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  1. You can never get a price reduction after final payment.
  2. I don’t think so, we have 5 kids so he never had a lot of free time! I’ve known him Sind middle school, he had a girlfriend all though high school, another all though college, when they graduated they were living an hour from each other, they eventually drifted apart. I found out about her because my friend at work was dating one of his best friends, and she learned they both had girlfriends (she was not happy about it, my husband’s friend eventually married the girlfriend he had at the time 28 years ago, we’re all good friends now).
  3. I remember being a sort of girlfriend to a guy I started dating after college, I found out he had a girlfriend 3 months after we started dating and I was thrilled. Right before we got together I had just broken up with a guy and had zero interest in getting into a relationship, so I was relieved we could keep things casual (he had also just graduated from college and was still technically with his college girlfriend). We’ve been married almost 27 years.
  4. If the teen club is open, send him the first night, that’s where they meet other teens to hang out with.
  5. I have kids at college, positives can either quarantine in quarantine housing, be picked up, or drive home. Some students live far, you know they’re stopping for food and bathroom breaks getting home. It’s really an honor system.
  6. They did before the beverage package existed, discontinued years ago.
  7. Any cabbage you can rent chairs and an umbrella and but some sort of “drink” from vendors.
  8. Yes, you can even check out then if you want.
  9. My grandmother changed her name from Anna to Anne at one point (based on the US census). I don’t think she did it legally, my mother had no idea (thought her name was Anne until my grandmother mentioned it was Anna when she was in her 80’s, found out the census information from ancestry.com). My mother used her birth certificate and had a passport.
  10. NCL works the same way for food allergies, amazing service.
  11. I’m guessing it’s an insurance liability, they’ve always been very strict. Honestly my kids hated the 10 - 12 club, maybe stayed an hour at that age (they could sign themselves out). Entourage is more of a place for teens to meet up before roaming the ship.
  12. NCL was awesome every cruise with my celiac daughter, did your wife speak to the dietary manager? She ordered meals ahead of time, pretty much whatever she wanted. However, in the specialty restaurants they could really only modify regular entrees to make them gluten free, so she was much better off in the MDR’s. As for mocktails, aren’t they just juice or soda without alcohol?
  13. I have 5 adult children (18, 18, 20, 23, 25). I know they drink alcohol, the younger ones have fakes (and are away at college), and I allow them to drink (in moderation) at home (and the last part is even legal).
  14. I signed a waiver for my 19 and 20 year olds. Unfortunately, even though they would’ve been eligible for the beverage package for free, they only hit the soda package because they weren’t 21, so had to pay for beer and wine. This was NCL.
  15. It’s $35. We just bring backpacks and put then under the seat.
  16. Our airport is a big United hub, the cheapest flights are basic economy, you pay to choose a seat, checks bags, and carry-ons aren’t allowed, just one personal item.
  17. There are several options 5 minutes from my home here in NJ that I can walk in without an appointment and test, PCR results the next day.
  18. We always got day passes to resorts, atlantis, Melia, RUI and Hilton.
  19. There will be taxi’s lined up, used to be $4 pp, there will be taxi’s at atlantis going back to the port, about 15/20 minutes unless bridge traffic.
  20. 10 - 12 days after covid you are not considered contagious according to the CDC. If you have asymptotic covid you still won’t infect anyone after that time period.
  21. This person was not at risk of spreading covid. Back in the day, people were having a hard time bring allowed to go back to work or school because you can test positive weeks after recovering from covid. Our schools and my kids’ colleges now accept a positive test result 2 weeks prior instead of having to test negative. I’m actually shocked that cruiselines don’t give this option.
  22. I’ve been tested several times, so have my husband and kids, always free here in NJ, I know it’s the same in NY. I got robo calls daily telling me to get tested, it’s free, until I started getting the vaccine calls instead.One of my daughters was tested weekly at college.
  23. I think those of us who like to add a cash tip know about the automatic gratuity.
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