to 99% of the horrible local news I get every day, I assumed I’d never hear what happened in this case.
  5. https://images.app.goo.gl/dmoPQdAGvPPnR7767 Come on, they weren’t that bad 😂
  6. That was the weirdest autocorrect! Replace the word breakfast with the.😂
  7. The beach pass also includes breakfast aquarium, but you won’t be able to tour anywhere except the beach, aquarium, casino and shops at marina village. I’m guessing your dates are going to be in high season.
  8. Actually I know a number of divorced women who are dating, and these questions are something they get asked a lot. It appears the dating world has changed, guys don’t make a move without asking permission first.
  9. I can’t imagine why not, but it’s best to order in advance.
  10. Yes, divide $528.93 by 4, that is your price pp), full access, but if you don’t cancel, yes, you are still charged, just like any other reservation. Even if the water park is closed, you will still be charged for your hotel reservation, because it’s not a reservation for aqua adventure, but for a room at CS.
  11. It’s for the waterpark, beach and aquarium, same as if you did the excursion through the ship or bought a pass yourself.
  12. Resort for @ day is $135 for each adult. CS will cost more for 4 in the room than 2.
  13. You can check in first thing, your room probably won’t be ready but you can still get wristbands. Was that the final price after going through the whole boooking? Taxes and fees add $$$.
  14. If you cancel your cruise, you get everything back except the cost of the cruise.
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